Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Fountain of Life -v- Fountain of Death

First there was a video about the reasons to take the children out of school, then I received a message from a friend that the foxes had killed all of her chickens. Then the third message arrived from a scientist titled: ALERT: Fountain of Life -v- Fountain of Death to do with vaccines. That also links into the recent 'LIFE STREAM' annular solar eclipse that took place earlier in May, 2012.

The Daily Telegraph reported that the so-called experts are stating that 'All children should be vaccinated against flu from the age of five to stop them spreading the illness among their families, government advisors have said'. [1]

The second part of the email was titled:

'Avian and swine flu vaccines cause sterility and death'. [2] A third link was also recommended. Go to this site and listen to the audio interview of Dr. John Waterman (11 July-update 4)


The scientist also added this quote from Genesis. 'From the tree of knowledge of good and evil you shall not eat, for in that day that you shall eat from it, you shall surely die'. 2:17.

People were advised to eat from the Tree of Life experience. However, as we informed people back in 2004, the roots of the old tree of life are dying due to the 'selfishness' of humanity. A new tree of life is growing at an amazing speed. Those that hang onto the previous tree of life, will die with it. Only those that move into the new heaven and earth will survive what is coming upon the planet and its people.

Video about the children and the 'mystery illnesses' during May, 2012. This is happening throughout the USA. These incidents are being mapped. As the LORD God said 'NO SCHOOL, SCHOOLS OUT'. 'They will fall like a pack of cards'.

As the biblical prophecies predicted, the nations must turn their hearts to the children, if they don't then there will be severe consequences. They must also do the will of God in this timeline, if they wish to survive beyond the earth and climatic changes. The prophecies predict that the tribes of Joseph will be saved. The tribes in my heart are the indigenous peoples and the spiritual that support them and help them.


Does this remind you what is happening to the American children? A toxic powder is being sprayed in the schools in an Islamic country by radical Muslims.
Over 150 girls and teachers are being treated at a hospital following a poison attack on their school on Tuesday in the Takhar province. According to doctors this is the third attack on schools in northern Afghan provinces of Balkh and Takhar.

Takhar province Police Chief, Mahmood Hassan, said an investigation team at the school found that a toxic material appeared to have been sprayed in the air prior to the girls' entering the premises.

Many of the students suffered headaches, vomiting and even fell unconscious as they were being admitted to the hospital.

Police blame radicals for attacking schools with unidentified toxic powder which is used to contaminate the air in classrooms. 


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