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On the 16th of December, 2009, the information about the Ben Hur eclipse was shared with you.[1]At that time God said 'It is going to be so profound, it will blow their minds away'. He also said 'EL AL' and it means 'To the Skies, Skywards'. The LORD God called the eclipse, the Ben Hur eclipse. As we know, Ben Hur was a man that fought hard against the 'Sons of Darkness' that can also be found in the war scroll of the Dead Sea Scrolls. The films related to the LORD of the Rings is also about it.

The Ben Hur solar eclipse was on the 15th of January, 2010. I knew then, that there was going to be an almighty showdown between the 'Sons of Darkness' and 'Sons of Light'. On the 31st of December, 2009, we also had the 'Film Maker' eclipse as well. [2]

This prophecy from Nostradamus, relates to the Ben Hur eclipse, and it is a story of a war between two men. A story of truth, of love and action, just like the action movies.

In recent times, I did predict that there would be a 'showdown'.  In the video, I have cross-referenced with the biblical prophecies. It was important to share it because things are reaching a climatic phase as we know. This video is about the 'Spirit of Truth, STEEL Prophecy'. A showdown between the 'Sons of Darkness' and one man that won the prize due to divine intervention. 

I have also explained the numeric correspondence that Nostradamus has purposefully included for divine purpose. Nostradamus also implemented a 'play on words' in his prophecies in the same way that Jesus Christ did as well. The word 'STEEL' is not only to do with the sword of truth and Archangel Michael, steel is also a play on words with the word 'STILL'. As we know, steel was also turned into powder due to new technology weapons; that were used to reduce the twin towers to powder dust. That to was included n the biblical prophecies. Please see the 9/11 Power Weapon video and the scientific links to the scientist that has exposed it with forensic evidence. 

It is no coincidence that Michael Magnus Mauldin, was in a war against a man that owns the Still Construction Company Inc. in the USA. Nor is it a coincidence, that men that worked in construction stood against Michael and did their utmost to destroy him. The legal terms for it are 'Constructive manslaughter', 'Corporate Manslaughter', and 'Criminal Negligence'. 

Is it a coincidence that the father of Mitt Romney was also involved with property and construction, and that he worked in the Nixon administration?  

Its also no coincidence that in a different prophecy it mentions the inheritance that is being ‘pillaged’, linking it all back to our meeting in St Augustine and what would happen afterwards. 

The place where the orthodox Christians put the first cross on the land of America, then they 'pillaged' the land. How appropriate then, that what man created, the LORD God will bring to an end with his winds of change. As Prophet Isaiah predicted, 'the covenant with death is annulled.'  

Jesus Christ also provided a prophecy about the 'vultures and the carcass' for the last days of the end times timeline. As we know, the eagle is symbolic of the USA. I have received another anonymous email from their camp with a zip file that I did not open. After, two years, their story still does not agree, you would think by now, that they would get their story straight between them. You can be sure that there has been an almighty cover-up, and it shall be uncovered. Including the events of 9/11. 


This prophecy C3.Q31, is a real life story, of the love for a moral compass and the blessings in abundance that came with it. Its about a precious prize, and when two men fight and there is a prize involved. You can be sure that it is to do with the holy grail of a woman. 

When a man is compelled by love, there is nothing he cannot achieve and divine intervention is yours. However, be aware, how much love can trigger the darkness of those that refuse to seek within to heal themselves. 

Two men fought over the same woman. When Michael saw how much her love, kindness, and moral virtue triggered those that stood against him. He had found the perfect weapon of love, and he did his utmost to ensure that he was the one that won the prize. 

However, he was very surprised to see, how much and how far they were prepared to go, after he had won the prize. There she was standing with him, hand in hand, side by side, defending each other with love. The prize was his, and her love could not be taken from him, due to divine intervention.

The divine intervention implemented by the LORD God himself, ensured that he rescued his daughter ZION from Babylon prior to the SOPHIA WISDOM Gateway in Greece in March 2010. 

As such, the plans of the 'Sons of Darkness' were thwarted, exactly as the biblical prophecies predicted that they would be. The gentle, tender hearted lamb was led to the Lion's den, and the LORD God himself, rescued her for his divine purpose. The Spirit of the LORD God is stronger than the Still Corporation Company Inc, and stronger than the Lions. The elephant has the most spiritual wisdom, it also has right of way, and Michael was fully aware of that. He could see the way forward, he could see the light that was before him. 

