Thursday, 7 June 2012

Priscilla Van Sutphin - ELIAKIM Message

A Christian blog has published words that were written down by a 'Priscilla Van Sutphin'. The post is called 'The church will go underground but the foundation will be sound'. It is dated April 7, 2011. I came across it, when I was doing a search to find an old post. It does make one wonder, how many other people have received messages about ELIAKIM. The people tried to humble me, and this message tells them, I came to humble them. Only that which is true, can give testimony to truth.

Priscilla received a message from the heavenly Father, and it said 'I AM ARISING...ELIAKIM.

I will establish MY WILL in your lives. I WILL ARISE and humble all that needs humbling'.

'Like the widow with the unjust Judge, surely I WILL BE A BETTER JUDGE than the one who is irritated by the pleas of people. I am a LOVING FATHER, so I will pour out the light of MY love, and it will shine brightly in all whom I touch!.....I am establishing proper alignment. I AM WITH YOU TO ESTABLISH YOUR AUTHORITY in the right place.

'THE CHURCH MUST STOP being a building, and be a fluid form, able to move at MY WILL. Able to bend when I say bend. Able to move when I say move. Moldable clay does not say to the maker, what are you doing? It does not resist the Hand of the Maker'.

As I read the full message again that Priscilla Van Sutphin had received, my attention was taken to the dotted line. On the 24th of May, 2012, I shared the following:

'When I woke up today, I was with Canada and the USA. Then the heavenly Father said, 'BLOWS DUE TO DOTTED LINE........'[2] 

On the 12th of August, 2011, I received visions and messages and you will see the pyramid shape, with the black pool ball and the number eight. As we know it was 2008 when Obama was elected. See the link. I do feel that the 'Black Pool Ball', relates to the last post of syracuse. However, when I was shown the ball it was not in the pyramid. It was a single ball. After the appearance of the ball, many rainbows appeared. Please see the original link. As we know the rainbows are to do with hope, Messiah Joseph, the coat of many colors. The rainbow is also to to do with the everlasting covenant for the children that we delivered in 2007, and the rainbow warriors that were sent to help the indigenous peoples. 

I wonder if Priscilla understand the importance of the word 'Arising' and how it is the meaning of the name of the one that the LORD God sent to help humanity. How the name can be found on my birth certificate, and in every land, planted there in ancient times for divine purpose. The word 'establishing' is also to do with the name of ELIAKIM and she did help the spiritual people with their alignment, and to align their will with the will of God. 

The establishment of authority, is also related to the divine authority of ELIAKIM, there was one that was chosen to be put upon the throne to judge the nations in this timeline. As mentioned in Rev 3. The overcomer that was victorious was given the crown of life. There are also 24 spiritual elders from the indigenous peoples that surround the throne. Each of them have a harp of faithfulness, an instrument of God. 

Priscilla also mentions the 'right place', the right place is to do with New Jerusalem, the new holy city of enlightenment. The LORD God has chosen the location for the building of his new holy city. He did not choose the USA or Israel, he has chosen a special place that is a paradise. Only when the 'Sons of Light' align there will with the will of God, will the 'Sons of Darkness' be defeated once and for all. 

Until that time comes, Canada and the USA will continue to receive the blows, until they're humbled to do the will of God. The biblical prophecies predicted that the USA would become stubble, and the Rabbi's wrote that the only one that can help the land of Esau is Joseph, the flame of Joseph from this blessed land of Joseph. The prophecies also predict that the tribes of Joseph will be saved. I can smell 'pie and mash' as I am writing this, and it reminds me of a place called 'The Angel' in Islington, North London. A place where my family went to eat pie and mash. Sophia, Lily and the rest of my family. 

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