Tuesday, 2 November 2010


While showering I saw loads of amazing images of the cosmos, far to many to list. Then when bathing I saw a wonderful man coming towards me. He was gorgeous, like an Italian I once knew, olive skinned, long thick black hair, neck length, he looked just like Michael M Mauldin did when he was young. 

He was wearing a light coloured cloak, and on a horse galloping. He reminded me of medieval times. He did not look like he was alone. The horse was a very dark brown and the man and the horse looked like they were in a hurry, it was urgent. He certainly could ride that horse and it felt like the guys know that they have to catch up. 

Then I saw a cartoon character of Rudolf the red nose Reindeer, in Christmas colours, another timing link I feel. Who like cartoons? Children. In spiritual symbology reindeer is sacred to the Great Mother and as a totem, it is gentleness and innocence - gentle luring to a new adventure. 

Just before leaving the bath,  I saw a fruit but could not remember the name of it. I asked my son and he couldn't remember either. Anyhow, the fruit was a STAR FRUIT. A tropical fruit that is also a five pointed star, the symbol of manifestation. The fruit from the tree of life in paradise. You may remember that one of the last crop circles of the season was also a five pointed star. 

We have had the pumpkin received in October and now a Star Fruit in November. 

After I had finished writing the above Abba said "KRIS KROSS"  and the sticks that cross in the ancient pictographs also represent a sign. The symbol became the hebrew letter TAV and the letter T. 

In this video Kris Kross are singing JUMP and 2011 is the year of the Rabbit, that will be filled with leaps, jumps and bounds. Kris Kross are also singing about the Mac Daddy and who is called the long legged Mac Daddy? Obama. 

May the will of God be done for his children from paradise. 

How interesting those children came from Atlanta, Georgia. 
Kriss Kross, 1990-1996 rap band. The same state where Michael lived. 

We've also got a Scorpio new moon coming on the 5th of 
November and that is fire works night in the UK. 

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