The prophecy predicted that one man would win the prize and carry it off. The prize was given to Michael M. Maudlin, victory was his. He had won the favor and union with the 'Woman of Valor'. In the Psalms, I AM, the 'Harp of Faithfulness' that arrived at night time, the Royal Bride that was gifted with the golden gown prior to the mission to Israel in September 2007. 

There she was standing there with him again, in the brilliance of her love beyond measure, and integrity that they did their utmost to destroy. As the LORD God said 'By the time they find out what we have done, it will be too late for them to change it'. 

The 'Sons of Darkness' thought that they had the prize, then it was snatched away from them, as quick as you could say 'SHR' and 'Trinity'. 'Do not be surprised, my brothers and sisters.' 1 John 3: 13. 
Its no coincidence, that verse has the same numbers as the Nostradamus prophecy about this case. 

Last night, I saw the light, and it was pointing at the case. This case and prophecy is very important, and many people know the reason why it is important in the present, and also for the future survival of humanity. The sword of truth is only one part of God's armor, and Michael wasn't wearing God's armor when they outnumbered him. 

Nostradamus tells you that it was six men against one. What does that say about those Americans? 

The LORD God had informed me that ‘The dark Lords have descended, just a couple of days before Michael died. It was posted on this website at the time. However, the LORD God did not instruct me of where, and what he required me to do about it. In April, 2010, I kept hearing the song, Major TOM by David Bowie. Was Michael calling for me when I heard the 'Major TOM' song? Is it a coincidence that the song also mentions the word 'STILL'? 

The song also states 'Tell my wife, I love her very much, she knows'. In the original post about 'TOM' and the song. It mentions Christ and the ascension. Michael always used to write me 'You know, of course you know'.  [3] It was in April 2010, that I started to hear that song. 

Michael was a multi-millionaire, with important property assets that he had fought to defend from the corporations. His essential services were continuously being cut off again, due to him not being able to access his own money.  He had no food, and when the police found him, he had been dead for three weeks. The prophecy story is totally aligned with the warning in the bible. However, here is the prophecy from Nostradamus. 

He who during the 'struggle with steel' in the 'deed' of war
Will have carried off the prize from one greater than he:
By night six will carry the grudge to his bed,
Without armor he will be surprised suddenly.

Now the prophecy tells you that he was in a 'struggle with steel' and that it was 'deed of war'. The word deed also relates to the deeds of properties, and Michael was planning to put properties into my name, so that they could be sold. He couldn't sell them, because they had removed him from all government records. Legally, he did not exist and someone else had control of his financial portfolio. 

The book of Exodus informs you that the deeds of the fathers impact on the next three to four generations. Michael did not have any children of his own to be concerned about. He often used to write that he had 'NO FAMILY'. Of course, once the owners of Steel Construction Company Inc were informed that he had written that, they eliminated what he had written on his profile on the internet, within 24 hours. 

The Still Construction Company Inc. transgressed the spiritual law of creation, and of Michael and his pure intention. After I brought the truth into the light of day, they then banned me from Israel Insider, to stop me from sharing the truth. 

It was also shown to me that GAIA was afraid of the truth, by what she had written to me, the same with Marion Still and her supporters. That's why the 'enemies' of Michael, as he called them, cannot stand before Messiah Joseph in integrity. Exactly, as the Dead Sea Scrolls predicted for this timeline. 

Michael knew full well that Marion would not follow his instructions to contact me immediately, if anything should ever happen to him. Michael created one of his 'traps' for the Still camp, and they walked straight into it. He knew that they would, because in his heart he knew what their intentions were. Michael knew, that there was only one person in his life, that stood in integrity, and that was the prize that he had won. 

The SHR/Trinity camp also transgressed the spiritual law, the Spirit of Truth when they changed my profile, the words of truth that I had written and my signature. 

The prophecy began with the 'struggle with steel', and 'deed of war', after that the prize arrived and it was carried off. 

Then the prophecy tells you that by 'NIGHT' six will carry the 'grudge' to his bed. That also has multiple meanings and it is a key to the prophecy, The word 'Night' is a play on words with the word 'Knight', Who is greater than a Knight? The King of his Kingdom. The 'Grudge' is also mentioned in the biblical prophecies, in the book of Genesis, ESAU holds a 'grudge' because of the blessing of the Father. The bible also tells you that the brothers of Joseph were also afraid, because of what they had done, they were afraid that Joseph would hold a 'grudge' against them. 

