Saturday, 5 May 2012

555 Happy Global Vesakha Day

More information about it was posted in March.

In addition to the gateway of enlightenment in India today, there is also another gateway opening in Egypt. I do feel that it is in Alexandria, and it is to do with the death of Hypatia and the men that murdered her by cutting her to pieces with shells/tiles.  I lived the life of Hypatia and it was due to how I died in that past life that I had an aversion to academia, science and maths in this lifetime. 

The Greek Philosopher - Hypatia 

Hypatia was murdered by a Christian mob after being accused of 'witchcraft', 'godlessness' and the causing of 'religious turmoil'. That same Christian mob I have had to face again in recent years. However, this time, they could not do what they did last time. Now the judgement is upon them, because I stood in integrity before them last time, and I did so again. 

When God asked me to to take care of the texts wisely, and that I was the Curator, it did not occur to me that I had been hypatia, the last Librarian of the Library of Alexandria in the Museum of Alexandria. It does explain why I have a great resonance with Plato and his work, and I knew that I had six past lives in Egypt, this is one of them. 

So it feels like this Egypt gateway is about past lives in Egypt, and the gateway in India is about Enlightenment and the return of the mystics. The Egypt gateway will help many people to open up to different realities that they may have steered away from in the past. More open to scientific breakthroughs, cutting edge science, gematria and sacred geometry. More open to understand how the past creates the present, and the present creates the future. 

Her work ethic and total commitment certainly manifested again. I woke up in terrible physical pain again today, and I am looking at the nervous system. Although there appears to be little cutting edge science in that area. I know something is bubbling up to the surface, and I know that the LORD will show me what he would like me to see and to know, to help humanity. He always does, he always leads me to where he would me to go and do. Everything has a purpose and reason for being, even pain, when you understand its purpose and what it is showing you. 

The 5th of May is the 'Day of Awakening' and I feel refreshed today, enjoying a new creative phase. Creativity brightens the day and its good to be a creator. 

The number 5 is also to do with the nervous system and publishing. 555 = 15 and 15 is to do with alchemy, the spiritual alchemist that prophet Malachi predicted would come. Its a lucky number to do with blessings. When I lived at number 15, that is when I gave birth to my son, Jordan, a great blessing and light of love in my life. 

555 = 15 and it also compounds to six, the six points to the star of david. India also embrace the 'Star of David' in their culture. There has been some good news today about the Catholic Church exploding, please see the other blog for more information. Due to the lack of donations received, do not be surprised if there are less posts. The time has come for me to place my energies where they are served, to help me at this important junction and transition for humanity. The editor is asking me how I am progressing with the book, big smiles! The editor and the book require my attention, in addition to my health and well-being. 

The Spirit of Prophecy is in divine operation in more ways than one. 

Love beyond measure 


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Eliakim said...

Speaking of past lives

14 died in the second LIMA fire, [1] now there is 14 headless bodies found in a van, and nine hanging from a bridge in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo. [1] This is the second incident in a month, last month there was dismembered remains of 14 men found inside a van. 

We know from past life healing work that when people die like that, it impacts on their future lives, consciousness carries memories of traumatic deaths. 

May those poor souls rest in peace.