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Last night Michael drew close to me, and he showed me his black foot, his foot was black when he passed over. He will be coming back, and he has decided to be born again to the Black Foot nation in the USA. He was a black foot native american in a past life as well.

He knows how much I care fully for the indigenous peoples, and what I care fully about is also important to him. He likes the Spirit of the Native Americans, it reminds him of the nights that he spent looking at the deer. The nights that the deer reminded him of me, and how they defend the tree of life. He does not wish to be an eagle, a swan, or any other bird to fly above the mountains, he would like to be a stag that walks amongst the trees in nature.

I am really not surprised about this, as Archangel Michael as been working with the new teachers of ecological, self-sustainability since 2005 to help them, to pave the way for others.


History: The Blackfoot were a powerful buffalo-hunting society of the northern plains, with most of their settlements in Montana, Idaho, and Alberta. At first the Blackfoot Indians were pleased by the arrival of the Europeans, since the horses they brought were invaluable to buffalo hunters. Unfortunately, things took several turns for the worse. Smallpox epidemics ravaged the Blackfoot population in the mid-1800's (there is evidence that some white settlers may have deliberately helped it along by selling infected blankets). In 1870 American army forces, looking for Mountain Chief's band of hostile Blackfoot Indians, fell instead upon Heavy Runner's peaceable Piegan band and killed 200 of them, many of them women and children. (Mountain Chief and his people escaped across the new border into Canada.) Worse than this, by 1900, the white settlers had wiped out the buffalo herds. Hundreds of Blackfoot Indians starved to death, and the forced transition to sedentary life left a once-mighty nation dependent on government rations. Nevertheless, in the face of these travails the Blackfoot people have not lost their culture, and the Blackfoot Indian language is one of the few indigenous languages in Canada and the United States which has a good chance for survival. [2]

This song was posted today on youtube, and it is a wonderful song called 'We are We the People'. I have given you a link to 'thahoketotah's website and its by-line is the 'Burden of Peace'.

They have featured Kevin Annett's article that we have distributed. [1] The article is called 'It's a church! No, it's a state! Stop! You're both right.' The article is well-worth a read.  Canadian, Kevin Annett also stands with the indigenous peoples, please give him your support.  He will be coming to Europe in the Autumn. The picture of the indian child above, is featured on the front cover of one of his books. 'Hidden No Longer: Genocide in Canada, Past and Present'.

As far as Michael and the Black Foot is concerned, what else is going on? One of the areas well known for the Black Foot nation is Montana, and Montana is where 'Jezebel' mentioned in Rev 2 lived. Her ranch was called 'Camelot' and we all know what happened to that and the reason why it was destroyed. A lot of her followers are now having to face the music, and I did warn many people in 2000 that if they did not shift into 5th dimensional energy by 2012, they would be leaving the planet.

I am aware that divine love in manifestation on the earth plane is hard to integrate. However, it is essential that people integrate two aspects of divine love before they can ascend further. One aspect is compassionate action to help others, the other is unconditional love. Prior to that zero-judgement is integrated when people have healed themselves. Until that is all in place, people cannot ascend further because they physically are not able to withstand moving through the higher dimensions where the true will of God is known. The more that people heal themselves, the more that their divine purpose is revealed to them.

When spiritual people put in real effort, then their rewards come, and the full armor of God is mighty indeed. People simply cannot surpass, the unsurpassable. What use would it have been, if God had sent you a person that you could surpass? As soon as people cross the bridge of peace into a new reality, a new challenge is there for you. A new beginning, a new life, a fresh start. However, first people have to integrate what the Son of God called 'ERGON', a cause greater than the self. They also have to integrate, turning negatives into positives, turning weakness into strength, threats into opportunities; to be successful on the spiritual path home to God. 

They have to integrate how to break the never ending cycles within themselves, so that they ascend up to the next level, eventually, they break the wheel of karma. Once you are beyond that, divine experience can be truly cosmic. Once you have had those cosmic experiences, nobody can take it away from you, what is real is yours forever. That is why we asked the people to be real, be true, be love, be the best that you can be, and love beyond measure is yours. Love such as that can illuminate the planet and help to raise it up. It can rescue those that require our help, when they call on us for help.

If I could sum up all that I know and have experienced in one book, I would do so. All I can tell you is this, a few years ago, the Son of God called it 'UNSURPASSED', I have the full message, and his words to me written in a diary. However, the word 'unsurpassed', was brought up again the other day, when I was writing about the LAMA that means the 'Unsurpassed Mother'.

The Son of God is not interested in your knowledge, he is interested in what you do, and how you choose to live it. There will be a breakthrough celebration, I feel sure of that. All you have to remember is that I was selfless in the true sense of the word, I did it all for love and for you. I did it for the children and their future, in the will of God for his creation to prosper as ordained.

Last but not least, I did it for the pure joy of being able to help you, during this major transition of humanity. I love to give, and I hope that people understand that giving is a precious gift. To be able to give all of you, mind, body and soul is mighty indeed. That is what Michael did, he gave all of himself to help you all.

The LORD God asked for mercy, not sacrifice. Just because a person took a life, does not make it right for others to take a life. As such, this man in the montana case, the one on death row has served his time. Man's court have no right to take his life. He has served in prison for 30 years. His reports are that he is a reformed character, he was taking serious quantities of mind-altering drugs when the deed was done. The murderer of my friends son in the UK received seven years. She did not feel it was enough. However, what Smith has served is four times that amount.

Is man's court going to imprison the Pope and leaders of the Church for what they did to the Indian child above? Or is it one standard for some people, and a different standard for others? How can the law of man justify its actions against the man on death row, when their governments are killing people every single day? You know what Jesus Christ would say to them don't you? Release him, let him come unto me. Let him live life, and help children to understand what can happen to people who take drugs.

Is that standard too high for man's court? Is true compassionate action and mercy too much to ask for? I agree with the Dalai Lama, humanity will not survive without it.



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