Monday, 1 November 2010

Men, Women, OBAMA-Sub-Prime-Mortgages

I have just returned from the garage and there were two men and a woman dressed as policemen but they were not policemen. The two men were security personal and the woman was collecting the cash. The two men were there to protect and defend her.

I joked with them, does it really take three people to do one person's job? Do you work for the government paid by the tax payer? The men looked stunned and did not know what to say. They finally found the courage to respond to my questions.

Anyway, while the woman was collecting the money we joked some more. I said to her 'What a mess these men have got humanity into?" And she replied "The women are rising". I responded 'About time',  I then looked at the men and told them,  "For 1,000's of years men have been running everything, what a fine mess you got us into".

She laughed and I then I said to the men 'Is it because the spiritual women outnumber the spiritual men ten to one? They were silent!

I look forward to the day when the men equal the quantity of women that are spiritual and have redeemed their souls that are inherently spiritual. You are spiritual beings having a human experience.

To the men that have not redeemed themselves what does the bible say about you?

"They covet fields and seize them, and houses, and take them. They defraud people of their homes, they rob them of their inheritance." Micah 2:2 

Does it remind you of OBAMA? Who was instrumental in convincing the poor to get involved in the sub--prime mortgages during his community organizing?

You know I did not know that the word mortgage existed in the bible until tonight.

"Others were saying, “We are mortgaging our fields, our vineyards and our homes to get grain during the famine.” Neh 5:3 [1]

Woe to the men that mortgage the fields. Woe to the men that mortgage the vineyards. Woe to the men that mortgage homes beyond the pocket of the people.

Woe to the men that rent out homes at rates beyond the purse of the poor. Woe to the financial institutions, bankers, money changers, stock brokers and those that sell insurance but never pay out a just return when claimed. Woe to governments with their coffers that give no return to the people that have paid taxes all of their working lives. Woe to the governments that sold the gold that belonged to the people and not to them. Woe to the governments that sold the natural resources and the land that belong to God for his indigenous peoples.

Woe to the governments that tax the poor at every turn. Woe to the governments and presidential leaders that create a temptation for the people. You know what that is called? The wicked game and the game of the wicked that stands against the purity, perfection and holiness of God that is sacred.

My genetic Father never had a mortgage, no investments and he only had insurance for the car. He only had money in a pension plan because it was part of his employment deal, when he purchased a property for his retreat he paid cash outright. Of course everything was a lot cheaper 30 years ago. A man's wages were worth a lot more in real terms than they are now.


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