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In another video regarding the Islamic meat it features the meat scandal at Asda, now Asda is owned by Walmart USA. The farmers have also benefitted from the Islamic meat trade in recent years because Muslims eat a lot of meat. No surprise then that the LORD God brought a biblical plague upon animal farming in the UK. For you should not provoke the LORD our God. Amos 5 warned the farmers what would happen and that they would weep and mourn.

What else does the bible say about the word 'provoke'. In the book of Deuteronomy it states 'Do not provoke them to war'. Deu 2:5 'Do not harrass'. Well the people of the nations have certainly been provoked by Islam. 'Do not be quickly provoked in your spirit, for anger resides in the lap of fools'. Ecc 7:9.

Prophet Jeremiah speaks about the people of Israel and Judah have provoked me by all the evil they have done-they, their kings, officials, priests, and prophets, the people of Judah and those living in Jerusalem. Jeremiah 32:31-33. Is it any surprise that he is provoked when Obama gets involved in the business of sovereign nations? Obama and his Liberal supporters do not allow Israel to be a sovereign nation with Jerusalem has its own.


Ezekiel chapter 8 appears to be to do with this timeline in Jerusalem. It mentions a 'person who has the appearance as bright as glowing metal'. It also mentions the hand of the Spirit that takes Ezekiel up by the lock of his hair. He is taken to Jerusalem to be shown what is happening.

At the entrance of the north gate is an idol and an image that provokes jealousy, so what is the idol in the north gate and what does it relate to today? The North gate is the Damascus gate, it is the main gate into the old city and a market is held there and there are stalls inside and outside of it.

It is also referred to as the 'Arab bazaar'. In the shops inside they are full of figures and idols. In the Aramaic translation the word is 'lust' not 'jealously'. An image of 'lust that provokes to lust'. This could be to do with materialism that is striving to destroy spirituality. However, the Aramaic text also mentions a statue to do with the image of 'lust that provokes lust'. This is the Muslim quarter of the old city. That gate is the only gate that is topped with decorative statuettes.

Part of an inscription about the gate remains which reads;

"To the colony of Aelia Capitolina by order of the city dignitaries."
Gates of Jerusalem - The Damascus GateThe Damascus Gate rests upon the Neapolis Gate's foundation and was the only one of the gates of Jerusalem to be recognized and used in such a manner by the Romans. Hadrian attempted to erase the memory of Jerusalem from the face of the earth. This included renaming the city Aelia Capitolina and banning Jews from entering the gates of Jerusalem.Hadrian's new city, Aelia Capitolina, extended from the Damascus Gate to the Gate of the Chain, another of the lesser known gates of Jerusalem. Hadrian erected Roman statues on the Temple Mount, also erecting a Temple to Zeus. Found during a much later excavation was an inscription over the Double Gate to the Emperor Titus. The inscription was originally on the base of a statue to Antonius Pius. The statue was located on the Temple Mount in the days of Aelia Capitolina.

Over the course of the years stones were taken from monuments, statues and other structures and used in construction on various projects. This is how the inscription to Titus, originally part of a statue on the Temple Mount, ended up upside down as part of the Double Gate. The Damascus Gate, as stated earlier, was known as the Neapolis Gate during the Roman time period of Aelia Capitolina. [2]

When I approached that gate in 2007, I was pushed and poked by other women, it was made perfectly clear to me. that a person from the West was not welcome by the Muslims that claim it as their own. 

A Muslim doctor friend from Pakistan was also shocked to hear that I was not allowed to enter the mosque. Nobody is allowed to enter but Muslims.

I can see how the image of that inscription and the gates history from Roman times could provoke 'lust' to take Jerusalem from the Jewish people. I can also see how Rome is willing to conspire with Islam,  because from experience I know that the Arab quarter sells a lot to promote Rome, and what it stands for. The Arab quarter is filled with idols.

Chapter 8 then tells you that Ezekiel says he saw the elohim of Israel. The elohim of Israel then shows Ezekiel what is described as 'detestable things'.

It speaks of the shrines to do with idols, how the land is filled with violence, and the mourning of the women. Apparently, 'Dumuzi is the older Sumerian name for Tammuz, and it means 'the good offspring'. Tammuz was associated with healthy animals and babies. [1] However, Hebrew Strongs number 08542 it means 'sprout of life'.

Ezekiel tells us how he was taken up by his hair and was taken to the temple in Jerusalem. As we know modern day that is the Mosque. The chapter also describes what is going on, including the digging and the hole in the wall.

No surprise then that the Damascus Gate is in the news. The report states that thousands of Palestinians gathered there yesterday to take part in a rally for Palestinian land day. You can see from the picture that there are not only Palestinians at this rally, the report states that Israeli forces attacked the peaceful protestors and some of the police were on horseback. So once again, instead of Israel allowing the good to support their cause, they bring shame upon themselves and their supporters. Israel you cannot continue to face peaceful protest with violence. Otherwise you put yourselves in the same space with other oppressive regimes.

