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This crop circle was reported on the 29th of April 2011. 29 is the number of 'Grace under Pressure' and it signifies a test of spiritual strength to endure on both a career and personal level. Constant energetic cultivation and an optimistic frame of mind to overcome those that stand against you.

The 29th of April is also the 'Day of Image' and the crop circle is clearly to do with those that go by a lunar calendar. My first impression of this crop circle is that there are two women, one that sees with her eyes and one that sees with her third eye. Its clear there heads are covered. I see four crescent moons representing four months in this year of four. Four months from now takes us to October. The two moons, closest to the two women, are filled with light, the other two furthest away from them are filled with darkness.

I see four gold necklaces like the ancient Egyptian ones, and I feel Egypt and also archaeology. The two women are looking down upon the darkness they know what they must do. If we count up the sections we have 12 sections, in addition we have two dots making 14. 14 is the number of challenge and that is also supported by the 29th day. 14 is to do with publishing, writing and media and we could see Islam doing its utmost to do some damage limitation this year, by making use of the women in the public domain. The women are under pressure to improve the image of Islam in the eyes of the world, and these two women know what the people like.

The crop circle was also found in an OIL SEED RAPE field and that also links into Islam in different ways. The colour of the field is yellow, the colour of creativity and that links into publishing, writing and media again and that can include the internet.

Photograph copyright of Oliver Morel, courtesy of Crop Circle Connector. [2]

2+9 = 11 and 11 is a master number that is also linked to Egypt and Giza, Cairo.

If we look at the energetics of the date it is 244, and it is to do with INNOCENT BLOOD.  In hebrew gematria it is the following value: 'To cleanse', 'The blood of Innocents'. 'Righteous Ones', 'Offer the sacrifices of righteousness' and 'rebellion'. [1] As we know Egypt was a pretty fast transformation. However, much innocent blood as been shed this year in the Middle East on all sides, may the people learn from it.

Silbury Hill is a famous site for crop circles in the UK with its WHITE HORSE, nr Avebury. As we know the White Horse is mentioned in the book of Revelation, chapter 19. In Hinduism it is the Lord Kalki that puts an end to the Kali Yuga and in Judaism it is the ACHARIT, the last.

The six petalled flower is associated with the sacral symbolized by the WHITE LOTUS flower and
the sacral is the level of consciousness of 'I WANT TO BE HAPPY'. If people vibrate at that level of consciousness, it is usually to do with people who seek happiness outside of themselves. For instance people that seek validation outside of themselves, and that would link in with the day of image. Validation outside of the self often comes from academic qualifications, status, money and power gained through personal relations. People that vibrate at that level tend to chase the money in their careers and relationships.

Clothes and what they wear, can also be part of the status symbols that are being impressed upon humanity. Garments of pride religious or otherwise. Its about how different people gauge, measure, assess and quantify success. Success means different things to different people in different cultures. Many with origins in the Middle East and in third world countries, gauge success based upon academic achievement, material wealth and status.

Where some people in the West and in secular societies might gauge success based on bringing up healthy children in freedom, happy marriage and nice home. The indigenous elders tend to gauge success based upon humanities ability to honor the planet that they live on and each other. Each to their own, it takes all sorts to make up the world.

Its about how people perceive themselves and how they perceive others. Different cultures viewing reality from different perspectives. Different backgrounds and different childhoods; also impact on peoples perceptions of reality. The sacral is also about 'sensations' and 'sensationalism', sexuality and raw sexual energy. In addition to addictions, and people are often addicted to religion, its structures and dogma when it is part of their upbringing and family tradition. It is at that level of consciousness that people remain in attachment to their belief systems and fixed world views due to it being emotive on an emotional level.

This would also indicate the drug cartels and drugs that come from Islamic countries. Drugs that feed the addiction of 'sensation' because the drug takers, pushers and dealers have not accessed the mystery and magic of the science of being.

I am also feeling the medical profession with this as I write, and Islamic women that work there and train there will certainly be making their weight felt this year. Its all about image and making an impression on the world IMHV, being concerned about image and how one is perceived by the outside world, would certainly fit into the sacral level of consciousness.

Last but not least, the 29th of April was the day of the royal wedding of Prince William to Katherine, the now Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. The monarchy can certainly show the world some 'image' and 'style' when it comes to an historical event that the world is interested in. Yes, it is emotive, just like the emotive social evolution that is taking place internationally. There is nothing like a wedding to stir the hearts of the people in a joyous way. Does Islam have a good image and style bearing in mind that they put so much effort into appearances?

Remember this God can see beyond appearances directly into your hearts.




The Dress Vision

As I was coming out of sleep state I saw a dress that looked like a wedding dress. It was Elizabethan in style. The main colour of the dress was 'Dusty Pink Rose' like the colour of a ball gown I once wore.  It had been made for a stage show of the King and I, and I wore it to a charity ball that I had organized.

The dress in the vision was made of a heavy silk and on the skirt there was pastel blue silk swags on top of the pink silk. The pastel blue was like you sometimes see the swags of curtains with bows and the dress had a square shaped neckline. I could only see the dress like you see the dress in the film of Cinderella, floating, while the fairy Godmother is getting her ready for the ball. The dress as been made for someone to wear.

The Virgin Queen Elizabeth the 1st never married. She was married to God and country. Dusty Pink is often a colour worn by elders.  However, as we know pastel blue is also called baby blue and is usually for a baby boy. The Elizabethan style was eye catching to see.

We have received visions of Elizabeth the 1st and it was after the visions were received that I discovered that the name Elizabeth does relate to the biblical prophecies. I once had an old English sheepdog with the name 'Dusty', we inherited the name when we retrieved her from a rescue home. My son was only a baby at the time.

This dress is to do with England and its historic culture. If we view the dress as a nation. We have the colour combination of the elder and child combined. At the end of the film, Elizabeth Golden Age, she holds the baby in her arms, and as we know the baby is also symbolic of new birth and new beginnings.

The film was launched in 2007, and that was the year that we delivered the covenant for the children. The film was a sequel to ELIZABETH that was launched in 1998, that was the year that I was sent to Australia. At the end of that year, I was called for a mission of compassion with depressed children, and I agreed to devote 12 years of my life to the calling. However, that was prior to the harmonic concordance and the heavenly Father summoning me.

In the story of Elizabeth, she throws those that stand against her and her country out of court. So where are we in the story? They did not manage to kill the Queen and those that tried were exiled. She received her apology from the one that failed her.  In relation to the dress, in the film, her right hand maiden, Bess marries Rayleigh in secret because she is pregnant. One can say that the climax to this story as not been revealed to humanity just yet. However, know this that God's Queen wins due to divine intervention and some very brave men. The men set the ships on fire, and the great wind turns against those that stand against the Queen and her nation.

