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Following on from the Ellie's World - 758 Rebuke'. [1] This video is the beginning of the exposure of the ISIS cult and its Arabian Conspiracy that goes back to ancient times. What the 'Sons of Darkness' co-created to defeat the 'Sons of Light'. The video majors on how and what the 'ISIS cult' has to do with Jezebel and the prophecies about her. 

Who Jezebel was, and who was sent to confront her followers that exist today, all over the world.

This video has been uploaded during the energies of the ELOKIM partial lunar eclipse, and ELOKIM is about the judgement mentioned in Rev 18. It is the judgement of God. 

It is divine providence that this should be revealed on the day of the Venus transit of the Sun, because it was in 2004 when Rev 12 began. It ended in 2008, the timeline overlapped with Micah 4 and the mission to Babylon, USA to meet with spiritual leaders there.

This video is not just about the prophecies, it is also factual in as much as these prophecies relate to real happenings that have taken place and there have been masses of witnesses of it. The video explains that the spiritual leaders were not willing to let go of ISIS due to their attachment thereof. As such, they refused to return to the sacred, in so doing, they brought judgement upon themselves.

For more information about Jezebel - Elizabeth Claire Prophet in the video. Please see the link. 

As far as Jezebel, ISIS and Islam is concerned. This verse is from Rev 18.

'By your magic spell all the nations were led astray. In her was found the blood of prophets and of God's holy people, of all who have been slaughtered on the earth."

Rev 13, Wisdom was called to do the count on Obama. The 3rd beast. Supporters of Obama are not written in the lambs book of life.  Rev 17, This calls for a mind of wisdom.

Yesterday a friend brought me some bread and in discussion she mentioned that she felt that the woman that is now living above her is a 'prostitute', and she wished to know what that was showing her. I informed her that she had not let go of 'ISIS' and Egypt and that it was asking her to do so. She then told me that she had been given three slices of bread with butter spread upon it, and she was told that there would be three jumps. She also told me that she had been given the sunflower and she felt that it was to do with Egypt. 

I shared with her that in my life, the sunflower is to do with Christ and Italy, it reminds me of driving through Umbria on the way to run a Masters training course near Assisi. A sunflower as large as a sun, a flower that grows tall and fast. 

Truly, in her life, the sunflower is also to do with the Christ energy, not Egypt.  It was due to the Sunflower charity from the Christian Spiritualist Church that she was first sent to help the children of the nile. She keeps the children in her heart, and she knows that her mission with the children in Egypt was completed some years ago. 

As we know, the bread is symbolic of the manna and divine love is food that feeds the soul. Sunflower spread is a fat, and there will be three leaps for her to make. The first leap has been shared with her already. She was also asked why do you go to Ellie's World, when the LORD God sent his holy one to help you? 

I invited her to come and we could exchange some healing energy. The word 'afraid came up, I asked her to seek within to heal the root causes of the core issues to do with 'afraid' and 'fear of the unknown'. In addition, to ponder upon that it is really important that you have time for yourself, that you receive time for being cherished. For when you help yourselves, when you love and cherish yourselves, it helps to heal the world. 

Compassionate action is not just about helping others, it is also about helping the self as well. The human body likes to be cherished, it likes to feel the tender touch of tender loving care. In fact, babies that are not touched very much, do not grow as well as others that are touched. Hands are for giving healing, not just working. 

As far as the ELOKIM partial lunar eclipse is concerned, I have felt extremely tired, and have to go and sleep every few hours. 

Have a wonderful Venus transit of the Sun, Happy USHA. 

Love beyond measure 

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