Friday, 18 May 2012

Branson Joyride

On the 15th of May I wrote about this annular solar eclipse and how I felt it was like a harnessing of the energy. No coincidence then that Richard Branson and Jamie Oliver have held a congregation of business people for a dinner plate to discuss it. Even more significant that the event was held in Shoreditch, east London, where my grandmother, Sophia and her sister Mary lived.

So what was on the plate that the men were serving up? Journalist, Geoffrey Lean informs us that "doing good" was more profitable than concentrating purely on the bottom line. They spoke not just of harnessing market forces for society and the environment, but of how 'there is a spiritual aspect to business'. 

No coincidence then that the 17th of May was the 'Day of Bottom Line'. The bottom line in business has always been important; due to it having an impact on attracting investment and shareholders. Net profit being more important than turnover.

Well that all sounds well and dandy doesn't it? Until you understand that the corporations are not known to give from their hearts. Governments and its corporations; have been doing their utmost to understand what the marketing people have now titled the 'third sector'. Business people wish to harness the 'third sector' to benefit them and their corporations; by appearing to be spiritual and more environmentally friendly.

Hence the numerics of the 'man 666' in Rev 13, 6+6+6 = 18. 18 is the numerology of 'Materialism striving to destroy spirituality'. What does true spirituality have to do with the corporations? Absolutely, nothing. Corporations like that which Richard Branson owns; work for profits to give to shareholders. They also live in multiple homes that is against the will of God.

The third sector consists of spiritual people that are true humanitarians, they are non-profit, most live on next to nothing, most are totally dependent on donations and the giving from the people. Can't imagine Richard Branson giving all of his wealth to serve God, or becoming a holy beggar can you?

You know, every time there is a rise in spirituality, the men do their utmost to harness it so that they can control it. The 'method in their madness' is that if you can't beat them, join them. Its like a repeat performance of what Rome did to the followers of Jesus Christ. What would he call what Branson is doing?  Sabotage. While Branson and his mates are spouting off about spirituality, being green and doing good. Branson is planning to take the money from the rich to fly them on rockets into outer space. That money should be given to help the poor, not spent on Branson joyrides.

As far as Branson is concerned, its too little, too late. The true humanitarians have no requirement for the corporations or people like Branson. They've had their chance and opportunity to step up to the plate, and they did not do so. Door closed.



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