Biblically speaking it tells you to "Be ready for service and keep your lamps burning'. In December 2010, we were instructed to send out the call for duty. How many were ready to serve and responded to that call?  Luke 12 also pre-warned everyone. "The servant that knows the masters will but does not get ready, or does not do what the master wants will be beaten with many blows". "From everyone that as been given much, much will be demanded, and from THE ONE who as been entrusted with much, much more will be asked'. In the Christ prophecies he often speaks of the one, and this is also repeated in the book of Revelation.


Woodenhead Crop Circle

Well I do like the crop circles and have looked at what they've had to offer so far. As two posts ago we mentioned the dutch princess with the Hidalgo music it is appropriate to share one of the crop circles from the Netherlands.

It was discovered at Bosschenhoofd (the Woodenhead area), Holland on the 24th of April. Of course that was Easter weekend and awesomeness. Wooden head is a term that is used for a person that is hard to get through to. I have been known in the past to tap certain people on the head and say 'Is there anyone in there?" due to them totally missing the point of what is being said. That is certainly how some of us felt over Easter, while others simply refused to allow themselves to embrace the awesomeness of the events that unfolded before our very eyes. This crop circle included that was shared with us by kris.

Also special thanks to Robbert van den Broeke & Ellen Gomis and the rest of the crop circle team in Holland. Do check out the crop circle connector link and read the whole story. [1]

The 24th of April was the 'Day of Protection' in addition to being Easter Sunday.  24 is the number of creativity and karmic reward and the complete date is 644 energy. 

In Hebrew gematria, 644 is DAMASCUS, Cruel, Rebel, Barak, and as we know there as been a lot of violence against the people in Syria recently. What does Barak (Obama) have to do with it? In Greek gematria it is 'Premeditate, Deliver, Indignation, Destroy. Blameless. 'But though he cause grief, yet will he have compassion according to the multitude of his mercies. Lam 3:32

However, in the positive it is 'Emmanuel, Hold, Require, Melt, Double'.  So the LORD alone did lead him, and there was no strange god with him. Deu 32:12 [1] 

The crop circle itself is also 24 meters long, creativity and karmic reward again. I have to say that this crop circle really speaks to me in terms of years. If we go from left to right, I see this crop circle beginning in 2000. In 2003, we were turning the corner and that was the year of the harmonic concordance that was predicted in the biblical prophecies.  When the angels would call the elect from one end of heaven to the other. You then see the upturn in 2004 and that was the second HC and the Asian tsunami came at the end of it of on Boxing Day. 2005 we worked on the new website, the Love Union and wrote a lot of articles, some of which remain unpublished. 

Then we had 2006 and the first mission to Israel, that was followed by the Lebanon -v- Israel war that was also mentioned in the prophecies. The following year in 2007, we had the second mission to Israel and embedding of the covenant for the children in Jerusalem. There is also seven circles around that sphere and seven is the life number of the spiritual teacher. In Hebrew gematria seven is also the ZAYIN, the woman of valor. 

After that we have 2008 and the mission to the USA. 2009 was meant to be Egypt, 2010 was Greece. The 24 meters then takes us up to this year 2011. The last sphere looks the same size as the sphere from 2006 and in 2006 there was a war. As we know the allied forces have been battling with Libya but is there something bigger coming before the end of this year? Let's look at 24 meters. They make boats 24 meters long and the UN use temporary structures that are 24 meters long for aid. I am being asked 'What's cooking?'. Well something is cooking.  If you combine boats and aid what do we get? Flotillas that try to break down the blockade into Gaza. 

There are 11 and 7 circles that would signify the month of July in a year that ends with 11. 11+7 = 18 = Materialism destroying spirituality. So we're still with that one and number 18 came up a lot in the crop circles in 2010. Doesn't look like its going to be a good year for the Middle East and Israel unless they change their ways. They know what they have to do, and it is entirely up to them whether they choose to do the will of God or carry on in their usual way. Wooden heads indeed. 

In this video water is flowing upwards 24 meters, the scientists claim that this experiment pulls the plug on a 300 year old law of physics. 





Friday, 29 April 2011

God's eye on the Royal Couple

This video was revealed on the day of the royal wedding. A bright ORB that resembles the nebulla that some call God's eye, was seen over Wales on the 26th of April 2011. 26 is also the gematria value of the name of God and the 26th of April was the 'Day of Cultivation'. We also mentioned Wales in recent days on this blog and the spiritual people there.

Prince William and his beloved Catherine were also at home in Wales at the weekend, as far as I am aware. Their chosen home is on a remote Island getaway from the world. A little hideaway called 'Anglesey'. Of course now they are the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge as well.

So let us take a look at this orb while I do my best to see if I can find the original vision, and what message came with that. Brilliant found it, its all about PERFECT LOVE. [2]

I was listening to the cake makers of the wedding cake last night. They were sharing how Catherine knew the meaning of the flowers that she had chosen for her wedding cake, she was teaching them the meaning of flowers. This match of William and Catherine is definitely pre-ordained. God bless them both with their new journey together.




Tornado of Anger and Black Elk

I was pondering on the tornado's of the USA and if the Native Indians experienced as many as the USA does now. When I took a look, a post had been made on my birthday in 2008, the year that I was sent to Florida. On the 13th of that year, Michael M Mauldin made a lovely post for me on a forum in honor of my birthday. The moderators accused Michael of stalking me. However, Michael never did what they accused him of.

Now the post that was made on the 13th of February 2008, is about a Native Indian legend that tornado's are co-created by the anger of men. [1] We have shared with people in the past that accidents are energetic explosions due to anger that is suppressed. Anger is also the biggest predictor of heart disease.

After I read about the legend, I came across another offering and it is a prophecy given by Black Elk before he passed over.

When we first started this blog in December 2008, Black Elk was one of the first people that we
featured on this blog with many messages for America. However, this prophecy from Black ELK is from the original one.


The purpose of this post is to share with you the prophecy of Black Elk that I have never seen before
I am simply amazed by this prophecy because in 2009, Abba told me to stay away from the 'Blue Man' and  Black Elk speaks of a blue man. [2] We posted the message at that time, the Lady has been warned to stay away from the blue man. There was only one man that used a blue man avatar at that time, he was an American veteran.

"Black Elk Speaks" was first published in 1932, and has been reprinted several times since then. The lengthy quote that follows is from pages 31-33 of the 1979 edition published by the University of Nebraska Press, Lincoln.

