Monday, 1 November 2010

OBAMA selected not elected

Louis Farrakan hailed Obama the Messiah during the US presidential campaign, and now he is saying 'Obama was selected and not elected'.  He is also threatening America in this video to leave Obama alone. Obama must be very concerned about how the people feel about him and his standing with the public. Front page news of 'The Independent' on the 26th of October were the words by Johann Hari 'I wept for joy when Obama won, but he's let us all down'. 

How blinded the world was by their desire for peace, trapped in the illusion of their own wants that come from the lowest levels of consciousness. Those of us that truly live in our hearts of pure intention could see straight through Obama. Those of us that were led by the heart of the intelligence of God were inspired, visioned and directed to warn the people in advance of what was coming to be. We warned the Americans that the USA was being set up for the fall. Our heavenly Father even sent me to America to warn the spiritual leaders there at the end of April 2008. Mostly, they simply refuse to do the will of God or completely ignore it. So now the innocent Americans are praying for mercy.

Some people that carried out their research on the background of Obama agreed with us, but they were very few and far between. From experience of working with many Americans they can be a very stubborn people, ruled by the head instead of the heart of intelligence.

When a person accepts a position in earthly government they are then open to public scrutiny and every public servant is fully aware of that. Obama promised transparency in government and gave none.

In the book of the Dead Sea Scrolls by the renowned scholar Geza Vermes, he mentions the  'USURPER' that stands against the true one sent from God. The Obama usurper who is the Leo the Leopard from Africa mentioned in the book of Daniel and in the book of Revelation chapter 13. The one that did not provide a copy of his real full birth certificate to the people.

Christ also spoke about the one that would stand where he did not belong as a timing link for the last days of  the end times. However, Daniel also predicted that he would not be in power for long. Those that stand against the saints and the will of God will indeed fall from a very great height.

Farrakan, also mentions the black agenda and that Obama is not fulfilling it due to those that selected him and paid for his rise to the White House. Goldman Sachs being one of the financial institutions mentioned. This video is of Farrakan speaking at the "We Count! The Black Agenda is the American Agenda" Conference in Chicago, Saturday, March 20, 2010.

If I remember correctly, from the work done during the US election. Farrakan is part of Black liberation theology and was involved in the murder of Malcolm X, who was also part of the Nation of Islam. Malcolm X was murdered because he left NOI due to its corruption in more ways than one. 

One might ask, why is a man who was involved in murder being allowed to run any type of ministry?

Where are the hearts of his followers and their intentions?

Interesting that in the vision the other night there was a dark angel dressed in black, the robe was the shape of the KKK. So one could say that Farrakan is the equivalent of the White KKK.  The dark angel was under my foot and God puts his enemies under your feet. [1]

The darkness dies and love is eternal.

While writing the above I could feel tremendous heat where I am sitting and

May the will of God be done.


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