Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Bride and Bowl

Today, Abba gave the name of WAGNER, Richard Wagner a german composer. His dates are interesting because he was born on the 22 of May 1813, and he died on the 13th of February 1883.

The 22nd of May (2006) was the day we blessed the Sea of Galilee, Israel. The 13th of February is my birthday. 13 being the number of AHAVA = LOVE. The date x the month = 26 and 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. It was back in 2008 when Abba said 'TELL THEM WHEN YOU WERE BORN'. When our heavenly Father asked me to tell the people about when I was born, I was not aware of the importance of the date to him and the people. However, after his command it was unveiled.

One of Wagner's most famous compositions was 'Ride of Valkyries' and it was played in Apocalypse Now, a film about the Vietnam war. As we know the original Greek word for Apocalypse means 'lifting of the veil', 'revelation'. 

Wagner was a controversial figure and well known to be an anti-semitist and that usually comes from the far left, far right and Islam.

The other aspects of Wagner's great works that pinged out to me was the 'The Bridal Chorus', 'The Flying Dutchman', his works 'RING' and 'Parsifal' and his interest in the Holy Grail legends. It is written that Wagner said that 'Parsifal' was his last card and I was given the name 'Parsifal' for someone a couple of weeks ago.

My part Jewish heritage is Dutch and I have strong connections with Holland. We also published an article in 2004 called 'SECRET OF ASCENSION AND THE HOLY GRAIL' following a briefing from Archangel Michael about what must be included within it.  It was prior to that I was blessed to experience the 'Bride of Christ' initiation. Hence, the Bridal Chorus otherwise known as 'HERE COMES THE BRIDE' being of interest in connection with Wagner and every bride that as ever been blessed to walk down the aisle in a white gown to his music.

The Bride initiation can be found in many cultures and spiritual philosophies, it isn't unique to Christianity. One day I woke up and I was being dressed in a white gown and veil by angels, I asked the angels what are you doing? They both replied 'You are a bride of Christ'. 

It is important to remember that it is the FATHER that gives the BRIDE to his SON. The Father and the Son are not the same body. 

Yesterday, Abba also mentioned the 'BOWL' and the golden bowl is mentioned in the bible. The golden bowl is part of the HARA, otherwise known by Buddhists as the divine shrine within. Martial artists and practitioners of the Eastern healing arts are taught all about the Hara and its importance to good health and well being.

May the good will of God be done.

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Monday, 29 November 2010

Abba said ANAN




Abba said ANAN

At 10.50am, (GMT) 26th of October 2010 Abba said ANAN for the second time.

SUNDAY, 13 JUNE 2010

God said "ANAN"

Here is the original post about ANAN posted on the 13th of June.

As we know 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. The 26th of October is also the 'Day of Organization'.


May the good will of God be done....


This is post 77 in November and 77 in the NT is the number of forgiveness. 


I had a wonderful divine experience last night. After seeing the H Bomb in my bedroom in the morning, while bathing I put my hands together in the prayer position, just like I did when I was in the swimming pool at Ein Gedi, Israel (2006). When I opened my eyes the children that had been destined to come to Ein Gedi that day, were there with me ready to receive the healing in the water.

During the experience, every finger tip had a strong pulsatiing heart beat. I have used my finger tips in healing treatments. However,  I have never ever experienced the pulsating heart beat in them before. While the finger tips were beating loudly with a heart beat, I could hear the loud heart beat of God at the same time,  our hearts were beating in harmony.

After I took my hands apart and then put them back together again, the hearts in my fingertips began to beat again. It went on for a long time and it was a magical experience.

In the early hours of the morning, I shared the experience with a friend on skype and then the Christ drew close to us while we were sharing our latest news.

There are many hearts and we have shared about the many hearts with the people in the past. When people put their hands in the prayer position all the small hearts unite with the larger heart, they all connect up together to create a bio- electro magnetic circuit.