"I looked below me where the earth was silent in a sick green light, and saw the hills look up afraid and the grasses on the hills and all the animals; and everywhere around me were the cries of frightened birds and sounds of fleeing wings. I was the chief of all the heavens riding there and when I looked behind me, all the twelve black horses reared and plunged and thundered and their manes and tails were whirling hail and their nostrils snorted lightning. And when I looked below again, I saw the slant hail falling and the long, sharp rain, and where we passed, the trees bowed low and all the hills were dim. "Now the earth was bright again as we rode. I could see the hills and valleys and the creeks and rivers passing under.

We came above a place where three streams made a big one -- a source of mighty waters -- and something terrible was there. Flames were rising from the waters and in the flames a blue man lived. The dust was floating all about him in the air, the grass was short and withered, the trees were wilting, two-legged and four-legged beings lay there thin and panting, and wings too weak to fly.

"Then the black horse riders shouted "Hoka hey!" and charged down upon the blue man, but were driven back. And the white troop shouted, charging, and was beaten; then the red troop and the yellow.

"And when each had failed, they all cried together: 'Eagle Wing Stretches, hurry!' And all the world was filled with voices of all kinds that cheered me, so I charged. I had the cup of water in one hand and in the other was the bow that turned into a spear as the bay and I swooped down, and the spear's head was sharp lightning. It stabbed the blue man's heart, and as it struck I could hear the thunder rolling and many voices that cried 'Uh-hee!,' meaning I had killed.

The flames died. The grass and trees were not withered any more and murmured happily together, and every living being cried in gladness with whatever voice it had. Then the four troops of horsemen charged down and struck the dead body of the blue man, counting coup; and suddenly it was only a harmless turtle.
"You see, I had been riding with the storm clouds, and had come to earth as rain, and it was drouth that I had killed with the power that the Six Grandfathers gave me. So we were riding on the earth now down along the river flowing full from the source of waters..."
Texas burned in the fire and the southern states experienced there very only tornado's of anger. It certainly feels like the prophecy of Black ELK is related to this timeline. When was the last time that Texas burned and there were over 300 tornado's all began to arrive on Good Friday of Easter?

The prophecy predicted "We came above a place where three streams made a big one -- a source of mighty waters -- and something terrible was there. Flames were rising from the waters and in the flames a blue man lived." In 2007, we came above a place where a forum was owned by a man that went by the name of  'Trinity' and his avatar was a bird in flames. Trinity and the Blue Man were both living in  Florida at that time and they work together. 

"I had the cup of water in one hand and in the other was the bow that turned into a spear as the bay and I swooped down, and the spear's head was sharp lightning." The cup of water is the holy grail that is mentioned in the biblical prophecies. At that time we posted the 'Secret of Ascension and the Holy Grail' article in addition to a post about the 'Year of the Golden Bow', 2008. 

In the biblical prophecies the rain is symbolic of righteousness and Black Elk's prophecy states "You see, I had been riding with the storm clouds, and had come to earth as rain, and it was drouth that I had killed with the power that the Six Grandfathers gave me. So we were riding on the earth now down along the river flowing full from the source of waters..."

I know at the depths of my heart that the forces of all goodness are with
me. Its no coincidence that this was posted by the dutch princess.




Thursday, 28 April 2011

Southern States Gone with the Wind

On the 11th of April we made a post about 'Gone with the WIND' and the Southern states. In the last few days I have also felt the great depression in the USA. Storms and tornado's sweeping the Southern states have killed 300 people that have been found so far. Although they are still searching through the rubble for more bodies. At least 400 people have been treated so far in hospital. [1]

One meteorologist described the tornado that devastated Tuscaloosa as possibly the "worst in Alabama's history'. [2] There have been at least 300 tornado's since Friday and 150 on Wednesday alone. That is a lot of tornado's in a short space of time. Of course, we also saw the smoke going up in a column and a tornado certainly looks like smoke. These tornado's are a sign of what is to come because smoke is a signal. On the 18th April, Abba also said ABADU and it means 'shall perish'. [3] We also gave you the blue eggs for Easter and the press say that these storms began on Good Friday. [4]

When you look at the video coverage, the skies are very dark indeed. It reminds me of what I was shown in March 2010 with the clouds in the night sky. Some areas are also flooded and farmers are unable to plant their crops.

It does make one wonder if the Indians experienced as many storms as the USA does today.


Wednesday, 27 April 2011


I am picking up on the planetary energy of a great depression of the people due to poverty. While I was pondering on the fact that many are not listening and doing the will of God. Abba said 'Leviticus'. In Hebrew, Leviticus means 'And he called'. 

Apparently the origins of the word are Greek, and was used for a boy's name.  It means 'relating to the Levites' or 'belonging to the Levites'. 

In 2007, Abba said 'The Jews are insolent. The Levites are to be removed from the Sanhedrin'. At that time I didn't know that the people that I had been working with in Israel were Levites. It was only after that message was received that an Israeli told me she was a Levite and she asked not to receive anymore information from me. She was clearly upset by the message from God. So then she was indeed removed from God's Sanhedrin, as were others who asked to be so.

It was after that I came to understand the Malachi prophecies regarding working with the Levites and the purification thereof. While I was in Israel in 2006, an Israeli told me that originally the Levites were the creatives, the artists, the musicians. However, Studylight offer us a different view and in the New Testament, the Levites were 'scribes' and 'doctors'.


What was Ron Paul before he was a politician? A doctor. Did Ron Paul ensure that the American medical profession was healthy for the people? If he had, then there wouldn't be 20 million children on mind altering drugs. What did Ron Paul do to stop the pharmaceutical industry doing what they have done to the people of the USA and third world countries?

Did you know that the USA sell contraceptive products that have been banned in the USA to third world countries? What pharmaceuticals were banned that they sell to 3rd world countries? A man in the UK that worked for a pharmaceutical company told me that he left due to his conscience. He told me that when a drug is either banned or stops selling, they rename it, repackage it and sell it for a different disease. Clearly, big business doesn't like to abort their huge investment in developing drugs for profit.

However, every product as a life cycle and an end to it. The unhealthy products of the pharmaceutical corporations will fall off the shelf. In the same way that unhealthy beliefs systems, religious or otherwise will be replaced with that which is healthy for humanity.

Its better to consume the works of a healing prophet of God, who is a Master of their art of healing consciousness. Than take a pharmaceutical drug that is unhealthy for you and the consciousness of your children. It is your choice.

If we look back through history, only the true classics that are healthy for humanity remain. Classical music and the works of Plato being just a couple of examples of longevity, and Mozart as been proven scientifically healthy for children.

The LEVITES are associated with the EXODUS and the EXODUS was also given to us previously by the heavenly Father in relationship to the last eclipse and its co-creation.

