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744 - 16th of April 2011

Following on from the 'Architects - Elvens' post, let us look at the date on the video, it was the 16th of April 2011. 16 is the number of destruction of the tower struck by lightening and fatality. The final fall of mystery Babylon = USA. The Land of ESAU, that the bible predicted would be destroyed again and again. The prophecies predicted that they could only be helped by the seed from the hand of Joseph. However, they refused to accept the seed and plant it in the fields of the hearts of the people, as such they rejected the will of God and his Queen that he sent to help them.

1+6 = 7 and 7 is the life number of the Spiritual teacher. Seven is is also related to the spiritual law of karma and forgiveness in the biblical teachings. In gematria 7, is also the number of the Hebrew letter ZAYIN, it is the sword of truth of the woman of valor, the QUEEN. My life number is SEVEN.

The original pictograph was of an agricultural instrument of the plough used to plough the fields before planting the new seed and the letter was known as ZAN. Jeff Benner says that the meaning of the letter is HARVEST and Christ predicted in the scriptures that the Angels would be the harvesters at the end.

Who are the Angels? Those that have taught their souls to fly beyond earthly reality. In the Dead Sea Scrolls the angelic architects build the new holy city of enlightenment, that is otherwise known as 'New Jerusalem' in the texts. They are also the ones that stayed true to him until the end. In Mystical Judaism, the end is the ACHARIT and it is symbolized by the flying horse wielding the sword of truth. In Hinduism it is the Lord Kalki that comes to put an end to the Kali Yuga. I was born on the earth plane in 1954, and that was the Chinese Year of the Horse that is symbolic of SPIRITUAL FREEDOM.

The month is the FOURTH in a FOUR year, the month that PERFECT LOVE came to be on 444 and the 'Return of the Mystics'.  In numerology, four vibrates to MERCURY, the DIVINE MESSENGER. Its sun sign is GEM_IN_I and VIRGO the Virgin, my moon sign is Gemini and I am a VIRGIN SPIRIT.

Its symbols are the TWINS (TWIN FLAMES) my married name also means TWINS, and we were definitely twin flames, Adam and I were one. In ancient phoenican the name means SUN god and you will find us both in the CREATION fresco painted by Michelangelo. You will see how the heavenly Father as removed me from Adam and keeps me in his HEART with the children. You will also see the one young man that as supported the heavenly Father and his will.

The symbol of FOUR is also the VIRGIN, there we have the COUPLE again. Two by two, that co-create the MORAL COMPASS within. The four SACRED DIRECTIONS of the prophet, healer, peace maker and spiritual teacher. In the ancient prophecies the VIRGIN also stands against the Son of Lawlessness in the last days of the end times. The native Indian elders (as they like to be called) predicted, that the 'RAINBOW WARRIORS' would come from the four sacred directions to save Mother Earth.

When the leaders of the indigenous tribes come together, from the land where the new holy city will be built, in the same place designated by God, we will work hand in hand because they are part of God's assembly and spiritual counsel.

The work of the FOUR is BUILDING, ARCHITECTURE AND DESIGN that also aligns with the MASTER number 22 that is about great schemes, spiritual leadership, charity, compassion and deeds in action. This also relates to the TRULINE of JESSE and another fresco that Michelangelo painted of me. More details of the fresco's can be found on this blog.

The year is also a FOUR year and as you know we were talking about fours on PERFECT LOVE DAY.

2011 can also be viewed in terms of number 13, if you do not compound the numbers. In Hebrew gematria 13 is the gematria value of AHAVA = LOVE. The 13th is also the day that I was born on the earth plane and the Jewish sages predicted that whoever understands 13 will have power and dominion.

The energetic number of the date is 7/44 and 44 is the same energy as 26, 26 is the gematria value of the name of God. I was 44, when this spiritual teacher was sent to Australia for a year, that is when I was given the mission of compassion with the children. I agreed to dedicate 12 years of my life to the mission. However, that was before I knew who I was.

744 in Hebrew gematria is SEND, OFFER, SOJOURNER, HOLD PEACE, SWIM, DWELL, in Greek gematria it is RISE, SWALLOW, TWO-EDGED. 

The numerics of the 744 verse is thus:

"Therefore he knoweth their works, and he overturneth them in the night, so that they are destroyed." Job 34:25 In my humble view this verse relates to those in the USA, the fall of mystery Babylon that refused to do the will of God. 

And for the remnant, the 'Meek Shall Inherit the Earth'. 

"The LORD shall increase you more and more, you and your children." Psalm 115:14

It is the century of 21 and the 21st century was born in WISDOM and wisdom will be proven right by her actions. In the major arcane, 21 is COMPLETION and I came to completion of truth. 

When I was in Israel, an amazing Israeli artist told me that in Hebrew gematria, my name means:


Glory be to God 



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Maegan Tietz said...

Hello my name is maegan...i have also seen myself in paintings of simonetta vespucci. Its almost like the visionaries of those times were trying to see or predict the future. I have a bible that popped up in my grandparents home last year that was hidden for almost 200 years. It made it thru the burning of the books in germany and thru the underground railroad and here it is. I have a few questions still left about the book. But all the info you included in this text is close to what im being led to also. 313)685-2325