Sunday, 17 June 2012

Calling in the Markers

Just to let you know that after my last post here earlier in June, the LORD God said that he is 'CALLING IN THE MARKERS'.

Thank you for your love energy and prayers. The energy has been awesome and there has been awesome happenings. I am using a friends laptop as I write this, so do not have much time to share everything with you at this point.

Just know that I am OK, things will be fine, and the LORD our God is asking me to ask you to TRUST as the new journey begins. Will share a lot more with you when I am back on line at home, in the meantime. Have a wonderful summer solstice that comes on the 20th of June, 2012.  As we know, 20 is the number of judgement and it is also the 'Day of Appeal'. The 21st of June is the longest day of the year, and it is also the 'Day of the Rapture'.

The 'Appeal' can relate to tribunals, courts, the divine court of USHA due to Venus and its love energy. An appeal also says 'CHARITY' to me, and the appeals from the charities to help those who require help in these last days of the end times.

As we know charity is also one of the three graces and it is to do with being divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. It is compassionate action that changes the world and raise the vibration of the poor, homeless and sick. 'Love heals the world and compassionate action changes it' from Sacred Words.

Many changes are taking place and the walls of silence are coming down, as we appeal more and more for the people to help the people, friends and family. To unite in divine love of being on this planet at this time. The LORD our God is certainly calling in his markers, let us enjoy the unfolding of his divine plan to raise humanity up.

Love beyond measure


Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Three Days - Messianic Rule

Due to a lack of donations, I have been unable to keep the internet access going, So am now posting from the library. I have little time left but will post what I can.

In the 'Reached the Goal' post I mentioned the 'Three Days', last night I was shown that the three days is also mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls and it appears in the Messianic Rule. (1QSa=1Q28a).

'And when the assembly is summoned for judgement, or for a Council of the Community, or for war, they shall sanctify them for three days that every one of its members may be prepared'. Page 159 DSS Geza Vermes translation.

And so it was done for three days.

In the War Scroll the Harp is also mentioned, 'Praised be God on the ten-stringed Harp'. Page 167.

Chinese Proverb, 'Do not drive out the tiger from the front door, while letting the wolf get in the back'.

In Exeter Cathedral the woman crowned and child can be found. She is surrounded by healthy leaves, and the green man is under her feet. These statutes can be found everywhere in the UK, in some she has the dragons and small goblins under her feet as well. As we know in Rev 12, she had the moon under her feet and that also relates to the 'Isis' conspiracy written about by Nostradamus.

I have plenty to do, and I am sure that you do to.

The love energy in my room last night was cosmic and the energy of the dolphins of joy was powerful.

Thank you for your prayers and love.

I am receiving constant divine guidance.

Love beyond measure.


Friday, 8 June 2012


I am picking up on the populous that are experiencing feelings of 'Abandonment'. So please concentrate on sending healing to the words 'abandoned' an 'abandonment'. This is not just about how the people feel due to what governments are doing to the people. It goes much deeper than that. With some it can relate to their inner child, with others it can be to do with adulthood. Relationships, family and their children.

However, it also relates to past life issues when the people felt abandoned by their partners and their communities. For instance a woman and children that died on a mountain in the snow, could have felt abandoned when her husband went to hunt for food, and he never returned to her and the children.

People in America might feel abandoned by the fact that they have waited for the one known as Jesus Christ to rescue them, and he did not come to them down the ages. Every individual must seek within for the root cause of the core issues that they are facing now.

It is triggering major issues for the people, due to the governments doing it to the people all over again. It is triggering activists that feel that the populous is not supporting their good causes. I explained to an activist the other day, that the populous will not support what they have not healed within.

What the activist is bringing into the light of day, many do not wish to look at it. Due to a lack of healing themselves and their own root causes and core issues to do with boundaries. The boundaries of a child, and the crushing of the Spirit that takes place in many childhoods by parents themselves.

A baby left in a cot to cry can feel 'abandoned', a child taken to school to early can feel the same. Teenagers can feel 'abandoned' by their parents if and when they are not there when they come home from school.

Children can feel 'abandoned by their friends at school, or when they move house or school. There are a mass of situations that can be related to these words. Of course it is not a word or words that children remember or know, the word 'abandonment' is an adults word, a psychologists word.

Children do not like to be left alone for long periods of time. Yet, due to governments forcing women to work, children are left for long periods of time to fend for themselves. Single-parent mums can feel 'abandoned' by their parents, if they do not receive the sufficient support and help with raising the child that is dependent upon them.

It isn't easy for a single-parent mum that has to be both mum and dad, in addition to working full-time and keep and pay for a house.

Also sometimes when the grandchild arrives, the attention of the family is all on the child and the single-parent mother can be pushed aside. If that mother is young, that can have a huge impact on them and their lives. With those young mums, it is not a feeling of 'abandonment', it is a feeling of beyond requirements.

A big one for 'abandonment' is also when children are sent away to boarding school. Those children often do not express what they feel, they hold it deep inside of them. Often they do not express it ever, unless life conditions push them into the healing process. Hence, why self-expression is very important, not only for children but also for everyone. Exalting children in equality is a major key to their self-esteem.

The issue of 'Abandonment' can also relate to 'loss' and or 'bereavement'. For instance if a child or a young person becomes orphaned at a young age. It can also apply to children that have been adopted, they often feel that their parents 'abandoned' them. That can also relate to past life situations.

The elderly can also have issues with 'abandonment', especially if they do not have the mobility that they require to do what they used to be able to do. The psychologist that wrote this article below relates it to 'values' and although values can relate to it, it is not the root cause of the core issue, IMHV.

The American scientist wrote about how her generation of the over 50's are 'selfish', well maybe that is because they came from a generation that was the same. How many parents of the over 50's were involved in charitable and good causes? Children learn what they live and until the people are willingly to seek within, things will not change.

