Friday, 5 November 2010

Egyptian Miranda Healers

While commenting on the videos about the true Egyptians being Egyptians and not Arabs.

Abba said 'MIRANDA'.

The word MIRANDA is from Latin and it means 'ADMIRABLE, 'WONDERFUL'.

I also know a lady called Miranda locally and she is a healer and teacher of different healing therapies. As we know the ancient Egyptians were powerful healers. Miranda teaches Kinesiology, reflexology and used to teach Reiki healing. She also works with flower essences.

In 2002, on a workshop that I was running, I was shown that the ancient Egyptians used spices for different  remedies for different ailments. It was a specific time frame where we were allowed to go back in time to experience something wonderful. Do the Copts know how to make these natural healing remedies or are they entrenched in orthodox Christianity? Remember this a true Christian is a healer.

In this video a Westerner is talking about the power of herbs and spices.

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