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The number of the Quatrain is C6.Q4. 6+4 = 10. Wheel of fortune and new cycle of time. The original Celtic countries will change their course. Germany and the influence of Rome will no longer be included.

This quatrain indicates that great change is coming in Europe. The people will retain their original Celtic language, and form of communication that is natural to them. Hence, Nostradamus mentions the river. The Celtic river flows naturally, it indicates a return to the natural flow of creation, and going with the flow of the river that is part of creation of the Celtics themselves.

The Celtic River will change its course,
No longer will it include the city of Agrippina:
All changed except the old language,
Saturn, Leo, Mars, Cancer in plunder.

The woman Agrippina was born in what is currently known as Cologne in Germany. She was from the Julio-Claudian dynasty and the mother of Nero, the emperor of Rome.  It is written that she was 'Ruthless, ambitious, violent, and domineering'.

The imperial governors of Rome resided in the city that is on the river Rhine. It was originally part of the Hanseatic League. In the city of Agrippina, the archbishop implemented the right of 'capital punishment' that included 'torture.' This whole region became part of Napoleon's empire.

It is written that Cologne's Archbishop Rainald of Dassel gave the relics of the 'Three Wise Men' to Cologne in 1164. No coincidence then that this quatrain has the number 64. During an excavation in Cologne, they found a beautiful mosaic with the eight pointed star of Venus. It does give a story of the prophecies, and you can see the Lion, the Leopard, and the people involved in the biblical prophecies for this timeline.

No surprise then that the quatrain also mentions LEO, Michael M. Mauldin, was Leo the Lion heart, and Obama is Leo the Leopard. Michael and Obama appear in the book of Daniel, Michael, Andrew Breitbart, Robert Kennedy appear in Proverbs 30. The Leopard Obama is also in Rev 13.

In the mosaic you will see that inside the star of venus there is a man and a woman together. Tomorrow is the ELOKIM lunar eclipse, and on the 5th of June, 2012 it is the Venus transit across the Sun.

Nostradamus also mentions the plunder that relates to the Celtics.  He mentions Saturn and Leo. Mars and Cancer. Saturn is to do with the spiritual law, it is the teacher and it can also relate to education when it relates to how people are being plundered.

People who are consciously aware, learn more from life experience, then they will ever learn from a book or school. People live in a planetary cosmos and those planets impact on the cosmos. During 'May 16th to June 25th, 2012, Saturn moved into Virgo the Virgin. Retrograde, in the constellation of Chitra that is ruled by the planet Mars.'

The astrologers state that it is unfavorable for Leo, and Obama is Leo the Leopard. It is a testing time, and the patience of the saints have been sorely tested, exactly as the biblical prophecies predicted that they would be in this timeline. It does not bode well for Obama at this time. So there we have the Saturn, Leo and Mars, Mars being the planet of war indicates that the plunder is part of the timeline. People are receiving an education about war, and how people like Obama implement that war.

Jihad is carried out economically and socially, and it includes technologically. The cultural genocide that we warned the people about in 2008, takes more than one form. Not only in Europe but also for the Celtics in the USA and other nations where the Celtics live.

Saturn returns to Libra in February 2013 and ends in July 2013.

Nostradamus mentions Cancer, and there is certainly a lot of that at the moment. The more that the people are 'plundered', the more cancer rises due to it impacting on security of the people. Its root chakra level of consciousness; that triggers if and when people do not feel safe financially. Hence, the rise in prostrate cancer is related to 'fear about money' in the spiritual law of metaphysics.

That is another reason that it so important that people heal what they hold within themselves. Governments can take everything. However, they cannot take your dignity, unless you allow them to do so. This is a time of a change of course, and taking back your power from those that have 'plundered' you and your nations for decades.

Also in the biblical prophecies, the 'plunder' is to do with Islam as well, no surprise then that Obama has an Islamic name. The news today is that the actress Kathy Joosten has died of lung cancer, she appeared in 'Desperate Housewives', and 'West Wing'. The lungs are about the breath of life, and lung cancer relates to 'fear of breathing in new life', and 'fear of the unknown'.

