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Princess and the King C6.Q1

As it is the first of June, let us take a look at the C6.Q1 Prophecy that mentions the new King, and a Roman chief. Six is to do with the 'debate and discussion' it is also the points of the Star of David.

It mentions the Pyrenees mountains, a great temple of Le Mas by the Garonne.

Around the Pyrenees mountains a great throng
Of foreign people to aid the new King:
Near the great temple of Le Mas by the Garonne,
A Roman chief will fear him in the water.

The Pyrenees mountains create a natural border between Spain and France, they have also been Catholic countries. It is also Basque country and if my memory serves me well, they defended and protected the Jewish people during their history. 

There is also a tiny country there called 'Andorra' on the Eastern part of the range. Most well known by the skiing community. 

Wikileaks share with us that in classical mythology, Pyrene is a princess who gave her name to the mountains. The Greek historian Herodotus stated that it is actually a name of a town in Celtic Europe. Silius Italicus, wrote she was the virginal daughter of a King. In the legend, 'the Princess gave birth to a serpent, and ran away to the woods. She was afraid that her father would be angry. Alone, she pours out her story to the trees, attracting attention instead of wild beasts who tear her to pieces.'  

As far as the landscape goes, there is a lack of great lakes. Although there is an abundance of mineral hot springs. The Principality of Andorra was established in 1278. The role of monarch is held jointly by two-co-princes. The Catalan Bishop of Urgell and the President of France. As we know, a new President has been recently elected in France. Andorra is a tax free haven, and is not a member of the European Union. They have the 4th highest human life expectancy. I am not surprised when they're living in the mountains in a tax free zone. 

Andorra is also the home of 'Our Lady of Meritxell' legend,  that is to do with the holy mother and the rose. The tiny principality is funded by its tourism. Tax free tourism with mineral and hot springs sounds wonderful. 

It looks like this prophecy is in two parts. There is a location called Le Mas. In the Latin, the name 'Garonne', is translated as 'Garunna' and it is the name of a river in the southwest. On the link, the photo's include the river in Toulouse, and the LORD God continually gave me Toulouse as a place to go. Although, I was never told when to go there; to collect what he wished for me to collect. 

This area is connected with the Knights Templars. There is also a small village called 'Temple-sur-Lot'. Does it remind you of Lancelot? Its most well known for its association with the artist Claude Monet. 
That's the second link to money, first the tax free haven, then Monet to do with art. 

Lamas is also the name of a Tibetan or Mongolian priest of Lamaism. The Tibetans translated the word 'guru', as Lama, La means 'Unsurpassable or sublime'. While, ma means mother. Hence, the Lama is the unsurpassable mother. The spiritual teacher of enlightenment. [3] 

The lama is near the Garunna. Is Nostradamus telling us that there is something there to do with the unsurpassable mother? Garunna reminds me of Gurudas, and in my life that is to do with flower essences and vibrational medicine. As we know, Magdalene also worked with vibrational medicine and that takes us back to the legend mentioned above and the Rose of Our Lady. The Rose is also the sign of the 'Sisters of the Rose' and Christ told me that 'It would begin, as it ended in ancient times'. Did it end in the area indicated by this quatrain. Is that what Nostradamus is telling us? 

Or is he telling you that there will be a great throng around the Princess when she comes back? The Princess was the one that bestowed the golden gown to the Royal Bride. The Princess comes from the Mountains.  Martina was also given Toulouse, the last time that I spoke to her. 

What is floral and comes out of the water? A Lotus flower that is also associated with enlightenment. 
As we know we would usually associate the words 'Roman Chief', with the Vatican. However, check out this link, 'Roman Chief Rabbi supports Church on same-sex unions'. Riccardo Di Segni, Rome's chief rabbi. 

The last line of the prophecy is that the 'Roman Chief will fear him in the water'. Flowers are feminine, so what does the 'Roman Chief fear and what does water have to do with it? The Age of Aquarius is also the age of the water bearer. The pure essence of the flowers are captured by the sun whilst in the water, then the pure essence can be used for healing purposes. 

The sun of righteousness rises with healing. However, what do the Rabbi's fear more than anything else? Islam, the 'beast of the sea' and its flotilla's. 

What else came out of the sea? The sign of Jonah that indicated that it was the time for the judgement. That happened in May 2010, the whale arrived the same year of the first flotilla. The Queen of the South, really did arrive in perfect timing. 

Turkey are planning another flotilla this year, and the Marmara is returning to Israel again, we all know who was behind the flotilla's, dear old Obama. Plus, its all going down in Brussels with Islam as well, in addition to violence kicking off in Kosovo. 

This made me smile, the hand is lit up and appears at the 'Festival of Light' at Sydney Opera House, until the 11th of June, 2012. That takes in the forthcoming ELOKIM partial lunar eclipse, and the Venus transit across the Sun. The scientists are talking about a 'Galatic Merger that will end the universe as we know it'. They're saying its OK folks, you've got another 2.5 million years. Big smiles! 


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