The Apostle Matthew was also called LEVI and Levi means 'My heart', 'my understanding', 'my mind', 'my thought', 'my conscience.' Clearly, there was no separation between the heart, mind, conscience and understanding originally in Hebraic philosophy. As we know a true and ethical conscience can only be found in the heart of intelligence. Hence why God told Prophet Jeremiah that he would put the law into the hearts of the people. What did he mean by this? He was referring to the Spiritual law not what became known as the levitical law. He was talking about the science of being.

Physical reality is the barometer of balance -v- imbalance. The outer world is impacted upon by the inner world of the people. There is also no separation between the land and its people. Hence, why self-healing and self-development is so very important and crucial to humanity, especially when 84% of Americans are in emotional chaos. This percentage was given by the scientific heartmath institute. (USA). The USA does have some excellent scientists at the cutting edge of the new frontiers of mind/body medicine, new biology and new science. People like Dr Bruce Lipton, Professor William Tiller and Dean Radin.

Poverty does have an up side, because it can unite people and bring people together to help each other. From poverty springs forth compassionate action, and it can be the same with disease when people seek to understand it within. That is often when the healing journey home to God begins, when people are forced to seek within for the root causes of disease.

Some of the happiest days of my life were also some of the poorest days of my life. My next door neighbour and I, spent a lot of time together, and we would feed each other and the family that became one. We would laugh at life circumstances and keep our Spirits high.  It was the same during WW2, and afterwards when people did not have bathrooms. They would share a tin bath and wash all their friends children in the same water.

After prosperity then came poverty, then prosperity again, followed by poverty and prosperity. A cycle of experience, each bringing its own benefit and reason for being. When we value every life
experience, every life experience as value, when we seek for the value within it and ourselves.

From the cycle of poverty, prosperity will come again. However, it will be a different kind of prosperity for the USA that is different to what they have known in the past. The biblical prophecies are correct, everything will be made anew. However, for that to happen, it means that everything that is not in alignment with the spiritual law and the science of being, must be swept away.

Unfortunately, the spiritual in the USA have not concentrated on sharing with the people how to deal with comfort zones being stripped away. Rather, they taught and still teach the people the opposite, they positioned themselves as the great temptation of desire for manifestation. Without teaching the importance of the spiritual law that can be a fatal attraction. When the people are not in harmonic concordance with the science of being and its weight and measure, the law of attraction can backfire on the people big time. As the saying goes 'Be careful what you wish for'.

Christ aptly put it when he said 'The measure that you give will be the measure that you will receive'. He also said that it comes back to you 30, 60 or 100 times.

One example of that great temptation is Deepak Chopra, he is both an author and a doctor. In the analogy of the Levites, Chopra is a Levite. He also supported and promoted Obama with the rest of his cronies, and war was the result. Are they pleased with themselves?

It will be a painful experience for some, and it will trigger a lot of anger in those that have not healed themselves. Scientifically, we know that anger is the biggest predictor of heart disease and Americans have a lot of work to do to heal their hearts, to ensure that a true heart of conscience and integrity can manifest for their individual states and its consciousness.

The Americans were given plenty of advance warning. However, they chose to go their own way instead of the way of God. That means that they have chosen to learn the hard way instead of the easy way. Hence, why the biblical prophecies call it a 'godless' nation and predicted its fall, that began with the tower of babel twin towers being destroyed.

I noticed yesterday that the American universities are still teaching their students how to build babel tower buildings. How to be strong enough to survive earthquakes. That shows us that the American academics did not understand the meaning of why the towers were destroyed in the first place. They do not understand the signs or the value of them.


The other nations must also become self-sufficient and not rely on the USA. As the heavenly Father
said 'An apple a day will not save the day. Do not count on them'.

Countries, including third world countries must now look to themselves for their own survival, and so must the people because the governments cannot save you from what is coming to be in the next two decades.  As Abba said 'Designer clothes will not save you'. 

So third world countries must now adapt quickly and work on the base parameter of no exports. Anything beyond that is creme on the cake. A new economic blueprint must be developed and the new leaders must help their people to become self-sufficient. The hot countries are in a better position than the others, due to the sheer amount of sun that they receive. With the right homestead the people can grow all the food that they require indoors to feed their families. If the people pull together and work together to create ecological self-sustainable communities, it will be the best way forward for the people at this time. We have been singing this song for many years, including SOS.

Make sure that you know where the fault lines are and stay away from them. Also move away from the coastlines as they will be taken by the sea.

God is doing all he can to guide you. However, only you can choose to listen, he is doing his utmost to impart to you the importance of the actions required. How crucial it is that you take responsibility for yourselves, your own families, communities, cultures and nations.

The meek that do his will, will inherit the earth and they will be guided to safety. Some will be guided to live in a different country, due to what is coming to be for their country of origin. Others will be guided back to their countries of origin, due to particular nations experiencing different forms of deconstruction.

This is already self-evident in the USA where some Mexicans are going home due to a lack of employment opportunities. A Muslim doctor (Pakistan) that as lived in the UK for many years is also planning to move to an Islamic country, with the rest of her family from New York. The reason that she gave; was that she knows what is coming upon the West due to Islam. She was also following the money and as we know you cannot have two masters.

You must choose money or God. I chose God in trustful loyalty.

Other English doctors have had to seek work abroad, due to their being more doctors trained than work places that are available for them. Every ending brings a new beginning.

Those of the light will be moved to where they are meant to be, to do the will of God.

A divine purpose for being on this planet at this time.

You might like to check out the new ecological, self-sustainable homes.

Interesting that Robert mentions Noah in this video. As Abba often mentions NOAH.


Tuesday, 26 April 2011


In a recent post chapter 12 of Ecclesiastes as been brought to my attention. 'Ecclesiastes', Kohelet in Hebrew means 'Member of an Assembly'. There is also dispute over who wrote the book of Ecclesiastes and whether in fact it had more than one writer due to including some Aramaic and two Persian words. However, the renowned Dead Sea Scrolls scholar, Geza Vermes wrote that it was written by Jesus ben Sira in 200 BCE. He was a sage from Jerusalem and Geza wrote that "he raged against the "ungodly" who had forsaken the Law of the God Most High".

The Jewish Encyclopedia state the inclusions of the words like 'David, Israel and Jerusalem' in the book were done to appeal to the Jewish taste. It also shares this with us.

"Beyond the fact that Ḳohelet was uncritically identified with Solomon, it seems impossible to discover any connection between the two names. The interpretation of the word "Ḳohelet" as a substantive is purely conjectural; and though the phrase rendered "masters of assemblies," but more probably signifying "authors of collections,". 