In 2007, I had a similar divine experience to Prophet Ezekiel, I was taken to Jerusalem in the time when the 2nd temple was being destroyed, and 100,000 people being slaughtered. It was like being in a film, I was actually there, I had been taken back in time to experience what happened. People and children were running everywhere and the priests could not be seen anywhere. There was nobody to help them as I was ushering children out of the way of the men on horseback. During the destruction of the people, the temple was also destroyed. Yet, my concern was for the children, and why there was no help for the people. I looked everywhere and the priests were missing and nowhere to be seen.

Then after my return from Israel in 2007, there was a press release published in the media, stating that an escape route out of the city of Jerusalem had been excavated. This is how the priests escaped the violence that befell it, and they knew in advance. However, they did not anticipate that their precious temple would be destroyed. If and when any priest gives an order to harm the people, then the LORD God removes his presence from them, because violence vexes the Spirit of God.


I was shown Jerusalem, Israel in the past and Prophet Ezekiel was shown what would happen in the future. Everything that is described in Ezekiel chapter 8, describes Israel and Jerusalem has it stands now. So what is the solution for 'lust'? In the book of numbers 'lust' is associated with 'prostitution' and as we know people do 'lust' after possessions, material things, and in the case of the Palestinians, a city called Jerusalem. The combination of the word 'lust' and 'prostitution' also relates to money. As such those that lust for Jerusalem in Israel, do have a motive, and I am sorry to say, that the Ezekiel text indicates that it is financially driven.

Isaiah 57 mentions how they burn with lust, they sacrifice children, symbols on their doors and doorposts.  Lust is to do with an earthly reality, and is far away from the divine, and all that is sacred.

So what solution did our heavenly Father give to us for Israel? His counsel and instruction was that everyone must leave the old city, that Israel and everywhere Palestinians live should become a world heritage site. That Unesco should have an office in the old city, that the old city is to become as it was meant to be a place where the elderly, single parent mothers and their children could live in safety.

The Dome of the Rock is to be run by a co-operative of healers, to be a healing and training centre for healing courses. A sacred and holy place where children from all over the middle east can come to heal in the peace of a colorful reality. All colors of the rainbow of hope, of a brighter future, embraced in the rainbow and the covenant for the children. When healing and the children are the focus, then the LORD God will listen to you, but while the nations continue to lust after that which does not belong to them, they will continually destroy themselves with their materialism. As it says in Proverbs 30 about Obama and his family, they never say enough. That means they are never satisfied due to a lack of healing the self of their 'lust' so that they may ascend beyond a purely earthly reality.




The Inhumane Banned

All that is inhumane must be banned from every culture and nation. In the last decade we have heard a lot about Islam and how compassionate and merciful it is. Well you can judge a religion, culture and nation on how well they treat their animals. I have always had compassion and mercy for animals, and have rescued a few in my time from rescue homes. The land of Joseph is known as an animal loving country, and is usually humane to animals as well. However, when Islam arrived in this land of Joseph, it brought shame upon this land when it brought its inhumanity with it.

The difference between Judeo-Christian philosophy and Islamic philosophy is huge. The Jewish prophets told the people to talk to the animals and to learn from them. To understand their signs and their messages.

Most people in Western nations are not aware that they are eating meat that has been slaughtered in an inhumane way, and as a nation we should not allow it to continue. It should be banned completely from our soil, and driven from our land. For the LORD God asked for mercy not sacrifice.

There is a saying that you can tell how humane a society is, by how they treat their animals. Well this is how Islam treat animals, they skin them alive. The images are graphic and I highly recommend that you view it and always remember it. For the LORD God warned the people about eating meat with hooves three times since 2008, and Islam has blood on its hands. Not only by slaughtering animals in this way, but by murdering doctors in Bahrain that were helping protestors. Islamic Doctors also now stand trial for being compassionate and merciful people.

AUSTRALIAN Muslim Halal Certification company owner laughs, “You are eating halal day and night,” and paying a premium for it (jizzya?). “All the anti-halal protesting is water off a duck’s back, it actually increases my business and I’m a millionaire.”

And people wonder why food prices have soared in the last decade. Now you know. 

There are some that are laughing at the Westerners because you are paying for your own cultural genocide and demise. However, as the LORD God said to the Liberals 'They will be laughing on the other sides of their faces'. 'If Muslims do not join the human race, then they will get left out in the cold'. 

Muslims have had 1,400 years to make their laws humane, and they did not do so. Now they will pay the price for being inhumane, and allowing it to continue for generations. If Muslims wish to eat food prepared in an inhumane way, then they can go to an inhumane Islamic country to eat it. 