The more pressure that the governments are putting upon the people, the more it is forcing the people into survival mode and 'survival of the fittest'. Governments are co-creators of 'stress-releated' diseases, it is corporate manslaughter, and criminal negligence on the part of the governments that put the systems into place to start with.

People spent years paying into a system that is not giving back to the people. As such, the people feel 'abandoned' by the governments and financial institutions; that have taken their pensions, and everything else that they could. I warned the people not to put their money into pension plans in the 90's, I knew, that there would not be an appropriate pay back when the time came.

The people have paid into a system, that was destined to 'abandon' them, the biblical prophecies warned them about the 'plunder' that would take place in this timeline. Yet, how many people listened to common sense? You can't 'gamble' on a 'future's market' that does not exist. The traders were 'gambling' on the next 20 years growth rates being the same as the previous 20 years. No surprise then that 20 is the number of judgement and judgement is certainly coming down upon the 'traders' for what they have done to the people and their lives.

The people have felt 'abandoned' by their banks and credit card companies. Companies that suddenly decided to turn against their customers and take away their facilities. All because they had to pull some cash in. Well, it is back firing big time now, because the customers are turning their backs on those companies that 'abandoned' them when things got tough.

'Abandonment' is related to the key issue of 'desertion' and 'betrayal' and the people feel 'betrayed' by the governments and its institutions. It relates to 'security', feeling safe, when all around you is 'collapsing' and you are the one making the last stand.

'Collapsing' also relates to 'shock', 'trauma' and tragedy'. When the body cannot take anymore, it finds a way to collapse upon itself. Its the bodies way of saying 'I have to rest', 'I cannot take anymore'. Many people are feeling like that. The other day a friend emailed me and she said 'I've given up'. I responded, that she shall not give up, while I live on this planet.

People are 'giving up', they would rather give up, then turn to a blessed healer for help with a breakthrough.

As the saying goes 'Tough assignments are only given to the best students'.



The Narrow Pass

At the end of the 'shaman's death' one has to find a narrow pass or gorge, especially between two mountains. The narrow pass was well known by the Indian's. The Indians knew their mountains well, they had climbed them many times, they had ascended and descended the mountains. They had flown over them and around them, they knew that the narrow pass could take them to a safe place. It was a place known only to themselves, and the cowboys could not follow. It was the sacred land of the Indians, and they knew it well. If the cowboys tried to follow them through the narrow pass, they could then be ambushed by the Indians.

No coincidence then that the verse of the day is thus: 'The Sovereign LORD is my strength; he makes my feet like the feet of a deer, he enables me to tread on the heights. For the director of the music. On my stringed instruments'. Habakkuk 3:19.

The book of numbers mentions the narrow path. 'Then the angel of the LORD stood in a narrow path through the vineyards, with walls on both sides. Numbers 22:24. No coincidence that chapter is 22, the master number of the divine feminine. 24 also relates to the spiritual elders in the book of Revelation, each elder has a harp.

'Then the angel of the LORD moved on ahead and stood in a narrow place where there was no room to turn, either to the right or to the left. Numbers 22:26. There is the master number 22 again, with the number 26, 26 is the gematria value of the name of God.

Prophet Ezekiel mentions 'The gateway and its portico had narrow openings all around, like the openings of the others. It was fifty cubits long and twenty-five cubits wide'. Ezekiel 40:25.

'Small is the gate and narrow is the road that leads to life, and only a few find it'. Matthew 7:14.

'Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, because many I tell you, will try to enter, and will not be able to'. Luke 13:34.

No surprise then that her first spiritual guide that she saw and was consciously aware of, was a Native Indian and he helped her soul that was White Dove. He taught her discipline and how to counsel the people, he brought her to remembrance of the way of the Indian. Naturally, in simplicity, directness, compassion and mercy. His righteousness was mighty indeed. He walked with White Dove, showed her the mountains once more, the plains, gorge and the passes that were narrow.

His love, truth and divine guidance was bestowed upon her, he showed her the way it must be done when counseling the people who have 'troubled souls'. Together, they raised them up, so that when they left her presence, their vibration was higher than before. They left with a light and rainbow of hope in their hearts, after she had given them directions to the narrow pass between the mountains.

They came to know that they did not have to climb the mountain to be free. They did not have to become enlightened. A safe rite of passage was there for them, if they chose the right door. Many chose the right door that she had become, and she led many to a safe place where they could find the happiness and joy within.

She was known for her honesty, and speaking directly from the heart. Holding their hands and wiping their tears away. When she was taken away from giving individuals spiritual guidance. They always said, that she would always be welcome back. There were some in the spiritual community that held her in the highest regard, and would only recommend their clients to her. Some said that she was the only one that they trusted. They knew that she had found the way, and was helping others to do so.

Now she returns to her people, through the narrow pass that she knows so well. To reunite with the Indians and the indigenous peoples. The White Dove of Peace, that became the Creator's White Swan of his Grace and Mercy, the unsurpassed mother.

In the meantime, I am being given more insight into the Nostradamus letter and the 'hand' and what they did to it and why. The 'Sons of Darkness' put the eye in the hand because the hand holds money. While the eye was in the hand, people would always have their eye and hearts on the money, instead of the purification of their hearts. That is why it was so important that we provided a new hand, a hand with a heart in it. Exactly has our Creator, created us. The LORD God of Israel gave the vision of the HAMSA, with the heart and flames and he gave his commandment.  'This must be your avatar'.

So you can understand that the hand with the eye in it, was another part of the Arab 'ISIS' conspiracy. While the symbol of the eye in the hand exists, it will always impact on where the heart of the people is.

It is time for the righteous hand, with the heart, hands that are laid on hearts for healing. Hands that touch each other tenderly with mercy. The righteous hand that is to be on his holy mountain, that he has chosen for his divine purpose of being on this planet at this time.

In addition to what they did to the palm of the hand, Nostradamus also informs us that the Arabs from Arabia, developed the symbol that the medical profession use today. Jesus Christ also warned his followers about the 'serpents'. Jesus Christ knew what Nostradamus came to know about Arabia and its 'Sons of Darkness'. He would have been well versed in what became the Dead Sea Scrolls, the war scroll and the final showdown between the 'Sons of Darkness and the Sons of Light'. In the last days of the end times.