Scholars even question why the book was included in the cannon. It is clear that the only reason that it was included is due to words that relate to the good shepherd that was destined to come in the last days of the end times. Nicholas Perrin also agrees that it is indeed pointing to the Messiah and the Messiah is always associated with wisdom.

In the Dead Sea Scrolls and the New Testament, wisdom is spoken of in the feminine context. Christ promised that 'Wisdom would be proven right by her actions' when he spoke of the Queen of the South having more wisdom than Solomon. He also predicted that the only physical sign that the Rabbi's would be given of her arrival would be the sign of Jonah, and the whale arrived in Israel in May 2010.
However, the biblical prophecies also predicted that God would present his Messenger to Jerusalem in Israel prior to that and he did do just that. He presented her to Spiritual Israel.

It is written that early Christian and Medieval commentators also understood the text to relate to the end time. The last chapter like other scriptures is leaving a message for her and for humanity to understand. The Jewish prophets and mystics left signposts and messages for her everywhere, so did Michelangelo in his frescos and Nostradamus in his writings.

James L. Crenshaw, also recognized that the last chapter refers to the author in the third person and he states that these words resemble an epitaph. That also fits well with the change of status found in Micah 4 of the daughter of Zion, the watchtower of the flock that is given her Kingship after her return from Babylon (USA) and the rescue from her enemies by God.

The objective of this post is to look specifically at chapter 12 and its message.

The chapter reminds her of the days of her youth before her trouble began. This relates to when she left home at the age of 18 and cancerous cells and skin disease followed within a few years. It speaks of a time that would come when she would find no pleasure in others. Is that because God set her apart for his divine purpose? Is it because her pleasure is being in the sacred union with God and doing his will to help humanity as pre-ordained?

In the Aramaic text it is also written 'Before life ebbs, beauty fades, fortune fails, and poverty returns after prosperity'. As it is done to the one that God sent, so it is done to humanity because the cosmos is not a one way street. Hence why Prophet Malachi gave the message to the people to warn them in advance of what they would co-create for themselves; if they did not support the Messenger of God. Humanity chose to learn the hard way instead of the easy way.

Then the text appears to jump and goes to the last days of the end time. The text talks about prior to the end. It is important to clarify  prophecy with the criteria given.

Before the end comes. 

1.   The sun and the light and the moon and stars grow dark. 

The above relates to those that relate to the sun, moon and stars. Some religions are ruled by a solar calendar, some by the lunar. Some are ruled by astrology and some by the lights in the sky. The stars are also given in terms of idols, celebrities and spiritual people that shine like the light of the stars. In the Aramaic text this phrase does not appear at all.

2.   Clouds return after the rain. 

Biblically speaking the rain is to do with righteousness that rains down upon the people. In my humble view in the context of this passage, the clouds are also to do with the 'cloud people' that are symbolic of the indigenous peoples. The return in Judaic philosophy is also the return to the sacred union with the divine. In the Aramaic text this phrase does not appear at all.

3.   Keepers of the house tremble. 

This can have two different meanings. Firstly, when the body of a pure vessel hears and transmits the direct word of God to the people, it can tremble due to the sheer power of God. This was witnessed while I was on the second mission to Israel when a message from Hashem was given. In an earthly sense, trembling is also to do with earthquakes and humanity are the keepers of the planet and its animals. To care for them, the planet and its people fully.

In the Aramaic text it does not mention a house. It speaks of the physical reality of a person as they begin to age.

4.   Strong men stoop. 

None stoop so low as men when they're issues are being triggered, the war mongers are just one example. Hence why wisdom is feminine, so that those that are aligned with the feminine principles can rise above those that stoop so low. In the Aramaic text it is completely different.

"And the ears shall be so dulled that the sound of women grinding at the mill is low; and a man shall rise up at the song of birds; and the sound of women singing shall be low'.

5.   Grinders cease because they are few. 

This is also about the timeline. One does not see grinders anymore sharpening knives, people tend to buy new ones. It speaks of the throwaway society that as become.

6.   Those looking through windows grow dim. 

Children tend to look through windows when they're bored at school. The word 'dim' is also associated with intellect and children that have no appetite for learning; what earthly governments and their academics choose to teach them. Another timeline criteria to do with education and academia that does not enhance or bring forth the natural talents of the children.

Not all children are academic. However, all children are talented in some way, academia and governments have completely neglected the 'individuality' and the  'uniqueness' of every child. This as adversely impacted upon society and humanity as a whole. Children are not a number, they are not a statistic, they are sacred beings that like to do good and their best, when you allow them to grow naturally like the wild flowers in a field.

The eyes are also the window of the soul. The children grow dim because they are not allowed to express their own wisdom and intelligence that comes from their hearts.

The Aramaic text does not include this phrase.

7.   The doors to the street are closed. 

Another timeline criterion. In the early 20th century people could still leave their front doors open for the children. By the end of the 20th century, parents couldn't leave their doors open anymore due to consumerism and the crime that it helps to co-create. This is the time for essentials due to the lack of natural resources to give the global population what the West as taken for granted.

The Aramaic translation does not include in this phrase.

8.   Sound of grinding fades. 
This is just a repeat of point 5, on the timeline related to the children in point 7.

9.   People rise up at the sign of the birds, all their songs grow faint. 

Birds are symbolic of spiritual people who have taught their souls to fly divine, out of and beyond a purely earthly reality. The people rising up is also to do with the timeline for the rebellion and ascension. Hence, why Prophet Isaiah delivered teachings on ascension.

The songs grow faint when the rebellion begins because they know what comes next. The songs grow faint, because the song of the spiritual cannot be heard over the sound of the voice of the rebellion. Its heavy feet on the planet, like the feet of the bear mentioned by Daniel that described the third beast as the Leopard who is Obama.

The songs grow faint because many of the spiritual supported Obama and now they know that he is not who they thought he was. Obama is not the Messiah that will bring peace to the world because peace can only be found within. The inner world creates the outer world, it is not a one way street. From experience I know that it is only by healing the self, that self-sustainable peace becomes a reality.

The Aramaic text states 'A man shall rise up at the songs of the birds; and the sound of women shall be low. He shall be afraid of that which is high, and shall tremble in his ways, and sleeplessness shall come upon him' the almond tree shall blossom'.

10. People are afraid of heights and of dangers of the streets. 

The people are afraid of the heights that the birds in point 9 can fly to. Prophet Joel also spoke of this in chapter 2 and he spoke of the spiritual being like a mighty army that cannot be taken off course as they cross the new frontiers with the power of love.

The people are also afraid of what is happening on their streets so it is a treble whammy. Afraid of the spiritual, afraid of the street kids, gangs and rebellion, afraid of God himself. Hence, why so many of us have worked so hard to help people to heal what they are afraid of.