Or they can choose to return to sanity, and humanity and all that is sacred. As the Son of God said to the orthodox 'Trample your garments of pride under your feet' because he knew that pride always comes before the fall. 

Islamic pride has been paraded in the streets of Western nations, and their pride is no different to the gay pride marches in the eyes of the LORD God and his Messenger of the Covenant. 

His Son also said "If women were meant to cover their heads they would have been born with a foreskin'. Profound words, because he also stands against circumcision, another inhumane activity carried out by the orthodox. Did you know that when you cut the skin of a child, it mutates their genetics? That then impacts on future generations. 

Mutated genetics also creates skin disease, allergies and a lot more. In effect, the orthodox of the world are co-creating diseases for the children of the world, not just now but in the future. It will take at least 3-4 generations of people being uncut before the genetics will right itself once more. Teshuvah humanity, teshuvah. 

As such this is not just about cruelty to animals, it is about cruelty to the unborn child as well.

As the LORD God said 'No compromise', 'The King is not allowing'. 

So it is time to ban all that is inhumane from your nations and cultures. If you do not do so, then you cannot return this planet to harmonic balance. 


Friday, 30 March 2012


Following on from the 'Rhino American Prophecy' [1], then the 'Sea Turtle Prophecy' post that both relate to the 'Christ Visions and Messages' [3]received on the 22nd of December 2010 and it included Israel.

There is now news that an Obama state department refuses to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. [2]

The USA is in big trouble now. Who do Americans think they are telling another sovereign nation what is or isn't their nations capital? How would Americans feel if that was being said to them? The Jewish people have more historic right to the land of Israel, then any American that lives in any part of the USA.

The Liberal Democrats are really asking for it now, and Obama will not like the outcome.

Prophet Isaiah also spoke about the land of the Christians, As the LORD said, 'I will make justice the measuring line and righteousness the plumb line; hail will sweep away your refuge, the lie, and water will overflow your hiding place'. Isaiah 28:17

God will stretch out over Edom the measuring line of chaos and the plumb line of desolation. As we know Edom is the USA, and the mission to the USA is also mentioned in Micah 4, The mission to the USA took place in 2008 when the Prince of Peace in Philadelphia burned to the ground. The measuring line in the USA, went from New York down to Jacksonville, in Florida.

Isaiah 34 tells the nations that judgement is upon them. 'The LORD is angry with all nations; his wrath is on all their armies." "My sword has drunk its fill in the heavens; see, it descends in judgement on Edom, the people that I have totally destroyed." The chapter speaks of a year of retribution, to uphold ZION's cause.

Judgement falls upon Obama and his administration.

May your will be done heavenly Father for your glory.




On the 22nd December 2010, I received a number of messages and visions and the post is called 'Christ Visions and Messages'. Its a long one and well worth a read because it does appear to fit into this timeline. [1]

During the visions that I received, one of those visions was of a Rhino. In recent weeks an American Christian has been standing against me. Well today, he announced on his bible study forum, that he has had the Rhinovirus for the last two days. That is definitely a message and warning for him, not to stand against the blessed one.

As we know Rhino's have thick skin, and the cycle of a Rhino is one year. On the original post, we mentioned that there are legends about the rhino stamping out the fire and they are on the endangered species list. 'Does it remind you of Israel and the fire on Mount Carmel?'

In the prophecies of Obadiah, Jacob is the fire,  Joseph is the flame and ESAU is stubble. ESAU is symbolic of the USA, Joseph is symbolic of England and Jacob is symbolic of Israel.

However, in this context, I feel that the fire relates to the burning bush, Moses asked God to bless the tribe of Joseph with the burning bush because Moses wished for a descendent of Joseph to receive the blessing of prophethood. Yesterday, I saw that an American Christian man that goes by the name of 'Bob May', had written that Joseph is to do with wisdom and so I corrected him.

The reason that Moses chose Joseph is due to his faithfulness, he did not have an affair with a married woman when offered. He did not adulterate his own soul. He was also faithful to his God, demonstrated tremendous forgiveness towards his family. He lived mercifully, lovingly, compassionately and gracefully. He saved a foreign people from the famine, and put all his effort into helping them. In addition, Joseph was a great interpreter of Spirit. All in all, it was a wise choice from Moses and God did keep his promise. Also the meaning of Joseph itself was important, as well as the coat of many colors. As we know, he was the favored Son.

In the original post about the visions, I also mentioned a film launched in 1974, called 'Rhinoceros' and how there is a witness in the film that watches the people go through some bizarre transformations. In the film, the witness finds himself surrounded by Rhino's.

The post also shares the Coptic icon of Jesus and it has the pyramid, and four of his fingers that look like elephant trunks. As we know, the pyramid shape appeared in the Sun earlier this month, then the Coptic Egyptian Pope passed over.

