Friday, 5 November 2010


In the last year there have been a lot of sink holes and the earth simply caving in, at different hot spots around the world.   In 2004, we were briefed by Archangel Michael to compile and write an article called 'SECRET OF ASCENSION AND THE HOLY GRAIL". That year it was published in 'Paradigm Shift' Magazine.

In that article we advised humanity that there is no separation between earth and its soveriegn. For nearly two decades we have been advising humanity to move away from the coastlines. Did you get the memo, did you pass it on to humanity, did you distribute it,  or did you obstruct the will of God?

So what do the sink holes mean? It means that earthly reality is sinking and falling away to make way for the new heaven and earth.

Yesterday, the 4th of November it was reported that a Sea Port in Brazil fell into the sea.  2nd of November one in Germany. In June there was also the big one in Guatemala. [1] Central and Latin America is  certainly being warned to stay away from consumerism of the old earth.

Germany keep your sticky fingers off the natural resources of this planet, the indigenous people do not require your money and interest rates. Its time to write off all 3rd world debt.

Are you listening?

No coincidence that this is post 13 = AHAVA...

New Jerusalem must be built in harmonic concordance with
God's will.


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