Fingers and thumbs, come together as ten hearts, in the palm there is also two more larger heart centres making 12. They then connect with the main heart culminating in 13. 13 being the gematria value of AHAVA = LOVE.

Ten is also the number of new cycle of time. Ten is the Hebrew letter YOD and it comes from YAD the hebrew word for hand. [1] In the original ancient pictographs it is a picture of a hand and arm with a clenched fist. Jeff Benner shares with us that the meaning of the letter is 'work, 'make' and 'throw'.

"Lifting up holy hands without wrath or doubting". 1 Tim 2:8

Last night was very powerful indeed.

Today, there is news that a bomb blew up in Iran and killed a nuclear scientist. Is that a co-incidence?

I don't feel so because all explosions are energetic, be it a cold, accident or otherwise.

Is it a sign to Iran to stop doing what they are doing?


Two Hands, One Heart

Peace to humanity

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Sunday, 28 November 2010

Israel was warned about the Red Crescent

We warned Israel and others about the Red Crescent back in 2008,  it was posted on an international forum at that time. On the 19th of November 2008, I wrote the following"

"When I woke up this morning I was shown a vision of a Red Cross. So what is God showing us? It seems that the Red Cross is also the Red Crescent movement. The Red Star of David is not allowed but the Crescent Moon is."

We also warned UN Watch by email when they were supporting the Red Cross.



Seven Seals Poem

I was going to post this on the Christ Vision blog, but our heavenly Father ordains it to be posted here. many people are talking about the seven seals but many years ago it was shown to me that D.H. Lawrence had an interesting perspective of the seven seals being related to consciousness. He also mentions the climax and the climax is the EIGHTH.

I have not had time to read his great works but I came across this wonderful poem called the 'SEVEN SEALS'. It is clear that Lawrence understood the biblical prophecies and had a positive view upon it.

SINCE this is the last night I keep you home,
Come, I will consecrate you for the journey.
Rather I had you would not go. Nay come,
I will not again reproach you. Lie back
And let me love you a long time ere you go.         5
For you are sullen-hearted still, and lack
The will to love me. But even so
I will set a seal upon you from my lip,
Will set a guard of honour at each door,
Seal up each channel out of which might slip  10
Your love for me.
               I kiss your mouth. Ah, love,
Could I but seal its ruddy, shining spring
Of passion, parch it up, destroy, remove
Its softly-stirring crimson welling-up  15
Of kisses! Oh, help me, God! Here at the source
I’d lie for ever drinking and drawing in
Your fountains, as heaven drinks from out their course
The floods.
               I close your ears with kisses  20
And seal your nostrils; and round your neck you’ll wear—
Nay, let me work—a delicate chain of kisses.
Like beads they go around, and not one misses
To touch its fellow on either side.
               And there  25
Full mid-between the champaign of your breast
I place a great and burning seal of love
Like a dark rose, a mystery of rest
On the slow bubbling of your rhythmic heart.
Nay, I persist, and very faith shall keep  30
You integral to me. Each door, each mystic port
Of egress from you I will seal and steep
In perfect chrism.
               Now it is done. The mort
Will sound in heaven before it is undone.  35
But let me finish what I have begun
And shirt you now invulnerable in the mail
Of iron kisses, kisses linked like steel.
Put greaves upon your thighs and knees, and frail
Webbing of steel on your feet. So you shall feel  40
Ensheathed invulnerable with me, with seven
Great seals upon your outgoings, and woven
Chain of my mystic will wrapped perfectly
Upon you, wrapped in indomitable me.


Interesting that Lawrence mentions the steel, because when I first began working with the spiritual community I wrote that the steel of God's word is stronger than iron and the iron fist that humanity faces. The steel of God's word can break the iron will of man so that they can become GOLD in the nature of the Christ.

May his will be done.

