Thursday, 4 November 2010


Well Abba is in an amusing mood today, the skies are blue and the sun is hot. We have been posting on the blogs of others today, and after we finished posting Abba said 'ALOE VERA'. Funny, hey, do you know what Aloe Vera means? Not I.

Apparently,  'VERA' means 'True', 'Genuine' and it is a medicinal plant. [1] And there is a nice play on words there with ALOE and HELLO.

Abba as given us 'Pumpkin' in October, STAR FRUIT and now the Aloe Vera plant that some people regard as a tree. Most people don't like the taste of Aloe Vera, anymore then they like the taste of that which is true and genuine.

Being a European,  Aloe Vera reminds me of Spain and next year is 444. 4th of April 2011 there is a gateway opening in Spain. 444 is also the gematria value of PERFECT LOVE. I also know an author in Spain called ALOHA..who writes about the Maya. 

I first came into contact with Aloha and ALOE VERA when I was found in the Galilee of the Gentiles, the other side of Jordan being born. While working at MBS exhibitions helping the people, I came in contact with many products from alternative and natural medicine. 

I was fortunate to be able to afford to purchase many products and try them out. Personally, I did not find that drinking the Aloe Vera Forever Living product made any difference to my state of being, although I did put it through a six month trial. To test any natural remedy you have to give it six months if you have a serious health condition. However, with flower essences you may be required to take different essences  as your frequencies change. 

There are different horses for different courses and every plant as different vibrational frequencies that are suited to different people at different times. However, I have never tried Aloe Vera as a flower essence and that might be interesting to consume for a test. 

In the Flower Essences and Vibrational Healing book by Gurudas he lists ALOE VERA as originally a Lemurian essence. 

Now we were posting on an American blog called 'BadEagle' that features articles on American issues. I did wonder today, why would any parents call their child 'Badeagle'? Was that not setting the Native American child up for a fall? 

Names are incredibly important, be mindful and HEARTFULL when you name your child, because every name creates a frequency for the child, until the day comes when God gives you his name for you. Different divine names are given to you on every stage of your soul's evolution in my experience of ascension of the being. 

ALOE VERA as a flower essence is indicated when there is deep traumatic stress that is the root cause of behavorial difficulties. So Aloe Vera, flower essence would be a good one for Americans to take in the last days of these end times. It also indicates that the USA as a hole in the aura of its nation and the Indian shamans do know how to solve it given the chance to do so. 

In recent days, I have also been in contact with a lady that I met during that time to enlist her help to help the Mayan's. 

Watch this space, the space of the TRUE and GENUINE. 

It is also written that aloe means 'Eagle wood' in the Alexandrian tariff. This link states, the tents of Israel 'As the align aloes which the Lord hath planted'. It can also mean 'bitter medicine' due to its taste. See our other post on wormwood on this blog. [2]. 

In Hindi ALOE VERA is also known as GHRIT KUMARI, it is good to use in massage for the feet and feet are to do with the direction in which we are going. I have not known reflexologists in the UK to use  Aloe Vera when doing reflexology treatments, I will have to have a chat with a few of them and see how they feel about Aloe Vera. Nor have I seen beauticians use aloe vera in facials. However, its a long time since I have chatted with beauticians. 

In India, it is also considered to be one of the LILY family. This link states that it is the plant of immortality, wand of heaven. [3] Kumari also means 'Youthful'. And like ISRAEL the USA is a very young nation and still on the learning curve. 

Aloe is also mentioned in various places in the bible. Numbers 24:6, Psalm 45:8, Proverbs 7:17, Song of Solomon 4:14. In the book of John, Nicodemus brings 75 pounds of Aloe and it was used in burial customs. John 19:38-40. Now that is interesting because Christ told his followers that if he did not leave them, then the comforter would not come. 

In Hebrew gematria 75 is the number of wisdom. [4] and 'To be established'. [5]And Prophet Isaiah spoke of ELIAKIM's authority being established. 

The 21st century was born in her wisdom given to her by the LORD. 

May the will of God be done.....






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