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C5.Q53 Law of Great Messiah

In the last post we shared the Nostradamus prophecy that spoke about the one that would see the people being 'tormented' and the holy law 'ruined'. Its also important to note that an American Indian, Russell Means claims the US constitution came from the spiritual law of the Indians. [1] I can see that perfectly.

There is another quatrain that I feel relates to the the previous one that we shared with you:

C5.Q.53, that is important numerically because in this 2012 year of FIVE, I am 58. 53+5 = 58. 5+8 also adds up to 13 and in Hebrew gematria, 13 is the value of 'love' and 'the one'.

The prophecy is has follows:

The law of the Sun and Venus in strife,
Appropriating the spirit of prophecy.
Neither the one or the other will be understood,
The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun.

The spiritual law of the planets are in 'strife', the only way that planets would be in 'strife' is if outside influences are impacting on those planets. Instead of mankind allowing those two planets to progress naturally. The scientists do not understand what is happening with the planets, and nor do they understand the prophecies either.

The Sun and Venus is also applicable to astrology and its law that relates to the planets. As we know planet Venus also relates to the feminine divine consciousness of USHA. USHA in Israel is where the sanhedrin was once held in the North. As such, he could well be indicating that there is 'strife' between the Christians and Jewish scholars over appropriating the spirit of prophecy. Neither the Christian or the Jewish scholars understood.

The law of the great Messiah will hold through the Sun. Prophet Malachi spoke about the sun of righteousness in terms of the last days of the end times, and how they would arise as a healer. Work as a spiritual alchemist to purify and refine the people. Then deliver the everlasting covenant that prophet Isaiah also spoke about.

A key word to this prophecy is 'Appropriating', when you 'appropriate' something, it is made specifically for a particular person. Its right, suitable, or fitting. In other words, it was not up to the scholars to understand the biblical prophecies about her or his teachings, because the spirit of the prophecy was given for a particular person for the right reason, at the right time. 'The light shineth in the darkness and the darkness comphrended it not'. John 1:5.

In the book of Revelation chapter 19, it is the Spirit of Prophecy that gives testimony for Jesus. In other words, it is the Spirit of Prophecy that holds his law.

NASA also tell us that the transit of Venus across the Sun is also rare. The last Venus transit was in 2004. The next time it happens is on the 5/6th of June, 2012. [3] It won't happen again until 2117 and 2125. 2004 was a very important time in this reality, because it was at the end of 2003, start of 2004 that I was told who I was.

This is it folks! They say that Venus rules Taurus the bull, and the Sun rules Leo. Obama states that he was born in Leo. That means that Obama is in 'strife' with Venus of love, USHA that also relates to Israel and India. The law of Obama and the law of Israel in 'strife'. Rev 13 also indicates that the 42 months is up for the Leo the Leopard in June 2012. Astrologers state that Israel is ruled by Taurus, that means it is ruled by Venus, the feminine of love, the morning star that will rise in all of your hearts. Israel the land where the Lute of Lovingkindness walked, the same land that the Harp Faithfulness walked.

Usually, after 40 years, a person becomes their rising sign, and it is written that Israel's rising sign is Scorpio. The next Saturn transit that begins in October will also be Saturn in Scorpio, and Scorpio express themselves best when they are making love. When a man is compelled by love, there is nothing he cannot achieve to help humanity.

In my experience of Taureans they like their home comforts, and don't pick fights. However, they can defend themselves if forced to do so, and they will defend others who they feel are vulnerable.


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