Interesting that although Lawrence was English, [2]his final resting place was NEW MEXICO and NEW MEXICO is where the ECO WARRIORS and angelic architects for New Jerusalem reside. 

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This morning I saw an H Bomb in my bedroom on my left. it was large from the ceiling to the floor. 1954, the year I was born the USA tested an hydrogen bomb in Bikini. It was the biggest man-made explosion in the Pacific archipelago of Bikini. The BBC states that it was 1,000 times more powerful than the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

It was so violent that it overwhelmed the measuring instruments indicating that the bomb was more powerful than scientists had anticipated. Is it any surprise that there are so many earthquakes in the Pacific Ring? The USSR launched an even bigger one in 1961.

What recompense did these countries make to the people? Can they ever repay the cost of what they have done to others? The things that men have done to this planet, planet earth is not a toy and people are not puppets.

The bomb exists and while the bomb exists nobody is safe from the deeds of men. Biblically speaking the deeds of the Fathers impact on the next 3-4 generations. The future of the children and humanity is at stake. Some orthodox Muslims (Iran) believe that the Christ will not come until there is a mushroom cloud. I ask you all to consider the implications of what religion is co-creating for this world.

Japan 1945

Help me if you can to stop it.


Its a few months ago now that Abba told me 
'It is time for recompense".

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2. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nuclear_weapon

UPDATE 29.11.2010

Iran state TV website. Bomb kills one Iranian Nuclear Scientist. Attackers wound another.


Saturday, 27 November 2010


I have been pondering on the divine experience from early this morning as I was coming into full conscious awareness.

First I saw a couple that I have known for over two decades, they took my ring and smashed it. The ring was a large square Aquamarine that I inherited from my mother in 2005. Then their children came to me smiling, telling me that they loved me and it was wonderful to see the boys that I held in my arms since they were babies.

Then there was a completely different cameo. There was a blonde lady that had mental health problems. In 2009,  I helped this lady to get off of a section 3, by going to the hospital to defend her. She was the girlfriend of a man that we had adopted and we were blessed to be able to bring her home from the hospital. Then I saw a man who I have never met and he worked at the hospital where she goes. He was complaining about her and his relationship with her to me. The man at the hospital had got romantically involved with her and was letting off his steam to me. So I just listened to what he had to say. After that they both disappeared.


Following that my bedroom was filled with space ships every colour of the rainbow and all shapes and sizes. They were everywhere, large and moving, they filled the heavens and they looked amazing.

Then a voice came from a loud speaker from behind the space ships with a message for them.


Religionists scared of mysticism?

When I was in Israel in 2007, I was sitting in INDEPENDENCE PARK waiting for the children and my host. While I was there a young Jewish man came and sat by my side. He was on his lunch break. We got chatting, I asked him if he was interested in kabbalah and he certainly wasn't, he made it clear that he was scared of it. 

Spiritual Israeli's told me the same in 2006, that people are scared of Kabbalah and mysticism. 

I came to the conclusion that if religionists really understood the nature of the sacred union with God they would leave religions in droves. 

Ask yourselves are you part of the problem or part of the solution? 

If you think Islam is the solution like Muslims do then you are part of the problem. 

If you don't think Islam is the solution to the worlds ills then you are part of the solution. 

Muslims are like other religionists they seek a relationship with God. 

However, everyone forgot to tell them that sacred union is not found in the Qu'ran, Bible or Torah. 

The sacred union with the divine is the nature of a true mystic and we are the complete opposite to orthodox religionists. 

People are always scared of that which they do not understand. That's another reason why the true followers of Christ were called heretics and murdered. The Church did not understand them and the reality that they received revelation everyday. 

I was on a Christian blog the other day and they were talking about how mediums call up the dead. Goodness gracious me, they don't have any comprehension about what a professional medium does or how it happens. Nor do they have any idea how much training Christian Spiritualists encounter before they're let loose to work with the general public. Nor are they are aware that Christian Spiritualists work with the Christ and under his protection to help the bereaved deal with their loss. Their job is to prove life after death and to give people hope, to ensure that the light of hope does not go out. They also get involved in charitable works and in most cases are incredibly humble that their spiritual gifts have been developed. 

