Monday, 1 November 2010

ABBA said 'You are sitting in the HOT Seat'

While I was writing the last post about Obama, I could feel a tremendous heat underneath me where I am sitting. Then Abba said 'YOU ARE SITTING IN THE HOT SEAT'. Abba often uses terms and words that I have never used or sometimes never heard of. So what does sitting in the hot seat mean?

There is book called 'Sitting in the HOT Seat' published by Wiley and its about crisis management. [1] The author of the book states that crisis management comes to the fore due to recent incidents and because of the emergency involved. Here is a link to a review of the book [2]. So you could say that humanity have gone past the 'risk management' stage. Now,  it really is a crisis and its not a mid-life one, its the END TIME of the MEAN TIME because humanity have been mean.

In this case, when we are sitting in the hot seat we are actually seated by God for his divine purpose. Being put into a position of being critical of others is a difficult position to be put into and those that have not already integrated zero judgement, do not understand this state of being due to not having reached it. It can also be difficult when God decides its time for humanity to show you their mercy, compassion  and charity by asking humanity to contribute to your living costs. How much more humble can one be?

God cannot use you as his vessel for justice to be done, and to help raise humanity up out of their transgression if you have not already integrated zero judgement. Also religious people tend to make their judgements based upon what as been written in scriptures, when in fact sometimes the justice of God can differ to the way that most people understand it and him.

Sitting in the hot seat can also relate to being the subject of the attention of others and their criticism of you. The criticism of others does not concern me because I know that challenge moves people beyond their comprehension. When people criticize me it is always a positive opportunity to enlighten them and that which they have not already integrated. When a person challenges me and the work for God, it is like the person that stands in the witness box taking on the judge that listens to all of the facts of the case before judgement is passed.

Does the judge give his judgements lightly? Of course not. God knows what is at stake and the cost of every single life.

It is important for humanity to understand that the justice of God is righteous and positive in his good will. Our heavenly Father as the best interests of the people in his heart. Only when the people are willing to do his will can he help you and the rest of humanity.

When I received the brief on the Christ Vision of the LOVE UNION, the brief included a critical perspective. If one is not allowed to be critical of that which is harming humanity, how will you ever break the never ending cycles of that which you do not like? Those that remain silent are compliant to the suffering in the world and our heavenly Father is not compliant to that suffering. As such he will not remain silent whether people like it or not.

The Christ vision was received in 2004, I can assure you that zero judgement had been integrated prior to that time period. Prior to the Harmonic Concordance in 2003. Zero judgement is essential because without it ascension does not come to be. When the Angels integrate zero judgement and do the will of God by following divine instructions, they then attain sainthood prior to becoming Masters.

So now here we are coming to the end of 2010, having to sit in the hot seat again in the sanctuary of God, because it is the will of the heavenly Father for it to be so, due to the emergency situation that humanity as co-created for itself.

Only when you have walked in the sandals of the Master can you truly understand why it is an essential reality. Only when you have integrated the wisdom of life experience in multiple dimensional realities are you selected by God for his divine purpose to help to implement his master plan.

Only when you have taken on the darkness to help transform it do you have the strength and courage to do what I have been selected and elected by God to do and say. I do my utmost to keep a balance and deliver the word of God to you as required, for your sanctity and the sanctity of God's perfect creation. For the benefit of the children of the world and their future.

There are different types of trouble shooters. However, those that remain in peace of the heart of being can help you the most. Those that have healed the root causes of the core issues within themselves can help you and your nations to heal, so that you can break the never ending cycles of oppression.

However, if you refuse to listen, if you ignore the word and will of God, then there is nothing more he can do to help you as individuals and nations. There are people that are praying for mercy but what mercy have you shown to the reality that God blessed you with, his gift to you and the children of the world.  He kept his promise to humanity and how do you value it? The crisis is increasing for humanity because you have not valued his gift and promise to you and your nations.

Often, I ask him to talk to you all directly.  I did not ask for this reality although it as become clear to me over the years that it was agreed pre-destination. Why is that? We had to fulfill the prophecies because the orthodox would not be satisfied unless we did. However, be mindful that this time is being shortened for the sake of the elect.

The way things stand it is quite possible that the orthodox won't find out about this reality until all has been completed. In that way, there will be nothing that they can do to change it. It is the will of our heavenly Father that he reigns over the people and not the orthodox religionists or the oppressors.

The bible also says that they will not believe until we have built New Jerusalem. Isaiah 22 also mentions this seat and ELIAKIM that holds the Key of David.

May the good will of God be done so that justice can be done for humanity and a new freedom be attained. As he said everything will be made anew, there will be a new heaven and earth. The world that you have known is being swept away before your very eyes.





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