Hence, why the scrolls were buried until the timing was perfect. They arrived in the same timeline as I did. I can smell 'Pie and Mash' again. 'The Angel'.

Its no coincidence that this post is number 17 in June.

17 is the number of the Star of Venus, USHA. Divine court, divine truth and consciousness.

The final Venus transit of the Sun in our lifetime, and it is clear that it is about spiritual transformation.
1+7 = 8, the number of spiritual transformation and the symbol of infinity. Symbology is very important and impacts on the physics of the cosmos.

The third eye is only pure, when the heart is purely in pure intention. That is why for decades we asked the people to purify themselves.


'Kim Miller Cult'. ELIJAH'S LIST

Yesterday I mentioned 12 years and this comment was made on the 'Kim Miller' Elijah List post. [1]

Mrs Special wrote this comment about 'Kim Miller', an orthodox Christian in the USA.

Mrs. Special said...
my family is in this cult. I wrote a blog yesterday after finding out that my uncle wrote my grandmother. it had been 12 years. please continue to pray for the families who have not returned.

In 2007, during a divine healing experience, the heavenly Father asked me to lead the people out of the Church.

The writ that he said I had been given, does have a part to play in helping that to happen. Christians have been set-up for the slaughter by the 'Sons of Darkness'. So have the spiritual. Hence, the importance, of what we have shared in the last 12 years to help people to make a breakthrough. I know that I work in many different realities. My Spirit travels to people far and wide to help them, and give them divine guidance. The heavenly Father directs his holy Spirit and there are those that listen and do.

As far as the family of Mrs Special are concerned, I have this to share. It is a message that was received from the Son of God and it was published in Sacred Words.

I was shown a vision of a closed black oyster type shell. The people who had the shell in their hand’s  were very frustrated because they kept hitting the shell harder and harder on the rock of literals,  they were trying to force it to open.  They could not understand why the beautiful shell would not open for them. 

Jesus said 'In their innocence they are refusing to see that all it takes to open the shell is love, but while they continue to be rigid in their thinking and keep their hearts closed, the shell will never open.  You truly understand me, they did not wish to listen,  they did not wish to hear me but the truth still rings in their ears.' 



Thursday, 7 June 2012


I had just written an email to a friend in Canada and sent it. The LORD God said 'You have reached your goal'. Did I know there was a goal? Well its the first I have heard of it. Big smiles! Although I am fully aware that I have completed the 'shaman's death' initiation.

I did a check to see if the goal is mentioned in the bible and it appears a few times. In the book of Luke, it says 'Go tell that fox, I will keep on driving out demons and healing people today and tomorrow, and on the third day, I will reach my goal'. Luke 13:32 Its no coincidence that is chapter 13, and that wisdom was called to do the count in Rev 13.

This blog has been going for three years and it began after the Son of God informed me that the Rev 12 timeline had been completed and that my time in the desert was over.  At that time, he asked me to read Rev 12 and Micah 4. Within days, we started this blog. 2009, 2010. and 2011, 3 years and six months.  In June 2012 it is 42 months. This is also the third millennium. In 1999, I did make an agreement with the holy mother and her Son, to give all of my life to the will of God for 12 years and the mission of compassion with the children.

When we returned from Australia, the mission of compassion with the children began. 12 years of giving all of myself to the healing process to help the people. Interesting that the number 12 also relates to Rev 12 and the wondrous woman from heaven, with the moon under her feet.

When the 12 year mission began I had not been told that I would become the wondrous woman from heaven, or that I was daughter ZION. The Son of God did not share what the outcome would be, he just said that it was because I was humble, that I would have it all. The full message that was received at that time was published in 2000, and I have a copy of it somewhere in the full printed form.

When I willingly dedicated 12 years of my life, I had no idea where it would take me, I just lived it daily. Its been the most amazing 12 years, and its gone really fast. I shall cherish it, and the best of the memories. When the heavenly Father summoned me, it took a long time to come to terms with it, although his Son had prepared me, and trained me divinely for a long time.

The year of the first Venus transit of the Sun, the Spirit was born in 2004. The second Venus Transit of the Sun, 2012, and I am being told that I have reached my goal. Eight years, eight is the number of spiritual transformation. Pouring out our love and truth for 12 years on the internet has certainly contributed to the spiritual transformation, including my own.

In Romans, reaching the goal is to do with righteousness. Romans 9:31. In Corinthians, the goal is to please him. Whether we are at home in the body or away from it. 2 Corinthians 5:9. 8:14. 'At the present time your plenty will supply what they need, so that in turn their plenty will supply what you need. The goal is equality'.

Colossians 2:2, 'My goal is that they may be encouraged in heart, and united in love, so that they may have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the mystery of God, namely, Christ. And in Timothy, 1 Timothy, 1:5. 'The goal of this command is love, which comes from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith'.

It isn't faith in the manner of religion, it is faithfulness to the sacred union with the divine, and divine will for me. It is faithfulness to God himself, I do not take on anything upon myself, I am compelled by the heart and the word of the LORD God and his instructions to me. I am his vessel, his instrument for his will to be done.

If I have reached my goal, does that mean there will be a new one? Let's wait and see shall we. The unsurpassed mother was certainly a surprise for many people including me, and I do have a book to finish. Some time out for me, time for creativity, and cherishing the self with love and healing.

As the people are unwilling to make a financial contribution that can sustain me, I have no option but to find a way to feed me. If I do not receive any financial help, I will starve, simple as that. So now I must put effort into sustaining myself somehow, until the people understand, who I am and why I am here. The LORD God asked for mercy, not sacrifice. We gave all our love and mercy to the world, and very little mercy was given in return. People did not care fully whether I lived or died, but he cares. He cares fully, and his will is that I live for him, and have mercy for his harp of faithfulness.