I will admit that there are good and less good in all professions and I have had the job of vetting some spiritualists in the past. 

Ultimately, experience counts and experience of the sacred union of the divine is the best experience of all. Nobody can take the experience of the divine away from you but God certainly takes people away from religion when they are ready to move beyond it. 

Friday, 26 November 2010

Sleeping Beauty

Today, I was given a vision of the horse and 'Sleeping Beauty', I was shown the Sleeping Beauty card in a vision. It certainly does feel like humanity have been asleep for 100 years and is only now waking up to what it now faces.

The Lerners made the Sleeping Beauty card the 13th card and in the tarot deck that is the card of death and the grim reaper. However, in the original story it is written that it was the 8th fairy that wished to harm the princess not the 13th fairy. The 8th card in the Learner pack is 'Beauty and the Beast' and that makes a lot more sense. I remember during the last US election when Abba told the Americans that they had to choose between beauty and the beast. Unfortunately, they chose the beast instead of the beauty.

The same happened 100 years ago in spirituality, the people were chasing knowledge outside of themselves instead of seeking within for peace. My feeling is that it was 100 years ago that spirituality went astray, and it is only now that humanity are getting back on track in a self-sustainable way.

13 in hebrew gematria is also 'Ahavah" = Love, and as Abba said 'Healing is the path to salvation and love is the way'. 

Receiving the Holy kiss last night and Sleeping Beauty today, feels like an important message for humanity because humanity is certainly a beautiful creation when the people understand. The sacred union with the divine is the cure for all ills,  it is of crucial importance to the last days of the end times and beyond. I view the Holy Kiss as the Kiss of Life, like when the Prince kissed the Princess in Sleeping Beauty.

I do not know what it was that we did yesterday that was worthy of such a Holy kiss. Although we did share a vision by email with someone else who had been waiting for divine direction and the Holy kiss came afterwards.  I have not received confirmation that the email as been received and read yet!

The Holy kiss can also mean that the sacrifice made is completed. Interesting that it is Shabat and the 26th of November. In Hebrew gematria 26 is the value of the name of God. In numerology it is the 'Day of Distinction'.

It is also an 823 day energetically. In Greek gematria it is the value of 'Righteousness', 'Daughter' and 'Highway'. [1] Today, we also talking about 'Righteous Love' and Zealous Compassionate Action.



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Body Stress Fresh Air

Last night before going to bed. Our heavenly Father, asked me to rest and he said 'The body is in stress'. Then when I got into bed. I saw him kiss a small bird and then he kissed me with a Holy Kiss. This morning when I woke up he said "The body requires fresh air and water." So I will follow his advice.

I998/1999,  I wrote a book that included a chapter about stress. However, in that book I was addressing how to to heal stress that is self-created.

In this situation, with the body in 2010, I am dealing with a very different kettle of fish. This time the stress is not mental or emotional, it is purely physical due to the the harm done to the body when I slipped in the bath last year. It feels as if we have removed the shock from the body because we have managed to break the pain cycle. Although the body was painful this morning.

I had considered seeing the chiropractor again today. However, Abba is advising me differently.

When the physical body and its pathways become damaged, it can have a knock on effect with other parts of the body and organs because the body as to work harder to counteract the pain. So we have managed to remove the shock from the body but we are left with the stress from that shock.

The tissues of the body can hold onto stress from past injuries for many years, if it is not healed. In complimentary medicine we recommend deep tissue massage as soon as possible after injury.

I  remember when I was giving a Reiki healing treatment,  I was able to feel the tension in the arm of a man that could not remember having an injury in that place.

He called me a few days later after he remembered and said yes, I had a skiing accident eight years ago. The body was still holding onto the tension and stress of being shocked with the hit.