This phrase does not appear in the Aramaic text. The Aramaic translation states 'He shall be afraid of that which is high'. So who is the man that is afraid? Is it Obama? Or is David?


11. When the almond tree blossoms 

Interesting that the author chose a small tree such as the almond, it is clearly symbolic of the feminine. The almond tree and the shape of the almond relates to sacred geometry and can be found in the Vesica Piscis.  It is also the symbology that I was divinely given for the front page of my current website back in 2005.

In this timeline, Sacred geometry really started to take off with spiritual people towards the end of the 20th century. Symbolically the almond also represents sweetness, charm, delicacy, tenderness and the gentle hearted. Sweetness is also related to the honey of wisdom and in Buddhist philosophy it can be viewed as the sweet dew of purification.  In Christian symbology the almond represents divine favor, approval and the purity of the Virgin. There is also a parable of the Virgins in the New Testament connected to this timeline.

The shape of the real eyes of the good shepherd are also almond shaped. Almond is also my favorite nut, and I like sugar coated almonds very much. The fruit of the almond tree is usually sweet and the small tree as pink blossom, pink being the colour of love of the Love Ambassador that was sent to Israel in 2006. Almond oil is also used for massage, and massage also blossomed in the second part of the 20th century. She likes massage and aromatherapy very much. No coincidence then that one of our hosts in Israel was a massage therapist with the name of Gabriel.

In the hebrew the root word for almond is 'Shaqad' (strongs 08245) and it means 'watch', 'awake', 'alert'. What do we do? Send out alerts to warn the people in advance. What did Prophet Micah call the Messenger of God? The watchtower for the flock.

In the book of Jeremiah he was shown the branch of the almond tree and the LORD said to prophet Jeremiah "I am watching, to see that my word is fulfilled'. 

12. The grasshopper drags itself along. 

The grasshopper is usually associated with someone that is young or small and this could indicate a member of the family. As a lovely young Israeli said to me in 2006, 'Israel as an ancient history but it is a young nation that is still growing up'. Israel is a grasshopper of a nation and is a very small sliver of land.

Interesting that an Israeli that I connected with in the last year, uses the grasshopper as his avatar picture. The grasshopper is also associated with the those that follow the wisdom of the Far Eastern philosophy. The colour of the grasshopper is also very important due to it being green. The grasshopper can also relate to ecology, the ecologists and those that care about the planet. Words have many meanings and so do prophecies. In Hindu philosophy the colour green is also associated with the heart.

13. Desire is no longer stirred. 

When people come to understand that desire is the cause of the pain and suffering on the planet. Desire co-creates consumerism that is destroying nature, the natural resources and the home of humanity. Those that stir up others due to desire will stop doing so. e.g. those that are teaching the power of manifestation for its own sake to co-create whatever people desire.

Let us also intent that those that stir up the desires of others to destroy Israel will no longer be stirred. It is the end. Israel as the right to exist as a nation with the Jewish people being its guardians; due to the importance of its planetary energetics and historical importance to the prophets of God and their followers.

14. Then people go to their eternal home and mourners shall walk the streets. 

The people are then asked to remember him before the good shepherd leaves the planet. The people are being given advance warning. It can also mean that once we have built New Jerusalem, it will be then that the mourners mourn for what they have done.

The Aramaic translation states the locust shall be multiplied, and fragrance shall scatter, and trouble shall cease; because man shall go to the house of his reward and the mourners walk about the streets.

15. Before the silver cord is severed. 

Just like the baby as an umbilical cord connecting the baby with the mother. The soul as an energetic cord connecting it to the source of life. This cord is broken when the soul leaves the body.

16. Before the golden bowl is broken. 

The golden bowl is the divine shrine within the body and in Eastern healing arts it is known as the Hara.
Shiatsu Practitioners and Martial Artists work with the Hara as do many other energy therapists.

17. Before the pitcher is shattered at the spring. 

The pitcher relates to the astrological sun sign of Aquarius and the water bearer, it indicates when she was born.

18. Before the wheel is broken at the well. 

The wheel is also to do with the energy centres of the body and in the Eastern healing arts the chakras are called 'Wheels of Light'.

19. Then the body will return to dust and the Spirit from God will return to God who gave it. 

The chapter is then concluded and provides a criteria and description.

20. Wise teacher that imparted knowledge to the people.
21. Pondered, searched out, set in order many proverbs.
22. Teacher searched to find just the right words.
23. What was written was upright and true.
24. Collected sayings like firmly embedded nails given by one shepherd.

The above criteria mentions two aspects:

a. The person knows how to seek out the right words and how to present them.

b. The person is also a writer with collected sayings of their own that they have received divinely.

Is the book titled 'Sacred Words?' the collection of sacred sayings mentioned in this prophecy? I feel so. What is intriguing about this passage is that the collected sayings are described as embedded nails. Is this because many of the sayings were given to me by Christ? An embedded nail is certainly hard to remove from the wood or from the tips of the fingers and toes.

In the Aramaic translation the good shepherd is called a 'preacher' and they compose many proverbs. Wrote uprightly the words of truth. The are as nails deeply fastened, which are arranged by workman, and given by one master builder.' In the last year people kept calling me a preacher. However, the word 'preacher' is not part of my reality. I do not consider that sharing is preaching.


25. Be warned, my son, of anything that is in addition to them. Of making many books there is no end and much study wearies the body. 

Why does he call her his son? She birthed his Spirit, she was born again a Son of God and in so doing she gained her kingship. Prophet Jeremiah predicted that God would create a new thing on the earth. A woman would surround a man. Prophet Jeremiah knew that this time would come when the true teachings of God would be revealed because the books were sealed until the end.

The warning to the shepherd is not to write many books, not more than as already been ordained for me to write. There are projects that must be finished, is one of them the flying scroll predicted by the Jewish prophets?

26. Now all as been heard and here is the conclusion of the matter.


27. The people are warned to fear the ELOHIM and elohim is a plural word and can mean angels, powers, or gods. You can also understand ELOHIM as being all three. The Angel of the LORD, with powers and like a god/dess.

The translation of the text gives us the word fear. However, I do not embrace the word fear due to its impact of co-creating disease. I prefer its other translation and that is to revere. Prophet Malachi also used the word revere.

“My covenant was with him, a covenant of life and peace, and I gave them to him; this called for reverence and he revered me and stood in awe of my name."Malachi 2:5 "For you who revere my name, the sun of righteousness will rise with healing in its rays. And you will go out and frolic like well-fed calves." Malachi 4:2 

28. The people are asked to keep the commandments of ELOHIM for this is the duty of mankind.
(The ELOHIM receive the commandments from the heavenly Father and pass them on to the people.).