Love beyond measure



In recent days I have been picking up on the 'Lost Dream' and the amount of people that have 'lost' their dreams. At the same time; a freelance Investigative Science reporter sent me an article and it is titled.

'America in Decline: The Soul Crushing Despair of Lowered Expectations'. The original article about the economic collapse was written on the 6th of June, 2012 by Michael Snyder. His introduction paragraph says it all.

'All over America tonight there are people that believe that their lives are over.  When you do everything that you know how to do to get a job, and you still can’t get one, it can be absolutely soul crushing'. [1] 

The science reporter from the USA, introduced the email with the following: 

NOTE:  My generation is not stupid.  It is very informed about what has happened in the world.  My generation is selfish.  It is accustomed to fast food, instant communication, and luxury.  As soon as our selfish side is tapped with poverty, lack, and severe rationing, then the "party" will be over.  

We know that the game of employment is rigged via the Human Resource departments, which are controlled via the Department of Labor.  We sit in Sunday Schools with our law enforcement officers.  We party with the judges in town.  We live next door to our city managers.  We read in the past information from the SPOTLIGHT, MAD Magazine, The Rolling Stone, Time, US News and World Report, LIFE magazine, the NY Times, Wall Street Journal, and more.  

We fought against the War in Vietnam. We have no "respect" for elected officials in government, nor the bureau-brats appointed by our elitists who are trying to control us. We are over 50 and have the highest rate of divorce.  We have nothing more to lose...and we do not run in front of tanks to protest.  My generation is not stupid...and, they are so selfish.... 

R.E. Sutherland, M.Ed./sciences
Freelance Investigative Science Reporter since 1996
24 years - Virginia Licensed Science Teacher (biology, chemistry, physics)
9.3 years-Nuclear lab and Nuclear Radiological Protection Inspector 
Author:  American and Russian Alliance of 1865 (ISBN: 13: 9780595215010)

The email was sent to me on the 7th of June, 2012 and I replied that I had cried for the USA this night. 

Nothing has really changed since 2008, when I woke up screaming in the USA. ‘They’re not listening’. As I woke up, I saw the fires coming and the biblical prophecies predict that the USA will become stubble. The Rabbi's stated that only Joseph can help them. Hence, why the LORD God sent his holy one to the USA. In 2007, they were told not to 'Fire the Grid', and we all know what happened afterwards.  

The people that follow their own way, instead of the way of God will reach their own demise and perish. When Jesus called out to the people, did he have to call them more than once? No, of course not. Did Jesus have to beg for financial help? No, his supporters raised the money for his spiritual  community, and others donated everything that they had to give. They knew the sheer importance of having him amongst them. 

It just goes to show, how little people care fully for their own survival, for if they truly cared fully, they would support that which can assist them to stay on the planet. They would assist that which was sent to help them in this timeline. 

America and its people have certainly 'lost' its dream of being the most powerful and prosperous nation on earth. Americans were warned many times that they would be humbled, and that their 'pride comes before a fall'. They were given plenty of advance warning that the USA was 'Being set up for the fall'. 
The biblical prophecies predicted that daughter ZION would come in the last days of the end times. That she would be the watchtower for the flock, and give them the testimony of warning. Wisdom was indeed called as predicted that she would be. 

In 2010, a male American leader in the internet community sent me emails, a man that was a co-creator of disease, stood against the holy one that had been sent to help them to make a breakthrough. 

Their own words against me, come back down on their own heads. 'Guilty', 'Selfish'. Now look at it America, and what you have co-created. What happens when people do not listen and do the will of God. 

The original article on this post mentions the 'Soul Crushing Despair' and 'Lowered Expectations'. The LORD God warned us that 'they are crushing numbers' and I have certainly felt their 'despair' over the unwillingness of Americans to listen and do what the LORD God has asked of them. 

As far as 'expectations' are concerned, one of the first things we shared with spiritual people is to 'have no expectations', because people who have 'expectations', will be disappointed in this timeline. Why? it is the end of the world, has you have known it. 

The 'Lost' dream is also to do with the souls themselves and the word 'lost' is to do with 'fragmentation'. The people who rejected the wholeness of shalom, also rejected the capstone, in so doing, they rejected their own power to heal themselves and their nation. 

However, when the American dream is gone, when the Arab conspiracy of the 'ISIS illusion' is dissolved, a new dream can come to be. It is often the case, that many people spend time in what we call in spirituality as the 'gap'. People can spend time in the gap, in a space between the past and the future. It can feel like being in a great void of what St John called the 'dark night of the soul.' In mysticism, it is a time known to be; for burning off the fat of the soul. In the bible that fat is also called the 'dross'. All that is not required is removed from you. There is no room for any luggage when you go through the eye of the needle. 

At that point, there is only the mystics rope to pull you through, without the mystical divine reality, all can be lost, never to return to sanity. Due to those that do not understand what is happening to them, and why everything is being taken away from them. 

However, in my experience, a glorious new reality can come to be afterwards. Prior to your arrival the other side, you have the opportunity to come to know who you are at that phase of your soul's evolution. 

When you are in the gap, remember these Sacred Words that were published by yours truly, in 2005. 

In the ‘nothingness one can see everything’. 

In the times when you feel most lost, a brand new picture can emerge on the empty canvas that stands before you.

To be stripped naked right back to the bare bone, allows you to redress the balance and lay firm foundations. 'Going through the eye of the needle'  is an opportunity to see things through new eyes, a rebirth, a new chapter in your life.  Leaving all that no longer serves you behind, an opportunity to decide what dream to co-create next.

Welcome to the Kingdom of Love! 

A friend just came to the door in the rain, she was concerned for me, I shared with her, I have no choice, I have to do the will of God, I have to express what is coming through me, due to the sheer power of his words. If I hold his words within me, I get ill, I have to express the words, I have to express everything, I have to let the waters pour out of me, I cannot allow anyone to stand in the way, of that which is natural and created by the Creator. I am his creation for his divine purpose, to help raise the people up. I asked her not to be afraid, to trust and to have faith. 

