Thursday, 17 May 2012


Now there is a 'toxic chemical barrel incident' in Hollywood, Florida, [1] that includes the name 'Campbell' if you read the text that came with the original youtube video. The name Campbell relates to Michael M Mauldin and myself. Sophia had a Scottish heritage, the stump of Jesse, she came from wealth. Her mother married the footman and was 'rejected' by the family.

Michael used the name 'Campbell' as his avatar name and as we know he died in 2010. He was also mentioned in book of Daniel.

On the 10th of May, 2012, I posted the "LOCKDOWN PROPHECY' message that had been received.

Due to what is happening in the USA with the children, I am going to post this yet again. However, first let me inform you that the coming solar eclipse is a gemini new moon, and as we know, gemini is ruled by mercury. When I received the prophecy in 2010 about the schools it also mentioned the winged messenger mercury.

Scroll Visions

While I was resting I was given two visions. The first vision was of a winged messenger MERCURY. The second vision was of a very large LION and he had a big SCROLL in his mouth.Then Abba said 'NO SCHOOL, SCHOOLS OUT'.
Then I responded to a colleague's email and while I was sharing the visions with him, Abba said 'THEY WILL FALL LIKE A PACK OF CARDS'. [1]

In 2009, I was compelled to inform the USA that they were 'being set-up for the fall.' I know that prayers won't help them, and that they have no option but to do the will of God. Why? The survival of humanity depends upon it.

What did the heavenly Father ask for?

He said $365, a dollar a day, you must pay.

He also asked for a house and an assistant to cook and take care of the house.

You probably know that I have also been given the divine plan for the building of New Jerusalem, its location, design and everything. The 20th of May, 2012 is a 255 date and it is the gematria value of 'LAST CALL'. The barrel of chemicals found at the school in Florida was 55 gallons, and 55 is also to do with the name of the prophet of God. You could say that his patience has run out with America.



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