Sunday, 17 June 2012

Calling in the Markers

Just to let you know that after my last post here earlier in June, the LORD God said that he is 'CALLING IN THE MARKERS'.

Thank you for your love energy and prayers. The energy has been awesome and there has been awesome happenings. I am using a friends laptop as I write this, so do not have much time to share everything with you at this point.

Just know that I am OK, things will be fine, and the LORD our God is asking me to ask you to TRUST as the new journey begins. Will share a lot more with you when I am back on line at home, in the meantime. Have a wonderful summer solstice that comes on the 20th of June, 2012.  As we know, 20 is the number of judgement and it is also the 'Day of Appeal'. The 21st of June is the longest day of the year, and it is also the 'Day of the Rapture'.

The 'Appeal' can relate to tribunals, courts, the divine court of USHA due to Venus and its love energy. An appeal also says 'CHARITY' to me, and the appeals from the charities to help those who require help in these last days of the end times.

As we know charity is also one of the three graces and it is to do with being divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. It is compassionate action that changes the world and raise the vibration of the poor, homeless and sick. 'Love heals the world and compassionate action changes it' from Sacred Words.

Many changes are taking place and the walls of silence are coming down, as we appeal more and more for the people to help the people, friends and family. To unite in divine love of being on this planet at this time. The LORD our God is certainly calling in his markers, let us enjoy the unfolding of his divine plan to raise humanity up.

Love beyond measure


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