Thursday, 4 November 2010

Calling out MISSY SMITH, USA.

In this post we are calling out MISSY SMITH, USA because I have just been sent an email about her  Christian orthodox beliefs.

1. School is a right from nature.

Please show me missy smith where there are brick buildings to confine children in a belief system in nature? Nature is constantly evolving and changing. I agree that nature itself is the best education and that is why the Christ taught you all to seek within. The Native Americans also taught the children in nature and around the campfire. Will you let the children truly learn from nature or will you indoctrinate them in school?

2. Out of wedlock births being the cause of poverty. Well I was still married when I gave birth to my son but I wasn't married to his Father. My husband Adam left because he did not want children after I got the all clear from cancer. You will find me in the creation fresco in the arms of God like other single mothers, with his children painted by Michelangelo pointing at Adam.

Did my son live in poverty? Certainly not, he lived in a six bedroomed house, enjoyed nursery and was given everything that was essential for him. He wasn't spoilt with materialism and was taught to value everything that he was given. Did a man pay for him, our home and our life? No, his mother paid for everything and worked hard to do so.

During our consultancy time spent at your equivalent of HEAD START in the UK, we were informed that the research had proven that single parents, of English children, gave more quality time to their children than the traditional family. That was a surprise for the project managers as you can imagine. However, they were also very pleased about it.

Now, how do the Christian orthodox reconcile their beliefs with the fact that the Christ predicted that the time would come when people would not get married? Do Christians actually read the bible and if they do, do they understand it? Obviously not.

"At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven." Matt 22:30 

3. Missy Smith then goes on about abortion, that she is pro-life and talks about the natural law. It seems to me that the American Christian Orthodox like to have their cake and eat it. If they truly lived by the natural law then there would be no medical profession and no Christian would ever go to see a doctor to save their lives.

My own son could have died in childbirth, if it had not been for the intervention of the medical profession. I have never asked a doctor if I could have died too without their help, it is more than likely that would have been the case in times gone by.

The natural law allowed for natural selection.

However, the medical profession is a double edged sword it can heal and it can kill. On one hand we have the lives of the mothers and babies being saved and on the other hand babies are being aborted.

With hand on my heart, I have never aborted a child and nor could I do so. However, I do not condemn those that might find themselves in the position of having to let go of what they cannot afford.

I was once having an operation for cancerous cells and I was in the same ward with women having an abortion. I will never ever forget that day. There was a student opposite me crying with her partner from university. They were both experiencing extreme grief but knew that it was the only way forward for them.

There was a mother of five children aborting her sixth, that she could not afford financially or emotionally, it was clear that her decision had also been impacted upon by her age.

I ask the Christians in the eyes of God who comes first the mother or the baby?

In 2007, when people were arguing over abortion on a forum, the Christ came by my side and he said 'SAVE THE LOST SOUL BEFORE YOU BIRTH A NEW ONE'.

Profound words to those that can understand his wisdom.

So let us return to the natural law that Missy Smith is expounding. Missy Smith can you accept no medical intervention and natural selection? When there was natural selection most people died before the age of 30-45. Would that not mean that you would already be dead?

You can't have it both ways Missy Smith to suit your politics.

The spiritual law is about balance, so the medical profession intervened in natural selection and the children are aborted to counteract the population growth. Now that is the true nature of the spiritual law. As Abba said 'It is not a one way street'.

The USA are experiencing karma on a grand scale and a lot of it stems from the Christian orthodox that invaded the lands of the indigenous peoples, with their belief systems, that were alien to the land, culture, people and the natural spiritual law.

As it was shown to us earlier today, there is a huge hole in the auric field of the nation of the USA. When I was checking for holes in the auric field of the people, I used a Native American Shamanic method, the only difference is that in the past when showing students how to do it the shamanic way,  I used incense sticks.

Anyone that supports or promotes people like Missy Smith is helping to keep the people in captivity, and as we know that is the complete opposite to the freedom that the LORD provides when people are willing to do his will.

Just catching up with the latest news from the USA and the changes in congress that plan to work towards a government ban on tax-payer abortions. [1]That America, indicates more trouble ahead for you,  did you not learn from the back street abortions in the dark ages and how many women died?

Is it any wonder that Abba is recommending Aloe Vera for the USA and its people. [3]

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