I have been doing a lot of cellular memory removal work since the fall, to aid the recovery of the physical. We are now at the next phase of the process. I understand why Abba is asking for water and fresh air for the body at this point. Its like a spring clean now after the work as been done and the body does require more movement.

On a spiritual level the body of humanity also requires a breathe of fresh air and lots of water for cleansing and detoxification, because the body of humanity is also in stress due to it being hit from all sides.

Onwards and upwards.

Thursday, 25 November 2010


It was in the 90's that I met the people in my life that helped me to understand the Wizard of Oz.

I met the man that had to find his brain, the one that had to find his heart and the one that had to find his courage. Then I was sent to the land of OZ, to Australia.

To date, I know that the scarecrow found his brain, the tin man found his heart, still to be seen whether the LION found his courage. Time will tell!

Dorothy returned with her dog (son) from Australia and the new journey began. She was divine love in manifestation on the heart plane and ready to begin the real ascent to the Kingdom of God.

I feel sure that you can all recognize the people in your own lives if you ponder upon it.

When you become Dorothy and her dog, the journey of real self discovery begins. You are on the yellow brick road. No surprise then that Elton John also wrote a song called 

As the LORD my God told me '

Yes, indeed, the real rock stars were more spiritually evolved then most people give them credit for and they did sing about YOU ALL.


They understood and they understand. Just like the authors of Children's Books, they were leaving messages for you everywhere to help you and guide you through these last days of the end times.


Well it is all kicking off here in the UK today. Front page news, six-formers highjack our local High Street in the row over university fees. The youngsters formed a mass roadblock, there was a 4 hour High Street stand-off, chaos in the shopping centre, and the paradigm police are accused of being too aggressive against the children. Local residents in the main were supportive of the youngsters.

In the London news the same again. However, this time it is the women that are leading the charge of the riots. That is what happens when you give people education that co-creates desire, desire is the cause of pain and suffering. Buddha knew it, Christ knew it, every advanced Spiritual teacher knows it. The trade unions are supporting the riots due to their desire to bring down the current government and they make no secret of it. They forget that it was a Labour government that co-created the financial mess that the UK now experience.

Also on the front page the Daily Express is calling 'GET BRITIAN OUT OF EUROPE' In the news they are shouting we want our country back. The Daily Express is the first national newspaper to call for Britian to leave the European Union. [1]

We are starting to see people power in action. At the same time on a spiritual level we have the archetypes of Dorothy and her dog, the scarecrow that is finding his brain, the Lion that is finding his courage, the tin man that is finding his heart. And the Fairy Godmother, the High Priestess, the good Fairy of the North and the South. The directions of the Healers (North), and Prophets (South). I have said for a long time that many authors that wrote books for children were amazing at how they brought the characters to life to emanate the characters in the bible.

As we know the King of North and South are also biblical characters in the book of Daniel,  how amazing then that the Christian authors recognized and understood the importance of the divine feminine in their translations and interpretations of the biblical prophecies.

In the books about the Wizard of Oz, we also have the black witches of the East and West. East is the direction of the teachers and West is the direction of the peacemakers who are liberal and do not stand up to Islam and its global agenda. In this context the East is symbolic of knowledge and in the book of Genesis God warned people against knowledge and advised people to live by the Tree of Life just like Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz did, she learned from her life experiencem she found out who she was, she found her heart after all of the trials and tribulations. She became the Fairy Godmother of miracles, the High Preistess and then the Queen of the Prophets. The Queen of the South mentioned by Christ in the New testament.

If you wish to understand what is going on with humanity and you do not like the bible, then study the books about the Wizard of Oz. Remember the last words of Dorothy in the film of Wizard of Oz, 'There is no place like home'. Once you know that home can only be found in the heart, that is the start of entering the gateways to the holy sanctuary of God. 

What advice did God give us?


