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Following on from the last post of the 'Dana flight and mayor post'. [1] A friend emailed me and asked me to look at Ellie's Crystal Links website to do with what she had written about this partial lunar eclipse. The eclipse that God called the 'ELOKIM' eclipse and ELOKIM is to do with the judgement. The judgement is also to do with the Queen of the South, the Queen of the Prophets, the Queen Mother.

Ellie gives a report of how she had a dream and she was getting ready to to leave for the airport. She did not have her passport to go. Why not? Her passport was in the Chase Bank deposit box, so did not have her passport to go anywhere.

During the dream she was given the words 'Remember '7:58'.

As we know seven is to do with the spiritual law in the NT, it is the life number of the spiritual teacher, and in Hebrew gematria it is the ZAYIN, the Jewish sages refer to it as the 'Woman of Valor'. The other part of the number that she was given is 58 and the Queen of the South, the Royal Bride mentioned in the Psalms is currently 58 years old. Isaiah 58 is also about ascension.

Seven is also to do with the rainbow of many colors of Joseph, the forgiveness of Joseph, and covenant. 2012, is a five year and five also relates to the fifth dimension. Eight is a spiritual number of transformation. Joseph is the only link to Egypt in that number, although Joseph is now 58. Joseph is also to do with dream interpretation, and I am the interpreter of the law that was predicted to come in the Dead Sea Scrolls in this timeline.

Ellie links the number and her experience to ISIS. Yet, what does Isis have to do with this eclipse?

One Jewish website states that 758 in Hebrew gematria is the value of 'Yeshua Messiah will come'. Can you remember that Ellie? The gematria calculator states differently, it gives a value of 1974 for the same words. 1974, was the timeline of when the last days of the end times began. I worked it out as 1975 based upon the prophecies of Prophet Daniel and Yeshua. Arafat was certainly making inroads to destroy the Christians in Southern Lebanon at that time. In this context, 1974 is good enough.

Ellie has a lot to learn about the meaning of numbers. Ellie did not look at the specific number itself and its importance. She moved the message that she been given from a 7:58 to an 8.00. 8.00 is not 7.58 and it is a different frequency. She had the dream on Sunday, Sunday that is related to Yeshua and the Sun, so why did Ellie not relate her dream to Yeshua and what she was being told? Ellie is 'attached' to Isis who was not divine mother of Egypt. Queen Mut was divine mother of Egypt.

In my humble view, this eclipse has nothing to do with the dream that Ellie had in the context that she has portrayed it. Ellie was going nowhere due to her putting her passport in the bank. The bankers that worship Isis like Ellie does. In addition, she speaks of the Venus transit relating it to Isis. This Venus transit of the Sun is nothing to do with Isis. Venus is to do with USHA, divine truth, the divine court and divine consciousness. USHA is also related to India and Northern Israel, not Egypt.

This is a beautiful mosiac that was excavated in Cologne with the Star of Venus. You will see a man and a woman in the centre of the star together. The feminine and male aspects of Venus, the morning star and the evening star dancing together. Its alignment of the energies, and the cosmic dance of the planets.

Ellie then mentions the Temple of Isis at Philae. If you have ever been to the temple of Isis and felt the stones there, you would not wish to return to it. In fact, it was at that temple place, that the Egyptologist became furious with the traders there that had overcharged me for some sweets. ELIA asked me how much I had paid for the sweets when I got onto the boat. After I told him, he did no more, he got off the boat immediately, taking me with him, with the sweets and laid into them. He made them return the money to me.

Isis and money, Ellie and her passport was in the bank. That is why the dream was telling her that she is going nowhere, and to remember that 'Yeshua Messiah will come'. In other words, she is going nowhere until she aligns with him and his energies.

I informed people like Ellie that if they do not move into the fifth dimension by 2012, then they will be leaving the planet, due to the incoming higher frequencies. The fact that Ellie's passport was in the bank, says it all. We all know how Yeshua felt about the bankers and their supporters.

It was Yeshua that took me to the highest, it was Yeshua that delivered me to the heavenly Father and I did not require a visa or a passport. All it required was my heart filled with love, and to allow him to lead me home. As he said 'You do not require a visa to fly into heaven'. from Sacred Words.

758 is also the Jewish gematria value of 'Above', 'Seek and he shall find'. 'The holiest prophet'. 'Michael's Library'. Michael's Library is to do with the Michael M. Mauldin case. Michael, the Lion heart is featured in the book of Daniel, Proverbs 30, and he is Michael Ben Hur, one of the angels dressed in white linen in Rev 15.

758, is the value of 'A Ten Day Notice'. Ten days is to do with the book of Revelation and it states "I tell you, the devil will put some of you in prison to test you, and you will suffer persecution for ten days. Be faithful, even to the point of death, and I will give you life as your victor’s crown.'. 

Is Isis going to give Ellie the victor's crown? Does she not know that those that stood against Moses in Egypt were defeated? Does she not know that the uprising in Egypt in 2011, was the LORD's testimony for his Messiah Joseph? Does she not know that Joseph is the flame and the tribes of Joseph will be saved. 

758, is also the value of 'religious sects' and the followers of Isis created exactly that. You will notice that the followers of Isis do not move on, they stay in the same cycles, and the same groove. Ellie is such a person, she is still where she was, over a decade ago. Her spiritual work has not changed, same website, some old information. I recommend that Ellie reads Isaiah 58, so that she comes to understand what is required of her. 

What did Ellie do about this and other native children? 

What's more important Ellie? The bank and your passport, or what they did to this child? Turn your heart to the children Ellie, turn your heart to the children. Only when you turn your heart to the children can you align with Yeshua and the one that he promised would come to help you all. 

When I was in St Augustine I had a dream about two Americans that worshipped Isis, and they had the ability to put people in prison and walk away with the keys, exactly as the book of Revelation states. They were also followers of Jezebel and her followers that is mentioned in Rev 2, they were all attached to Isis as well.

My advice, stay well clear of people like Ellie and Ellies world. The Egyptian 'magicians' and 'wizards' are being called to account. They shall not stand in the way of the song of Moses of the Lamb, Rev 15 is underway.

Teshuvah, Ellie, Teshuvah

In this beautiful painting you will see the one that was victorious, you will also see the Lion and Michael M. Mauldin was a Leo the Lion mentioned in Proverbs 30 and the book of Daniel.

There are the children and the emmanuel bell, and Prophet Isaiah predicted that the one to come, would come with the children. Notice that there are men behind her and she is pointing to them to go upwards, to ascend. The artist put her in the V for victory for divine purpose. Notice the bells are under her feet, and I wore bells on my feet when I was a flower power child. No surprise then that this painting is called Gesu. I have called it the 'Gesu mystery fresco'. More information on the link.



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