29. Elohim will bring every deed into judgement, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. In the New Testament. Christ also mentioned the judgement in relation to the Queen of the South timeline, and he said that people would be judged by their words. Why by their words? He knew that she would know the spiritual law and how words impact on the physics of the cosmos. He knew that she would know that words of the people can co-create destruction for humanity.

In the Aramaic text it is not Elohim, it is the LORD. It is written "Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter. Fear the LORD and keep his commandments; this is given by one Master to every man. For the LORD shall bring into judgement, concerning everything which is hidden and known, whether it be good or whether it be evil." In other words the people in earthly reality will not escape their day of reckoning, and a majority of the religious and most of the world live in an earthly reality.

The date that this was posted is the 26th and 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. The 26th of April is also the 'Day of Cultivation'. It posted at exactly 12.22 and 22 was the date given for the ice caps.  This is also chapter 12.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask. If you have anything to add please feel free to comment. If I receive any further insight on this chapter I will edit and update this post.

With righteous love beyond measure


5. Dead Sea Scrolls, Geza Vermes, page 50.

Monday, 25 April 2011


You may remember the milk vision given and shared.



Last night while bathing I was shown a 1 pint glass milk bottle with a silver top. It was coming from the right and was in the direction of my left in front of the tiled wall. That wall backs on to the room where this computer is, that computer is also white and it was gifted to me recently by a friend.
Now on the computer from youtube we have the video ALERT, MILK RADIATION SKYROCKETS IN CALIFORNIA. 


Abba said KAVAT

After we finished the post on the other blog called 'Paul Simon Acre of Land' that is to do with New Jerusalem and the prophecy that I received in March 2010. Abba said 'We have dealt with the CAVAT of the Trees, now look for KAVAT in Hebrew.'

In this Israeli link, it states that it is a verb and KAVATS means 'collected', 'assembled'. The Israeli website also shares a page on Queen Ester and how she walked in the footsteps of JOSEPH the wise, due to the parallels in their two stories.  [1] This is the second time that Queen Ester as come up this weekend.

Joseph collected the food and money for the grain. Moses collected the money for the redemption. Moses asked God to give the blessing of the promise to a descendent of Joseph. He knew that a descendent of Joseph would concentrate on essentials, always do the will of God and due to their integrity would never overcharge anyone.

"The Teacher searched to find just the right words, and what he wrote was upright and true. The words of the wise are like goads, their collected sayings like firmly embedded nails—given by one shepherd."Ecclesiastes 12:10-11

In Matthew chapter 13, the good fish is collected in baskets and the bad is thrown away. In Luke 19,  it asks 'Why didn't you put my money on deposit? So that when I came back I could have collected it with interest? 


Moses assembles the Israelites and passes on the instructions from God. When the heads of the people were assembled, he carried out the LORD's righteous will, and his judgements concerning Israel. In the book of Ester the Virgins assembled for a second time. 



CAVAT Hands off the TREES....

OK, now Abba is asking me to address CAVAT. Cavat means "Capital Asset Value for Amenity Trees'. The money men are putting a value on every tree in the forest given by God to the people. By putting a monetary value on a tree born in nature, they are creating 'stocks and shares' that they can count as a financial asset to massage their books.

My view of this is that because Gordon Brown sold off the family gold below its value to prop up the Euro, the Bank of England now require more assets and value on the government's profit and loss accounts. You see when they put a price on the head of every tree, it bumps up their bottom line showing profits that they can then borrow against. Higher assets means greater borrowing that the public purse and every person in this country pays for. It enables them to tell you that debt as decreased when in reality it as increased. In effect, by giving the trees in the forest a financial value they are actually charging you twice for the trees. You already pay for their upkeep in your council tax and then when they borrow more money against the asset of the trees, they then charge you again for that borrowing.

The governments are plundering and looting the nations.

The forests and trees belong to the people and if the UK is an Judeo-Christian nation, then the people should be mindful of what the ancient prophecies say about the trees.

“‘I will make a covenant of peace with them and rid the land of savage beasts so that they may live in the wilderness and sleep in the forests in safety. Ezekiel 34:25 They will not need to gather wood from the fields or cut it from the forests, because they will use the weapons for fuel. And they will plunder those who plundered them and loot those who looted them, declares the Sovereign LORD. Ezekiel 39:10

Believe it or not, the biblical law is actually on the side of the people not the side of the plunderers and oppressors of the people. Is that why they have removed the bible from the court room? Is that why one does not have to take an oath to tell the truth anymore? Is that why they removed hymn time? As our nation benefited from what successive governments have done to the children in schools? 

Goodness gracious me, what happened to integrity and justice in this country? They will be taxing you for the number of windows that you have in your house next. 

If you care about nature, if you care about the natural environment, then stand up for what is your natural divine birthright. 

Governments hands off the trees and the natural resources that are for the benefit of the people and their healing. 

You will see from the links provided to you, who is involved. [1][2]





Well we have mentioned the end of a 12 year cycle. Early this morning while speaking to a friend we were discussing the fact that 'Jupiter is in Aries' and as we know, Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war.  Aries is also the baby of the zodiac. In addition to Jupiter being in Aries, Mercury as been retrograde, so it is no surprise that wars have been raging on our precious planet, also in the area of communication e.g. the internet. Those that played war games as children, are still playing them as adults. However, life is not a game and mother earth is not a casino. People are still to learn; that the measure that they give, is the measure that they will receive, it is the spiritual law of cause and effect, emphasized by the famous biblical phrase 'you reap what you sow'.

As the astrologers state Mercury retrograde is now over and it did not end meekly. [1] The meek shall inherit the earth, those that are merciful are meek in their righteous love and divine justice in dignity. Next week 'Mercury is in Sagittarius' and that should be a good week for me personally. Due to a GEM_IN_I, moon sign and Sagittarius ascendent, both mercury and sag being archers we have the powerful twins on another level. One being the winged Messenger and the other being the Centaur with its bow and arrow. Sagittarius is also a positive fire sign of optimism, and when it is combined with the gemini mercury communicator with the Aquarian ruled by Uranus and its idealism, you are bound to see some new arrows flying to hit the target. I am feeling tremendous clarity as I write this, and it reminds me of the the film with Kevin Costner when the arrows that he launched were on fire. When the air e.g. wind gets behind the arrows of fire then there is no stopping it from reaching its target.

So we have the flaming arrows that will burn down the unrighteous deeds of those that co-create them. Yesterday, I was invited to become friends with a well-known person in the USA, she is one of the spiritual people that are trading off the back of the desires of the people for more consumerism. We told her clearly, that now is about ESSENTIALS and the essentials can only be accessed in the heart where the will of God is known. That consumerism is helping to destroy the planet and its people.