In the prophecy, six men, held a 'grudge' against Michael because he won the prize. The prize is also mentioned in the New testament. In addition, it warns you all about those men that stood against Michael. Archangel Michael, his namesake, delivered the Spirit of Truth. However, is it enough for you to make a breakthrough? 

What did the bible tell you about the struggle? Its no coincidence that this verse is 6:12. June, 2012. 

"For our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms." Ephesians 6:12. 

That is what Michael was struggling against in his 'deeds of war'. Michael knew that I knew how to defeat them because I have the full armor of God. That is why the prize was so important to him. He knew that if the armor of God was on his side, then the 'sons of darkness' and their followers could be defeated. That is another reason that Michael stood against Obama and the Obama camp. 

When Michael won this prize it wasn't about 'flesh and blood'. There was a much greater reality to the divine plan and the divine intervention. Although, he was fully aware how important it was that we were together in St Augustine, in Florida. He knew that it was the only way that his plan and strategy would work. Michael had to prove to them that this was much more than an internet friendship, he had to show them that the prize did it all for love. 

Michael had planned to pay for the flights for me to go, when the flight was about to be booked, his credit card was suddenly cut off. He had absolutely no access to any money; to make his dream come true. However, the Harp of Faithfulness could not let him down, the palm branch had to go to meet with and see what she could do to help him. There was also other matters to attend to in St Augustine at the same time. Other people, the 'strange ship', to be exposed and it turned out that Michael was part of that prophecy as well. The flight was booked and the righteous branch paid for it all herself, and Michael said he would ensure that the money was repaid at a later date. 

When she arrived at St Augustine, he was doing his utmost to raise what he could to pay for the petrol to get to Florida. So I also sent him $100 in the post towards the petrol. 

You have to remember that Michael was a soldier, through and through, he had it all planned out. He would utilize anything and everything that he could, to defeat those men that help to keep humanity in captivity of the never ending cycles. 

In this case, it was the prize that he had been waiting for. The only prize that could defeat them, to Michael it was a gift from God, a gift from heaven. The blessing in abundance arrived in perfect timing. 

The prophecy tells you that six men took their 'grudge' to his bed. They held onto a 'grudge' because Michael had won the prize. The blessing of the heavenly Father. The blessing of forgiveness, and love that Messiah Joseph bestowed upon him. 

When the men went to his bed with their 'grudge', he knew that he had won, they were beaten. However, at that time, he wasn't wearing his armor, and that is the only reason that they could get close to him. When he could not lift up the sword of truth, when he could not exalt the prize that he had won, due to being cut off from the internet, they could reach him without his armor of God. 

It is also important to note that a full set of armor against the 'dark forces', also takes more than one sword. That is why in the New Testament, Jesus asked his followers how many swords that they had. When they told him two, he said 'It is enough'. The second sword is the blunted sword of Mercy, and it is given to those that sit in the seat of Mercy by Archangel Gabriel. It is given to the saints, the spiritual healers of humanity, who have put the effort into making themselves holy, by healing themselves. 

In my humble view, the six men that went to his bed with their 'grudge', went there in the sixth month of June, 2010. 

The prophecy from Nostradamus, finishes with a surprise. After they surprised Michael, Michael was taken suddenly. He had been taken home to God, he was removed completely from the 'deeds of men' and now he reigns supreme at the side of the Son of God. Supreme love is eternal and forevermore. 

Michael had completed what he had come to do in the earthly realm, and his blessed work continues in the sight of God. There is not a single thing that the Still Construction Company Inc and their camp can do about it. As I told those that stand in integrity, they cannot kill us all, we are strong and we are global. 

Our hearts will go on, and we will exalt the memory of every single person that leaves the planet due to their integrity, Spirit of Truth and having the courage to stand up to the 'Sons of Darkness'. Michael and Andrew Breitbart left humanity a great legacy, and future generations will prosper from it. 

Just as ELIAKIM Joseph-Sophia was blessed by the heavenly Father with his divine intervention, so to was Michael blessed. That blessing will remain with him always. 

Blessed by the heavenly Father

Michael M. Mauldin, R.I.P. 

Even if I am cut off from the world like Michael was with the internet, the great work will go on, like our hearts, from generation to generation. Michael and I paved the way for the children, we made the path clear for them to gain their spiritual inheritance. 

In the Rev 12 timeline, I was working with Archangel Michael, in the Micah 4 timeline, it was a man called Michael M. Mauldin. As God said 'The King is not allowing', at the end of the day, there is the King of Salem, the King of Righteousness and he stands against the earthly Kings and those that live by the law of man. 