Education is being used by the tptb to manipulate the people to
do their will.

Now you know why God chooses his true prophets from the uneducated,
he knows how education is used against the people.

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Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Some claim that Jesus was the prophet promised to Moses, some claim that Muhammad was the prophet promised to Moses. But neither of them were the prophet promised to Moses. Neither of them had the name given to Moses and the sooner the world is told the truth the better for everyone. Neither did they fulfill the prophecies or timeline for the appointed time for the last days of the end time.

God states "I myself will call to account anyone who does not listen to my words that the prophet speaks in my name". Deuteronomy 18:19 The world will continue to suffer until the good will of God is done.

You will also find in the book of Deuteronomy Moses asked for the blessing to be given to a descendent of Joseph. In 2009, Abba asked this descendent of Joseph to read the end of Deuteronomy and it states 'No prophet was risen in Israel like Moses, when the LORD knew face to face."

Throughout the scriptures the name of the prophet is hidden and the clue is 'I WILL RAISE UP'. 

Greek Strongs 1662 = ELIAKIM  = RAISING UP BY GOD. 

Hebrew Strongs 0471 = God Raises, or God sets up. 

The Key of the House of David is put upon the shoulders of ELIAKIM Isaiah 22.

ELIAKIM alone has the power to open and shut and this is symbolic of absolute authority bestowed by God. That is why it is mentioned again in the book of Revelation.

For this post to be compelled by God this morning, he must be getting very concerned indeed about humanity. For it is not I that likes to repeat myself, it is the will of God.

Michelangelo also knew the truth that is why he painted the fresco of ELIAKIM holding the baby in her arms dressed in white and gold the outfit ordained for the mission to Israel in 2007 to deliver the covenant for the children. It wasn't until after I returned from Israel that Abba led me to find the scripture that confirmed the prophecy of how the outfit came to be in my possession. Psalm 45, the golden gown, see the commentary on this blog.

Also interesting that the man in this fresco is wearing a brown outfit and in the WORLD TURTLE visions the other day there was a man that looked like a monk dressed in brown.

This is post 66 in November, 22 x 3 = 66 = WHEEL and Son of David. 
Multiples of 22 and 66 = KEY.
66 is also the gematria value 'Of the Lord', The Lord and Gematria, 
the LORD is his name. 
Fine Linen, The Wheels. [2]

May the good will of God be done


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Tuesday, 23 November 2010

The Accursed

Following on from the vision of the GOAT post, maybe we should take a look at this word accursed in the bible some more from a philosophical stand point.

1. Those that stray from the commands of God. Psalm 119: 21

2. Any infant that is born in New Jerusalem and does not reach until the age of 100 is considered to be accursed.

3. Israel in Micah 6. The prophecy tells Israel "He has shown you, O mortal, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.

It tells Israel to "Heed the rod and the one that appointed it." 

"Am I still to forget your ill-gotten treasures, you wicked house, and the short ephah, which is accursed?

Shall I acquit someone with dishonest scales, with a bag of false weights? 

Your rich people are violent; your inhabitants are liars and their tongues speak deceitfully."

Its important to remember that there are not only Jewish people living in the land of Israel.

4. In the 2nd book of Peter it speaks of the people reaping what they have sown. Being paid back for what they have done for that is the nature of the spiritual law of the cosmos. 

The criteria for the prophecy is as follows: 

a.   Eyes of Adultery
b.  Those that concentrate on pleasure. 
c.  Those that transgress the spiritual law 
d.  Seducing the unstable. 
e.  Experts in Greed.
f.   Left the straight way home to God. 
g.  Follow those that love the wages of wickedness. 

The term for wicked in biblical times were those that did not live ecologically and self-sustainably, they did not take care of the animals and planet that is God's creation.  In other words they follow people like Obama e.g. politicians. 

Eyes of adultery are about desire because the Christ told people that they could not have two masters, they must choose money or God. 