Those that have the courage to stand in the waterfall can be purified by it. 

The bible prophecies pre-warned them that the people would 'mock the father and scorn the aged mother'. The Americans did not understand, that when they 'scorned' the aged mother, they were 'mocking' the heavenly Father at the same time. Proverbs 30, is about this timeline with Obama, it tells them that they will be 'pecked out by the ravens of the valley, will be eaten by the vultures'. As we know the vultures are to do with the USA. Jesus Christ also mentioned the 'vultures and the carcass' as a sign. In a different text it states the 'vultures and the body'. 

Who were the vultures around Michael's body do you know? Who was plundering him do you know? Nostradamus tells you that it was the 'STILL' Construction that plundered his estate. Republicans that called themselves Christians. 

What do ravens peck out of the valley? Worms. They eat the worms that live underground. When St Jerome was working intensively with me in 2004, he said that my opponents and adversaries (Rev 12 timeline) were 'worms'. 

He shared with me that in biblical times, if they called a person a 'worm', it related to a person that was not being very nice. So you can understand then that the people that 'mocked the father and scorned the aged mother' are worms. They did not understand that the heavenly Father and I are one, just like Jesus and the heavenly Father are one. They did not understand that I am his Spirit incarnated on the earth plane. When they rejected the aged mother, they rejected the heavenly Father, and his will for them at the same time. Now they pay the consequences for doing so. 

In 2004, the Holy Spirit was birthed, a Son of God had come to be. I was born again. This is a reality that orthodox Christians do not understand, because the real Christ teachings were never shared with them. The one known as Jesus Christ told his followers not to share the pearls of wisdom, and they never did. 

When a nation 'loses its dream', it means that they have 'lost the vision'. Hence, why James Redfield wrote about how important it is to hold the vision. Did they know what vision they were meant to hold? They were meant to hold the Christ Vision of the Love Union. They were also meant to hold the vision of New Jerusalem and the one that delivered its plans. The Americans did not step into the new reality, that they were being offered to help them. 

They did not step on the bridge of peace, as such, their nation know no peace at this point in time. They did not accept the peace that they were being offered to help them, and or its Love Union. As such, the peace was taken away from them. America chose to learn the hard way, instead of the easy way. 


On the 8th of May, 2012. They were informed that they had eight days left to save the Christ vision of the Love Union. The USA completely ignored the call and the importance of it. 


Priscilla Van Sutphin - ELIAKIM Message

A Christian blog has published words that were written down by a 'Priscilla Van Sutphin'. The post is called 'The church will go underground but the foundation will be sound'. It is dated April 7, 2011. I came across it, when I was doing a search to find an old post. It does make one wonder, how many other people have received messages about ELIAKIM. The people tried to humble me, and this message tells them, I came to humble them. Only that which is true, can give testimony to truth.

Priscilla received a message from the heavenly Father, and it said 'I AM ARISING...ELIAKIM.

I will establish MY WILL in your lives. I WILL ARISE and humble all that needs humbling'.

'Like the widow with the unjust Judge, surely I WILL BE A BETTER JUDGE than the one who is irritated by the pleas of people. I am a LOVING FATHER, so I will pour out the light of MY love, and it will shine brightly in all whom I touch!.....I am establishing proper alignment. I AM WITH YOU TO ESTABLISH YOUR AUTHORITY in the right place.

'THE CHURCH MUST STOP being a building, and be a fluid form, able to move at MY WILL. Able to bend when I say bend. Able to move when I say move. Moldable clay does not say to the maker, what are you doing? It does not resist the Hand of the Maker'.

As I read the full message again that Priscilla Van Sutphin had received, my attention was taken to the dotted line. On the 24th of May, 2012, I shared the following:

'When I woke up today, I was with Canada and the USA. Then the heavenly Father said, 'BLOWS DUE TO DOTTED LINE........'[2] 

On the 12th of August, 2011, I received visions and messages and you will see the pyramid shape, with the black pool ball and the number eight. As we know it was 2008 when Obama was elected. See the link. I do feel that the 'Black Pool Ball', relates to the last post of syracuse. However, when I was shown the ball it was not in the pyramid. It was a single ball. After the appearance of the ball, many rainbows appeared. Please see the original link. As we know the rainbows are to do with hope, Messiah Joseph, the coat of many colors. The rainbow is also to to do with the everlasting covenant for the children that we delivered in 2007, and the rainbow warriors that were sent to help the indigenous peoples. 

I wonder if Priscilla understand the importance of the word 'Arising' and how it is the meaning of the name of the one that the LORD God sent to help humanity. How the name can be found on my birth certificate, and in every land, planted there in ancient times for divine purpose. The word 'establishing' is also to do with the name of ELIAKIM and she did help the spiritual people with their alignment, and to align their will with the will of God. 

The establishment of authority, is also related to the divine authority of ELIAKIM, there was one that was chosen to be put upon the throne to judge the nations in this timeline. As mentioned in Rev 3. The overcomer that was victorious was given the crown of life. There are also 24 spiritual elders from the indigenous peoples that surround the throne. Each of them have a harp of faithfulness, an instrument of God. 

Priscilla also mentions the 'right place', the right place is to do with New Jerusalem, the new holy city of enlightenment. The LORD God has chosen the location for the building of his new holy city. He did not choose the USA or Israel, he has chosen a special place that is a paradise. Only when the 'Sons of Light' align there will with the will of God, will the 'Sons of Darkness' be defeated once and for all. 

Until that time comes, Canada and the USA will continue to receive the blows, until they're humbled to do the will of God. The biblical prophecies predicted that the USA would become stubble, and the Rabbi's wrote that the only one that can help the land of Esau is Joseph, the flame of Joseph from this blessed land of Joseph. The prophecies also predict that the tribes of Joseph will be saved. I can smell 'pie and mash' as I am writing this, and it reminds me of a place called 'The Angel' in Islington, North London. A place where my family went to eat pie and mash. Sophia, Lily and the rest of my family. 

Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Syracuse is Seen

'Only that which is true, can give testimony to truth.' Sacred Words indeed. As the one known as Jesus the Christ, asked me to tell the Muslims in 2007. 'Those that remain silent, are compliant to the suffering in the world'. My testimony for the Son of God as ordained, you may share it with the nations. For has he predicted the second paraclete,  the one that was promised to Moses is here; as pre-ordained to be in this timeline.

This video is about an unpublished prophecy that was found amongst the papers of Nostradamus. I have called it the 'Syracuse Nostradamus' Prophecy.

It relates to the USA, Islam and what is happening to the people in Syria. What does the war have to do with YOU! 

'Syracuse' and 'new' both link the prophecy to the USA and New York. In addition, a young Syrian from the Syracuse university has died in Syria, another Islamic mourning.  He was a Fine Arts student, a film maker, and his surname 'Shahada' relates to 'martyrdom.' More 'death and destruction' due to Islam and its regimes. 

The prophecy tells you about a man that is more 'inhuman' and 'cruel' than can be found in either French or Latin. In other words, more 'inhuman' and 'cruel', than Napoleon, or the Roman leaders in Ancient times. Nostradamus is telling you that there has never been a man like this before he. He describes his color, and gives the term 'ferocious'. A term that is usually associated with the large cats of the African jungle and 'wounded animals'. 

Obama is a Leo the Leopard mentioned in the book of Daniel, and Rev 13. That is why wisdom was called to do the count. Why did Nostradamus use the term 'Potter's Son'? Pottery relates to crafting something from the earth, and Africa and its continent was well known for its 'black arts'. The Arabia 'ISIS' conspiracy in the previous post also links in with that. Islamic martyrdom is to do with the 'dark arts and its blood sacrifice'. 

The LORD God of Israel, asked for mercy, not sacrifice. The planet and its people will not survive without mercy. In the video I have shared the numeric aspects that Nostradamus included. In addition to sharing; some information about a vision that I received on the 6th of April, 2011. Nostradamus received the 'gruel' in relation to the man of 'cruelty', and how the man was thiner than the gruel. Nostradamus gave the symbology of the 'gruel'. I received the porridge, in relation to the 'war' and that it came after the war. 

Nostradamus and I were given the same symbology, it is not a coincidence. Neither is it a coincidence that Nostradamus has reincarnated, and that we were both born after WW2. Both of us were born into families that were poor. 'For blessed are the pure of heart for they shall see the face of God.' 

While I was looking for the previous post on the visions warning us about war, visions that I feel relate to this prophecy. I also came across a post from a Christian that had been posted in April 2011. I found that bizarre, especially as the link is about ELIAKIM, and a message from the heavenly Father posted by a Christian. Remember, I shared with you that 'Only that which is true, can give testimony to truth'. 
The post is called 'The church will go underground but the foundation will be sound'. Please see the full post here.

This is the video for the 'Syracuse Nostradamus' Prophecy.

In Syracuse a new-come potter's son
Who shall be more inhuman and more cruel
In French or Latin named than anyone,
Black and ferocious, thinner than thin gruel.



New York Times, Syracuse. American-Syrian Fine Arts Student killed in Syria. Reported 30th May, 2012

The original visions received on the 6th of April, 2011, gas masks, war and porridge e.g. 'Gruel'. 

If you appreciate receiving these videos and information, please make a donation so that we can continue to share them with you. I have absolutely no income, I am reliant on my son bringing me food, so that I can exist fully in divine reality. I am reliant on the people, and their hearts of mercy, to support and align their will with the will of the LORD our God.

Due to financial deficit, due to the people not doing the will of God, there is little time left for the USA. The USA will not know what has hit it, or why God has turned his back on them. The Malachi prophecies warned the people in advance what would happen in this timeline. 

I have good intention in my heart, pure intention, and I have seen the face of God and his Son. Can Obama and his followers say the same? Can the Kings of Arabia and those that follow ISIS, say the same? 


For has the LORD God said 'Blows due to dotted line'.

If we look at the word Syracuse itself, it relates to Sicily. In Italian it is Siracusa. In Sicilian, it is Sarausa. Can you see the words there? SARA USA. In Hebrew, some Israeli's translate SAR as Prince, 
although it can also mean governor. 

The city in Sicily was founded by the Ancient Greek Corinthians, it was part of Greece, not Italy. It is mentioned in the Acts of the Apostles. 28:12. As we know this is a 12 year. 

The first part of the word SIRA also links to Syria, and Syriac. Jesus Ben Sirach, who established a school. According to the Greeks, he travelled extensively and was frequently in danger of death and God delivered him. Just like he delivered his daughter ZION in Rev 12 and Micah 4. As we have shared with you, those that have the true armor of God, are delivered by him, are rescued by him, if and when necessary. 

Jesus Ben Sira was a scholar, a scribe, versed in the law and the books of wisdom. I have known of his existence for decades. However, it is being brought forth again now. What we are sharing, is important to Italy, it is important to Greece, to Syria, Israel and the USA. All of your nations are in jeopardy. 

Who was SARA? Biblically, she was the wife of Abraham. In my life it was Sarah that brought everything that Jordan required prior to his birth. When that blessed one saw that I had nothing for the child to come, she went shopping and bought everything that the baby could require on arrival. How could I ever thank her for what she had done. All I can do is remember her with wonderful memories in  my heart. The givers, the blessed ones, they really do exist;  nobody can stop us from giving our love to those that have not experienced the true power of love. 

I call SARA and every woman and child with the name of SARAH to arise. Your name has been truly blessed in the sight of LORD our God. Once again, you shall arise and do the will of the LORD. Humanity and the blessed ones requires you NOW! When a match is lit in heaven, it becomes a wonderful flame of love. A flame that is unfettered, and nobody can blow out the flame of Joseph, for it is the flame given by the LORD God himself. 

