Tuesday, 2 November 2010


On waking I saw a vision of a multiple image of a man's head in gold on my left and there was three images of the same like an overlay. I then saw a load of Islands. (Abba reminded me of this while bathing).

Then Abba was talking about the protagonist being the social outcast due to being the vessel for his communication.

The word 'OUTCAST' is written in two places in the bible. Every true Prophet goes through the initiation of the outcast and as they say at Findhorn, 'Tough assignments are only given to the best students'. Why do true prophets become social outcasts? People do not like to change their ways, in fact. Metaphysically, strokes are about people that would rather die then change. If we look back in history many people did die because they refused to listen to the prophets and do the will of God. Remember this; change is the only constant in the cosmos.

Prophet Jeremiah understood it well and it is written "For I will restore you to health and I will heal you of your wounds, 'declares the LORD, 'Because they have called you an outcast, saying 'It is ZION; no one cares for her'. Jer 30:17

Prophet Zephaniah 'Behold, I am going to deal at that time with all of your oppressors, I will save the lame, and gather the outcast, and I will turn their shame into praise and renown in all the earth. At that time I will bring you in, even at that time when I gather you together. Indeed, I will give you renown, and praise amongst all the peoples of the earth. When I restore your fortunes before your very eyes. Says, the LORD. Zep 3:19-20 [1]

He was also talking about 'TELEGRAPHIC MEMORY' being like a photographic memory. A photographic memory is to do with something that they have seen, read and remember for a long time. They can hold vast amounts of information and I am the complete opposite. Information comes through this vessel but very little is retained. So in effect, the telegraphic memory in this context is energetic and not in form, just like water holding memory of what it has received.

A telegraphic memory is when someone as received information to impart over a long distance. The word 'Telegraph' comes from the Greek words 'tele' and 'graphein' and it means 'FAR WRITE'. Nice play on words there with far right and sitting at the right hand of God. When Abba gives us information we often impart it energetically to others, without me even being aware that this vessel is delivering a message.  Many people are not aware that when they receive information from Spirit that it has come from this protocol.

I understand Abba's intention for this protocol is to raise people up out of receiving information from low level energies to ensure that only the purity of his word is received by the people. This will be good news for the USA because they're mentioned in Rev 17 and 18.

Also nice play on words with TELE GRAPHIC, so when people receive information from us it is like watching a TV screen, receiving graphic images that is being energetically portrayed. We also do our utmost to impart the messages from Abba in a graphic way to help people to understand him.

As we know telegraphic messages were often sent in code, known as 'morse code' and there were some sound code crop circles earlier this year.

Fascinating, that related to the telegraph is the SONET, synchronous optical networking and synchronous digital hierarchy. There is also a limited number of architectures defined, to allow for efficient bandwidth as well as protection. Sonet development was created to transport multiple signals.

If things go to plan today, we will be visiting the lady for the daisy healing and I feel sure that we will be discussing telegraphic memory because she is a medium. If you find that you are beginning to remember more on multi-dimensional levels, or are receiving more messages,  now you know the reason why. We are imparting memory and information to you that Abba would like you to have to help you to heal yourselves and your nations.

So next time you receive a message ask who delivered the message to you from the LORD.

There is a nice verse of the day for this post.

“But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.”  1 Peter 2:9 

If I receive any more insights or information on this I will update this post.

Love beyond measure


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