In addition, I received an email regarding American NGO's that think they know better than other nations. When will the Americans get it? The rest of world as had enough of America and its trespasses against other nations. Of course, the people involved in these NGO's are not healers, so they do not promote the way to peace by pointing their own people to make peace with themselves. If they did, they would be healing themselves and leading their own people to heal themselves so that their nations can become the peace within. As we have said before, it is crucial that every nation gets its own house in order and those that don't will face the consequences for not doing so.

War is not the issue now. Just in case you haven't noticed, the environment of Mother Earth as overtaken you and the people of this planet. Mother Earth is showing humanity that they cannot control her, dominate or rape her anymore. What is important is that the NGO's share with their own people of their own nations, exactly what is going on with the planet, the animals that are dying, the plates that are shifting. The people of your own nations have to be prepared mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually for what is coming to be in these last days of the end. Otherwise, they simply will not cope when the reality hits them straight in the eyes. Without healing yourselves and your own nations the people will perish. Do catch up America, do catch up NGO's.

While I've been spending the last decade communicating with the people at the grassroots of humanity all over the world. It is clear that the so called spiritual leaders have spent far too much time with like minded people. Its like most of them have lost contact with the real world and the people at the grass roots of humanity. They have great and wonderful ideals based upon the old world, systems and structures that are all passing away. They even sing for joy when Obama plans to give them money. Without seeing that they are being used to further his agenda and to keep the Liberal vote that supports his wars. Intention behind the giving is as crucial as any scientific research, where the intention determines the outcome of the clinical trial.

Obama the man that struck Pakistan four days into his presidency, sent troops against Libya and Afganistan. It is clear that Obama knows where is bread is buttered, and the NGO's lap it up like the cat that got the cream. Instead of standing against the man that co-created the current wars, instead of being counted for calling out the co-creator of the wars. They're planning to accept money from the war mongers. Is that not double standards or even prostitution at the highest degree? Is that not betraying your own souls due to your own desires by trading with the war mongers? Is that not being bought off? Wouldn't that be considered to be a back hander that is part of corruption if you weren't an NGO?

Instead of solving the root causes of war by seeking within their own nations. The NGO's seek to use the money of the American tax payers to tell the world how to make peace. Goodness gracious me, Obama was right about one thing when he said 'We were arrogant' when he spoke of the American people.

Anyhow, while I was walking in the fresh air today, I was pondering on the end and a car drove by me that exact second with the letters DTV on the number plate. Message received, over and out. The next car had the initials of the region in which I live, and there is certainly work to be done here. It is time to reconnect with spiritual leaders in our region for a united voice. Maybe you should be doing the same in your own counties and states. To inform the people of what is coming, and once the people are informed then it is up to them what choices they make for themselves and their children. Ultimately, all we can do is our best.

I also pondered upon Abba's message regarding the paper and paper is also to do with the 1st Anniversary. My first wedding anniversary was spent on a beautiful Greek Island called Skiathos and yesterday there was a gateway opening in Greece. While we were there, Adam and I were looking to set up businesses with the Greek Islanders. However, that all fell through when we parted company. Its clear that our connection with Greece is not over at this time, and I will send a copy of this to our contacts in Greece.

Furthermore, I have already written a few papers one of the most important being the 'Timeline for the Last Days of the End Times'. Maybe it is time to get this to the journals.

In righteous love for humanity.



Sunday, 24 April 2011

Abba said GEES

Abba is talking about the concentration on 'GEES' at the moment. There is a sweet village in Holland called GEES, Drenthe and it looks just like the villages in England. In 2004, it had a population of 610 and that is a good number for an eco-living village.

In English, GEES stands for 'Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences'. Its clear why this is so important to get this message home to the people. The people are not being kept informed, and up to date with the extent of what is going down on this planet by spiritual leaders around the world.




Before I knew about the Holy Mother appearing in the sun I was bathing. While bathing Abba was telling me how much I was loved, and he spoke endearingly about one particular man. Surprisingly, it wasn't the man I felt it might be.

After that he said ZADKIEL and ZADKIEL means 'Righteousness of God'.  As we know Zadkiel is known as the Archangel of forgiveness and mercy that brings freedom from pain and suffering. He is with all those that truly understand the importance of forgiveness for opening up and healing the heart.

"A giving heart is a forgiving heart, the heart is for giving. The depth of your forgiveness determines the depth of your love". Sacred Words

In 2005, Archangel Gabriel took the side of the Holy Mother in place of Archangel Michael who moved forward to help the new teachers of ecological self-sustainability. It is clear that Archangel Zadkiel is coming much more to the fore at this time, due to what is going on all over the planet.

There is no righteous love without forgiveness and mercy. There is no freedom and liberation without forgiveness and mercy. In righteous love comes zealous compassionate action. Zadkiel is one of the Archangels that is featured in the 52 minute healing meditation with the holy mother that was launched in 2001. It stayed at the top of the Amazon charts for five years, and was popular with all age groups and people at all states of being. It is appropriate to mention it again, due to the sheer power of it in helping people to heal their hearts at this time.

It is written that in Jewish mysticism, Zadkiel is associated with the planet Jupiter and as we know Jupiter is the planet of expansion. The Archangel that is with you at the beginning of the healing
process to help you to justify your being. The more that people heal themselves the more their heart and being expands. Returning to the sacred again once more, when you're being the 'Righteousness of God', you are being ZADKIEL for others, to help them to justify their being in alignment
with the spiritual law.

In the beginning it was about healing hearts and helping people to heal their hearts. At the end of the  journey it takes you to a new existence and level of teaching the spiritual law, so that justice can come for the nations. In the beginning it is all about love and becoming divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. In fact, in those days, the law is hardly mentioned when you are being fishers of people.
At the end of the cycle we have the Jupiter Return, it is all about the law, the spiritual law of the cosmos.

Its a good idea to take a look at what Jupiter is doing at the moment
astrologically in your chart. Here Robert Wilkinson provides us with
his offering of the 'JUPITER RETURN' [1] that happens every
12 years. It was in October 1999, that we returned to the UK from
Australia, and the Jupiter Return is very significant right now, as a
new 12 year cycle is about to begin in this reality.

It feels joyous. Let the magic begin.

After I wrote the above Abba said 'PAPER'. So let us see what he as in store for us. If he means writing papers for academic journals, then he is going to have to bring a sponsor, because we can not live on fresh air alone. If he wishes me to tell my story to the newspapers, then he is going to have to tell me more about his will with clear directions. So let us see what unfolds and what he as in mind.