Only true love can consume the 'Sons of Darkness', only love can heal the world, compassionate action changes it. Sarah and her compassionate action helped to change this world, when she blessed the child that was coming with her giving, the light of God was shining on her. She truly was compelled by the heart of God to give to the child. Her heart was focussed on the bundle of joy, the baby that was coming. 

Like a stork that knew that the time for the delivery was right, she arrived with her blessings, and no man could stand in her way. Divine love in manifestation on the earth plane, she gave to the mother the blessing of her love to the mother and child. It was wonderful after the child arrived, to see her hold him in her arms of love. I remember her blonde hair, and sparking blue eyes, has she beamed her love to him and he smiled at her. 

How different a life, between the childhood of Obama, and the child of this mother. The bible was correct, wisdom was indeed called. There the children of Obama live in the presidential palace, in comparison with my son that lived in the heart. The LORD God took her away from Adam, because he was not coming from his heart. He does the same with everyone, if they do not come from their hearts, then he takes his blessed ones away, because she came for the children and to help them in the name and heart of God. His blessed one came with the children in his name, not the name of Obama. 


Tuesday, 5 June 2012


This video is about the very long letter that Nostradamus left about the 'ISIS' Conspiracy created in Ancient Times by Arabs from Arabia. ISIS was purposefully designed to defeat the people, and so was Obama. However, Nostradamus knew that the light would shine on the conspiracy in this timeline.

I have highlighted a few pointers that relate to the current presidential election and what their plans are.

It has not been fully translated into English. However, I have sent the links to friends who might be able to either translate it or get a complete translated copy for us.

Also please see our earlier video in the previous post, 'Jezebel Prophecy, ISIS Cult Conspiracy' Video that explains more about the impact this has had. 

Teshuvah everyone, teshuvah.



Following on from the Ellie's World - 758 Rebuke'. [1] This video is the beginning of the exposure of the ISIS cult and its Arabian Conspiracy that goes back to ancient times. What the 'Sons of Darkness' co-created to defeat the 'Sons of Light'. The video majors on how and what the 'ISIS cult' has to do with Jezebel and the prophecies about her. 

Who Jezebel was, and who was sent to confront her followers that exist today, all over the world.

This video has been uploaded during the energies of the ELOKIM partial lunar eclipse, and ELOKIM is about the judgement mentioned in Rev 18. It is the judgement of God. 

It is divine providence that this should be revealed on the day of the Venus transit of the Sun, because it was in 2004 when Rev 12 began. It ended in 2008, the timeline overlapped with Micah 4 and the mission to Babylon, USA to meet with spiritual leaders there.

This video is not just about the prophecies, it is also factual in as much as these prophecies relate to real happenings that have taken place and there have been masses of witnesses of it. The video explains that the spiritual leaders were not willing to let go of ISIS due to their attachment thereof. As such, they refused to return to the sacred, in so doing, they brought judgement upon themselves.

For more information about Jezebel - Elizabeth Claire Prophet in the video. Please see the link.

As far as Jezebel, ISIS and Islam is concerned. This verse is from Rev 18.

'By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. In her was found the blood of prophets and of God's holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth."

Rev 13, Wisdom was called to do the count on Obama. The 3rd beast. Supporters of Obama are not written in the lambs book of life.  Rev 17, This calls for a mind of wisdom.

Yesterday a friend brought me some bread and in discussion she mentioned that she felt that the woman that is now living above her is a 'prostitute', and she wished to know what that was showing her. I informed her that she had not let go of 'ISIS' and Egypt and that it was asking her to do so. She then told me that she had been given three slices of bread with butter spread upon it, and she was told that there would be three jumps. She also told me that she had been given the sunflower and she felt that it was to do with Egypt. 

I shared with her that in my life, the sunflower is to do with Christ and Italy, it reminds me of driving through Umbria on the way to run a Masters training course near Assisi. A sunflower as large as a sun, a flower that grows tall and fast. 

Truly, in her life, the sunflower is also to do with the Christ energy, not Egypt.  It was due to the Sunflower charity from the Christian Spiritualist Church that she was first sent to help the children of the nile. She keeps the children in her heart, and she knows that her mission with the children in Egypt was completed some years ago. 

As we know, the bread is symbolic of the manna and divine love is food that feeds the soul. Sunflower spread is a fat, and there will be three leaps for her to make. The first leap has been shared with her already. She was also asked why do you go to Ellie's World, when the LORD God sent his holy one to help you? 

I invited her to come and we could exchange some healing energy. The word 'afraid came up, I asked her to seek within to heal the root causes of the core issues to do with 'afraid' and 'fear of the unknown'. In addition, to ponder upon that it is really important that you have time for yourself, that you receive time for being cherished. For when you help yourselves, when you love and cherish yourselves, it helps to heal the world. 

Compassionate action is not just about helping others, it is also about helping the self as well. The human body likes to be cherished, it likes to feel the tender touch of tender loving care. In fact, babies that are not touched very much, do not grow as well as others that are touched. Hands are for giving healing, not just working. 

As far as the ELOKIM partial lunar eclipse is concerned, I have felt extremely tired, and have to go and sleep every few hours. 

Have a wonderful Venus transit of the Sun, Happy USHA. 

Love beyond measure 

Monday, 4 June 2012


Following on from the last post of the 'Dana flight and mayor post'. [1] A friend emailed me and asked me to look at Ellie's Crystal Links website to do with what she had written about this partial lunar eclipse. The eclipse that God called the 'ELOKIM' eclipse and ELOKIM is to do with the judgement. The judgement is also to do with the Queen of the South, the Queen of the Prophets, the Queen Mother.

Ellie gives a report of how she had a dream and she was getting ready to to leave for the airport. She did not have her passport to go. Why not? Her passport was in the Chase Bank deposit box, so did not have her passport to go anywhere.

During the dream she was given the words 'Remember '7:58'.