It was the King of Righteousness that counseled me during the Rev 12 timeline, in addition to the one known as Jesus Christ. There are legions of love and light on this planet right now, and they have been spiritually prepared for many years for what lays ahead. 

My heart will go on, and I hold the forces of all goodness in my heart. This life stream of the power of love, brings life to humanity, in a time of great peril. There will be a breakthrough celebration, it is coming blessed ones. Whether near or far, you are always in my heart. Wear the full armor of God, both day and night. I shall never leave you, you shall never be out of my sight. 

There is a huge difference between those in the 'STILL' camp, notice how the words sound like the same as 'STEAL.' The Christian orthodox will not take your spiritual inheritance from you, and nor will the Islamic or Jewish orthodox either. The LORD our God will make sure of that, and your rewards will be great in heaven. As the Son of God said, the Angels are the harvesters. They are the holy Angels of Elohim that Michael had the grace and tenacity to defend against the orthodox. 

I feel that this phase of my life is coming to completion this year, and it is time to cherish me once more with love beyond measure. I am being given a family celebration, and the family celebrating, and that is usually held in Kent, August as a timing. As you know, Grace has been under tremendous pressure; and it will be fascinating to see what God has in store for us on the ELOKIM Eclipse and the VENUS transit of the heart of the Sun. USHA and the divine court of the LORD. USHA, Spirit of Truth, and divine consciousness. 

May peace be with you. 

Onwards and upwards. 



Anonymous Email said...

Just out of curiosity, did the anonymous email come from a site like or just a fake gmail or yahoo email?

Eliakim said...

It came from a gmail address. The one that arrived prior to that came from a financial times address, and I have documented that one and sent a copy of it to a friend in the USA. I have also kept a copy of it in my legal file.

When Michael first connected with me, I also received warning and was threatened to stay away from a man. I still have that email on file as well. Of course, I took no notice of it.

The name on that email was from a Tracy Gates and the email is dated '3 November 2007'.

It was only in hindsight, that these words linked her straight back to Michael and his situation.

'You are reaching beyond where you are funded to grow'.

Clearly, the word 'funded' is to do with finances and a financial situation.

That one came from a hotmail address.

Eliakim said...

The word 'Funded' is also to do with financial funds and a financial portfolio.

When I received that original email, I did not connect it with Michael. I did not know that he was a multi-millionaire until the day came when we were in direct contact by email, and he began to tell me about his assets that he wished to put into my name.

In the beginning, I paid to join the place where he was so that he could PM me directly, as he had asked to do so.

After further exchanges, I gave him my direct email address. That was around December 2007. After that we were in daily contact, apart from the days when he was cut off from the internet.

I was still emailing him until the middle of August because I had not been informed of his passing. It was only when I was given Marion's name divinely, that I contacted her to find out if Michael was OK.

That was when she confirmed that he had died.

I wasn't given his name divinely, prior to that timing for divine purpose.

Michael had prepared a 'trap' for Marion and the Still camp, they walked straight into the 'trap' that Michael had laid for them. Michael knew the intentions of the Still Corporation. That is why he set them up for the fall.

Its no surprise to me that the Still camp are suffering and tasting disease. Disease that Michael did not taste.

In the Gospel of Thomas, Jesus warned his followers that if they did not bring forth what they held within, then they would taste death. Tasting death, is disease like cancer. Cancer is also a 'fear-based' disease and Michael was dauntless, and that is why he did not taste it. Hence why the sheer power of love is important to eradicate disease.

Eliakim said...

If I remember correctly, there was also a Traci/Tracy at another forum where Michael went, Where they had changed the information that Michael had written.

After they banned me for sharing truth, I then tracked it back to the USA.

Eliakim said...

Michael is also mentioned in the book of Daniel, the bible tells you that he was the only one that supported me against the Prince of Persia. Hand, in hand, side by side. Shoulder to shoulder in the frontline defending Israel.

Michael also appears again in chapter 12, and as we know this is 2012. In Judaism, Michael is appointed over the seventh heaven, and seven also relates to the Nostradamus prophecy about Michael M. Mauldin and the seven men. Six of which went to his bed with a 'grudge'. See the previous post called 'Sword of Truth - Steel Prophecy'.

In Dan 12, Michael is wearing white linen, that aligns with the Rev 15 prophecy about the angels that wear white linen and the name Ben Hur. See the previous post about Rev 15 and 'Georgia Panics' on the ELIAKIM blog.