Cancer cannot grow if you heal the root causes of the core issues within. The Gospel of Thomas is clear, that those that do not bring forth what they hold within themselves, will taste death. Tasting death is about tasting disease, Cancer is the disease that people taste due to the drugs and treatments that they experience due to it. Hence, why Jesus Christ told his followers to never be afraid. He was fully aware of the health benefits, of being totally dauntless in the face of adversity.

Taking Kathy Joosten has an example, she had the cancer for eleven years, 11 is a master number of duality. The number of 'trials and treachery'. It relates to corporations, governments and what they have done to the people. In my humble view, her illness was past life related, it was a never ending repeating cycle that she had not healed. The fact that she did not heal it this lifetime, means that she will come back and do it all over again. Until the time comes when she does pass the initiation with flying colors.

Many people are not afraid of war anymore, they cannot use it to create 'fear' anymore, so governments are using 'money' has a way of triggering the people into killing themselves; due to the people's dependence upon it. Take away the money of the people, and they do not know what to do, or how to survive, due to the systems that the governments have co-created.

That is another reason why, the young people must take their power back and become self-sufficient, when the people are self-sufficient and live self-sustainably, earthly governments that implement the law of man, have no control over you.

The quatrain mentions cancer, the 4th sign of the Zodiac, the quatrain number also has a four in it, with the 6 that gives us the month of June. The astrological sign begins on the 21st of June, and it is ruled by the moon. As we know the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet. She is not ruled by the moon or anything that it stands for. Children that were born in the sign of cancer are very emotionally sensitive, and very easily hurt. The crab is soft when young, until it has built its shell to protect itself.

Cancer is emotive and moved by emotion, combined with the moon, it does not bode well for the Middle East. So watch out Syria and Israel when the planet is in the month of Cancer. As we know, Turkey is planning another flotilla invasion to Israel this summer.

The crab also relates to the Greek Island of Hydra that was blessed by the heavenly Father, and yours truly. The last time that I was there in 1979, the Islanders certainly knew how to survive, they did not only know how to survive, they did it beautifully and were so happy in their life of simplicity. That was a time when materialism wasn't really an issue has it is today. In fact, in those days, there were still populated Greek Islands with no cars upon them. Just donkeys.

So what does all of this have to do with Greece? Head of the IMF, Christine Lagarde and her comments to the Greek people and their nation. Lagarde was and is the reincarnation of Agrippina.

Lagarde caused international outrage due to comments about the Greek people, about paying tax, and now she has been exposed as a woman that pays no tax. She earns more than Obama and its a tax-free salary. What did Jesus Christ say to people like her? 'Woe to you hypocrite'. Time for the former French Finance Minister to go. No surprise then that in the history of Cologne, the French were heavily involved in it. Someone better tell those that think they are wise, that the time of Napoleon, Hitler, and Obama are over. The three wise men they were not. Its time the IMF were kicked out of every single nation.

So what does this all mean for the Celtic peoples? Well, it looks like the European Parliament, its old school operation of colonial empire building, is going to get kicked out, once and for all. Kick out the EU parliament and the Euro, and you kick out Rome, the Nazi's, fascists and its Islamic alliance, that still exist today, it will be no more on Celtic shores. Its all change.

Lagarde was born on the 1st of January, that means she is a goat, a Capricorn and quite frankly, I have had enough of the old goats. A lawyer with a Masters degree in Political Science, that tells us a lot about the woman, a lawyer of man's law combined with money and politics is a dangerous combination. No wonder they welcomed her at G8. She was the first woman ever to become Minster of Economic Affairs for G8.

The Oxfam charity called Lagarde's position at the IMF, 'farcical'.

The Guardian newspaper ask 'Would nine men dare to defy the siren call of Christine Lagarde? 'Surely the Bank's nonet of middle-aged men wouldn't consider frustrating the French temptress?' Clearly, the journalists at the Guardian are on to it, and the men that she courted. The English have a saying for French women like Christine, and it is 'French Tart'. The biblical prophecies are not so flattering about them. 

In 2005, the LORD called the 'French Tart, a 'Courtesan'. He knows who they are, what they do, and why. However, there is only one divine court ordained by God, and 'Agrippina' is not a part of it. There is a huge difference between the court of man's law, and the divine court of the Spiritual law of God. 


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