As we know seven is to do with the spiritual law in the NT, it is the life number of the spiritual teacher, and in Hebrew gematria it is the ZAYIN, the Jewish sages refer to it as the 'Woman of Valor'. The other part of the number that she was given is 58 and the Queen of the South, the Royal Bride mentioned in the Psalms is currently 58 years old. Isaiah 58 is also about ascension.

Seven is also to do with the rainbow of many colors of Joseph, the forgiveness of Joseph, and covenant. 2012, is a five year and five also relates to the fifth dimension. Eight is a spiritual number of transformation. Joseph is the only link to Egypt in that number, although Joseph is now 58. Joseph is also to do with dream interpretation, and I am the interpreter of the law that was predicted to come in the Dead Sea Scrolls in this timeline.

Ellie links the number and her experience to ISIS. Yet, what does Isis have to do with this eclipse?

One Jewish website states that 758 in Hebrew gematria is the value of 'Yeshua Messiah will come'. Can you remember that Ellie? The gematria calculator states differently, it gives a value of 1974 for the same words. 1974, was the timeline of when the last days of the end times began. I worked it out as 1975 based upon the prophecies of Prophet Daniel and Yeshua. Arafat was certainly making inroads to destroy the Christians in Southern Lebanon at that time. In this context, 1974 is good enough.

Ellie has a lot to learn about the meaning of numbers. Ellie did not look at the specific number itself and its importance. She moved the message that she been given from a 7:58 to an 8.00. 8.00 is not 7.58 and it is a different frequency. She had the dream on Sunday, Sunday that is related to Yeshua and the Sun, so why did Ellie not relate her dream to Yeshua and what she was being told? Ellie is 'attached' to Isis who was not divine mother of Egypt. Queen Mut was divine mother of Egypt.

In my humble view, this eclipse has nothing to do with the dream that Ellie had in the context that she has portrayed it. Ellie was going nowhere due to her putting her passport in the bank. The bankers that worship Isis like Ellie does. In addition, she speaks of the Venus transit relating it to Isis. This Venus transit of the Sun is nothing to do with Isis. Venus is to do with USHA, divine truth, the divine court and divine consciousness. USHA is also related to India and Northern Israel, not Egypt.

This is a beautiful mosiac that was excavated in Cologne with the Star of Venus. You will see a man and a woman in the centre of the star together. The feminine and male aspects of Venus, the morning star and the evening star dancing together. Its alignment of the energies, and the cosmic dance of the planets.

Ellie then mentions the Temple of Isis at Philae. If you have ever been to the temple of Isis and felt the stones there, you would not wish to return to it. In fact, it was at that temple place, that the Egyptologist became furious with the traders there that had overcharged me for some sweets. ELIA asked me how much I had paid for the sweets when I got onto the boat. After I told him, he did no more, he got off the boat immediately, taking me with him, with the sweets and laid into them. He made them return the money to me.

Isis and money, Ellie and her passport was in the bank. That is why the dream was telling her that she is going nowhere, and to remember that 'Yeshua Messiah will come'. In other words, she is going nowhere until she aligns with him and his energies.

I informed people like Ellie that if they do not move into the fifth dimension by 2012, then they will be leaving the planet, due to the incoming higher frequencies. The fact that Ellie's passport was in the bank, says it all. We all know how Yeshua felt about the bankers and their supporters.

It was Yeshua that took me to the highest, it was Yeshua that delivered me to the heavenly Father and I did not require a visa or a passport. All it required was my heart filled with love, and to allow him to lead me home. As he said 'You do not require a visa to fly into heaven'. from Sacred Words.

758 is also the Jewish gematria value of 'Above', 'Seek and he shall find'. 'The holiest prophet'. 'Michael's Library'. Michael's Library is to do with the Michael M. Mauldin case. Michael, the Lion heart is featured in the book of Daniel, Proverbs 30, and he is Michael Ben Hur, one of the angels dressed in white linen in Rev 15.

758, is the value of 'A Ten Day Notice'. Ten days is to do with the book of Revelation and it states "I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.'. 

Is Isis going to give Ellie the victor's crown? Does she not know that those that stood against Moses in Egypt were defeated? Does she not know that the uprising in Egypt in 2011, was the LORD's testimony for his Messiah Joseph? Does she not know that Joseph is the flame and the tribes of Joseph will be saved. 

758, is also the value of 'religious sects' and the followers of Isis created exactly that. You will notice that the followers of Isis do not move on, they stay in the same cycles, and the same groove. Ellie is such a person, she is still where she was, over a decade ago. Her spiritual work has not changed, same website, some old information. I recommend that Ellie reads Isaiah 58, so that she comes to understand what is required of her. 

What did Ellie do about this and other native children? 

What's more important Ellie? The bank and your passport, or what they did to this child? Turn your heart to the children Ellie, turn your heart to the children. Only when you turn your heart to the children can you align with Yeshua and the one that he promised would come to help you all. 

When I was in St Augustine I had a dream about two Americans that worshipped Isis, and they had the ability to put people in prison and walk away with the keys, exactly as the book of Revelation states. They were also followers of Jezebel and her followers that is mentioned in Rev 2, they were all attached to Isis as well.

My advice, stay well clear of people like Ellie and Ellies world. The Egyptian 'magicians' and 'wizards' are being called to account. They shall not stand in the way of the song of Moses of the Lamb, Rev 15 is underway.

Teshuvah, Ellie, Teshuvah

In this beautiful painting you will see the one that was victorious, you will also see the Lion and Michael M. Mauldin was a Leo the Lion mentioned in Proverbs 30 and the book of Daniel.

There are the children and the emmanuel bell, and Prophet Isaiah predicted that the one to come, would come with the children. Notice that there are men behind her and she is pointing to them to go upwards, to ascend. The artist put her in the V for victory for divine purpose. Notice the bells are under her feet, and I wore bells on my feet when I was a flower power child. No surprise then that this painting is called Gesu. I have called it the 'Gesu mystery fresco'. More information on the link.