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ELOKIM LUNAR ECLIPSE - 4th of June 2012.

While I was preparing the video for the 5th of June, 2012 Venus transit of the Sun, [1] and pondering upon the forthcoming partial lunar eclipse on the 4th of June, 2012. The LORD God said 'ELOKIM'. This forthcoming lunar eclipse is then the 'ELOKIM Partial Lunar Eclipse' and the word ELOKIM in Hebrew is to do with the judgement. The Rabbi's claim that it is one of the names of God because it is written in the book of Genesis 1.1.

On the 20th of June, 2010, I wrote about 'ELOKIM' and the foreboding that I could feel at that time. It included messages from God and what he said. Please see the original link as it does apply to the USA. [2]

Astrologer, Peter Stockinger wrote that the moon will be in 14:13 of Sagittarius, opposing the Sun in the same degree of Gemini. The eclipsed Moon and the Sun will be forming a square to Mars in Virgo and to the Arabic Part of Fortune in Pisces. He also claims that retrograde Venus will be combust. However, he does not mention the rare Venus transit of the Sun the following day.

Peter also states that those that have Sagittarius rising in their birth chart will feel the influence of this eclipse stronger than others. That goes without saying for me, especially as God has called it the ELOKIM, lunar eclipse, I have Sagittarius rising, and a gemini moon under my feet.

As we know Sagittarius is the archer that shoots the arrows. Both Nostradamus and Prophet Isaiah made predictions relating to it for this timeline. Sagittarius is also the traveller, so you could certainly see some impact on those that are traveling anywhere. Its not a good time to be flying on a lunar eclipse when it is related to the air sign of Gemini. [3] Fire and Air together can be a 'dangerous' time if traveling anywhere.

The eclipse kicks off in Asia Pacifica, Australia, the Far East like the recent solar eclipse did, it ends in the Americas. The South China Sea situation has also been brought to the fore in recent days.

The archer is opposing the sun in gemini, and gemini is to do with communication and the media. As such, the media are opposing the communication that they are receiving. The MSM, simply do not wish to publish, what they have been sent to publish. It signifies complex situations, and the duality going on in the media, due to gemini that can be the 'terrible twins'. Journalists are struggling with their angels within, and their hearts of conscience that is being pricked by the arrows of truth.

Gemini have photographic brains, they are brilliant communicators, and as air signs they love to live in the sun and also in their heads. They're ruled by Mercury, the winged messenger. The winged messenger also reminds me of the 'Lion and Scroll' prophecy and that was to do with the winged messenger and schools. That then coincides with the 'Obama False Poem' prophecy from Nostradamus and the prediction of the impact that will have on Obama's prospects in the presidential election.

Mars in Virgo, gives us the planet of war in Virgo, the Virgin of perfection that shoots the arrows with precision to hit the target. Robin Hood would be an example of Mars in Virgo. Its the men that will be really upbeat in the lead up and during this eclipse.

Men come from Mars, Women come from Venus comes to the fore. We do not require any reminder of how the Islamic Arabs have invested in the Christian lands during the age of Pisces. Or how many Christian lands fell to the Arabs; due to the money that was used to engage people to do their will. Hence, Jesus Christ warned the people not to put money first. He knew that those that were in the 'captivity of money' and making it their master, would bring their own downfall. Hence, the USA is in the situation that it is in. It is judgement upon the USA, and its citizens for putting money above divine will and the sacred union with the divine.

As we know, the bankers and financial institutions in the USA, got in bed with Islam, its Sharia finance, banking and law. As such, judgement is coming upon them for what they've done. The Islamic Arabs have amassed fortunes on the backs of what were Christians and their lands. Just look at Egypt and how few Christians exist there now. Even now, the Arabs are doing deals all over the globe due to the money that you gave them. Remember the cost of oil?

In addition, we have the situation of what the Europeans did to the indigenous peoples, and those arrows of truth. There is no excuse for ignoring the fact that tribal leaders everywhere sold out to the highest bidders, not only in the America's, but also on the African continent and in the Far East as well. The fact is, that the people know who they are; and they're not going to stand for it anymore. Its now ELOKIM time, and the judgement has come.

Stand in integrity or stand down.

Let's return to the numerics of this eclipse. It is 14:13 degrees and it also a Saros 140, 14 is to do with Rev 14, the 144,000 and New Jerusalem. The holy city of enlightenment predicted by Prophet Isaiah.

NASA inform us that the SAROS 140 lunar eclipses all occur at the Moon's ascending node and the Moon moves Southward with each eclipse. It looks like this is also the 24th eclipse in the series; and that links in with the Nostradamus prophecy about Venus.

C5.Q24 and the 24 elders around the throne. In the book of Revelation, each spiritual elder has a harp, a divine instrument of faithfulness to the sacred union with the divine.

140 is the gematria value for 'Company or School'. School aligns with the Lion and the Scroll prophecy. It is also 'to act covertly or treacherously'. This truly is an eclipse to keep your children at home, and don't go outside.

However, it is also the gematria of 'to understand, to know' and 'a raising'. [4] As we know, the raising is to do with the one that was promised to Moses. Yours truly, does know and does understand. The name ELOKIM, has the gematria value of 86, and it is the same value as the Hebrew word HATEVA, it means Nature.

8+6 is also 14.

This eclipse followed the Venus transit of the Sun, is going to impact on the environment, because they are simply not getting it, and what they are being asked to do. They simply do not understand the impact of having a drought where all the cattle die, like it is happening in the Islamic Senegal. 20 million people faced with famine, 800,000 without food in the here and now.

What is a major business for the USA? The beef. What would they do if there was no beef? What would they do if there was no rain to grow the crops? Surely, someone must be able to knock some sense into their wooden and Christian heads filled with wool.

The date of the eclipse is 465 and that is the value of 'Handmaiden of the Lord', 'Spirit of God', 'Palestinians', 'No man is an Island', 'Think Global, Act Local', 'Blessed Are the Meek', 'Hades Number', 'Blood of the Lamb of God'. 'Star Seeds'.

Clearly, it is going to take a lot more before the people will be calling out to God and his Saints; as Nostradamus predicted. The impact of one eclipse was not enough, now they're going to get another one, and this time its a double whammy with the venus transit.

It is the end of the world has you have known it.



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