Seducing the unstable, transgression of the spiritual law and experts in greed speak for itself. The USA, is considered to be the most greedy nation of all. Due to its consumption of the energy resources of the world and the sheer waste of them. Orthodox religionists are also famous for seducing the unstable as we know, the horror stories are far too many to mention from the nations. 

It does make one wonder why do people have to choose the hard way? When will they learn? 

All we can do now is pray. 

Then Abba said 'Till death do us part'. 

Nice ending to the lyric. 

"This is our lot,
To live together,
Not live apart.
Let's stay together,
Until death us do part.

Not just a day,
But till forever,
Just as the stars,
Just as the ending,
Until death us do part."

Splattered Golden Eagle Vision Correct

Just heard that GLP (USA) is on lock down due to cyber attacks. That tends to happen to birds that prey on others.

That confirms the vision given on Saturday the 20th of November.

1. http://academysounds.blogspot.com/2010/11/world-turtle-visions.html


While I was bathing I saw a vision of what looked like a goat and its horns began to grow tall and straight, they were huge going up towards the sky. The two horns reminded me of the twin towers because they were alight.

Then I asked Abba what does this mean and he replied "They build horns on their heads instead of live in heaven'. 

Then he said 'TEMA'.

In Hebrew that is transliterated word us "TEYMA".

The definition of the word Tema is desert and the 9th son of Ishmael was named TEMA due to where he settled. There is also a place called TEMA in Ghana, Africa. [1]

Isaiah 21 mentions TEMA and it is about the fallen Babylon and all the images of their gods are shattered on the ground. Oh my threshed people and my afflicted of the threshing floor. What I have heard from the LORD of hosts, the God of Israel,  I have made known to you.

What is threshed on the threshing floor? Belief systems.

It also mentions the oracle concerning EDOM (USA) and it asks 'How far gone is the night?" and the watchman asks for them to come back again, in other words come back to the light of God. Then it mentions Arabia, it tells Arabia, to give water to the thirsty, and bread to the fugitives because the people have fled from their swords. In other words feed the poor.

As we know, in Saudi Arabia they still execute people by cutting off their heads with swords. Violence vexes the Spirit of God and disempowers the soul. So it is no surprise that people are fleeing from Islamic countries and its sharia law.

It then tells them that the splendour of Kedar will terminate within a year. Kedar means 'DARK' and it was the name of another son of Ishmael.

Prophet Ezekiel chapter 27 also mentions the trading with Arabia and as we know we've just had G20 and if my memory serves me well the climate change conference is also on in Cancun, Mexico. Prophet Ezekiel also speaks of the male goat being a sin offering. In other words it is to show the people how not to do it.

Prophet Daniel spoke about how powerless the ram was against the goat and as we know the Karnak Temple entrance is lined with rams. Egypt was powerless against Islam. In the book of Matthew the goats are put on the left and in Kabalah the left are the Angels of Darkness.

In the book of Hebrews, the goats are given to those that are unclean and it states that "When Christ came as high priest of the good things that are now already here, he went through the greater and more perfect tabernacle that is not made with human hands, that is to say, is not a part of this creation. He did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves". Hebrews 9:11-12. 

Interesting that the above passage in Hebrews is 9/11. 

In other words his reality was not a materialistic one and he did not attain his state of being by being a materialist or capitalist. Of course, the Christ as depicted in the scriptures was a socialist and spiritualist. He lived in an intentional community that shared the purse. 

So basically, as far as the bible is concerned every materialistic/capitalistic society is accursed and unclean. See Isaiah 21. So what is the solution? Healing the root causes of the core issues and in so doing more and more people will begin to build intentional communities. Ecological self-sustainable communities where they work together for the good of all that live within them.

Its time for the LOVE UNION and a new economic blueprint that ensures prosperity for everyone that works together in equality. The meek shall inherit the earth. 

Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? 

May the good will of God be done.

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