In the original post we mentioned Burma, and yesterday there was an article in the Daily Mail that featured the rare pink elephants in Burma. In addition, the Daily Telegraph featured an article on an elephant that had broken from its trainers in the North of England. Elephants really shouldn't be kept in a circus and nor should they be taken into shopping centres as a publicity stunt. In addition, we had the third story about the elephants related to the man that was going to spend $800,000 dollars to fly a couple of elephants to California.

As I am looking at that icon of Jesus again, I can also see a newspaper and what looks like a golden dolphin painted into his neck. Dolphins are to do with unconditional love and the throat is to do with communication, speech and the level of consciousness of 'I/We are blessed'.

The fact, that the Christian American, received the 'rhinovirus; identifies him with the Rhino vision and the timeline. He was stopped from putting out the fire by stamping on it, because the LORD God sent his flame of Joseph to the Christian forum for his divine purpose to help them.  The man has had his first warning, best he does not stand against the holy one again.

For the glory of his Son



Thursday, 29 March 2012

Settling the Disputes

Following on from the last post 'Government of Men -v- Government of God'. You can also understand this difference in terms of what the Son of God said to the orthodox priests who dressed themselves up everyday in their garments; that divided them from the people. The Son of God told them to trample their garments under their feet. No surprise then that Benedict XVI is wearing his priestly outfits on his trip to Cuba. That is the way of man.

Sometimes a person can be instructed by the Spirit of God to wear a specific color for a specific mission. Although most people do not know why you are wearing that particular color, because your clothes look no different to them. For instance on the first mission to Israel in 2006, I was asked to wear pink to the holy gathering on the holy hill in Jezreel. On the second mission to Israel and Jerusalem,  I was asked to wear gold It wasn't until my return from that mission that I was shown that the golden gown is mentioned in the biblical prophecies. It was another biblical prophecy fulfilled.

Another differential provided by the Son of God is that he told those that go the way of man, that if their father was the same as his Father, then they would love him. He knew that he was the Lute of Lovingkindness that was predicted to come in the day time, and that everyone that was loving and kind would love him. He knew that being loving and kind was all part of the way of the Spirit. However, that did not mean that he did not rebuke his followers or correct them. As an American Christian said 'Better to be rebuked then for love to remain hidden'.

However, during all of the years that I was blessed to be with him, I do not ever remember him rebuking me. His loving kindness understood everything that I had experienced this lifetime, and he did his utmost to ensure that nobody was allowed to put his student asunder. He walked with me through the trials and tribulations, there to hold my hand if I ever I required it. He never imposed any restrictions upon me, he knew that I would always do my utmost to do my best.

We had a very intense relationship while he was leading me home to the heavenly Father. A love that is so deep and powerful, your joy simply overflows in abundance. The love that he bestowed upon me,  sustained me at times when times were hard. All that he taught me remains in my heart, he made my heart golden and glisten, he made it to be truly worthy, of the position that he had chosen me for. He helped me to be victorious and to overcome every eventuality and reality that I faced. He gave me the keys to the kingdom so that I could enter the holy of holies and arise again.

He knew that what he had chosen me for, was not going to be easy due to the sheer power of love in my heart, my own love and his united, his heart and my heart as one. Yet, he knew that when settling the disputes of the people, the heavenly Father would guide and direct my heart, that he would use my hands to write and my mouth for what is said.  The Son of God knew that the instrument that he had chosen to be the Harp of Faithfulness, would be faithful in thought, word and deed.

The heavenly Father asked me to handle the ancient texts wisely, he said 'You are the curator of the ancient texts, handle them wisely'. His message made it clear that the texts were going to be an important part of the work that he had planned for me to do.

As far as the disputes go, it is no coincidence that I grew up in a home where my dad was also a man that settled disputes, between the unions and the management, and as a local magistrate. A great humanitarian with a compassionate heart of conscience. A real moral compass, where neither color, creed, or race could divide him and his love for humanity.

In the book of Exodus it mentions how the people turned to Moses to know God's will, and that it was up to Moses to settle the disputes between the people by telling them what God had instructed. The heavenly Father said 'It means to stand squarely'.

Prophet Isaiah mentioned the judge that would settle the disputes for many peoples and Jesus told his followers that the Queen of the South would judge this generation when the sign of Jonah turned up in Israel.

The same passage from Isaiah 2:4, is repeated again in Micah 4.3, as we know Micah 4 is about the LORD's plan for the last days of the end times and his daughter ZION. It mentions the temple of the God of Jacob,  in the Christ teachings and in the book of Revelation, the temple is the body, of the tender hearted lamb, and the lamb is symbolic of the soul that follows the way of the Spirit.

Micah 4 also mentions the mountain that has been chosen for the new holy city, and how certain people will be gathered to live there. As I have explained to people, Micah 4 is not in chronological order. The threshing of belief systems that are unhealthy for humanity has been going on for a long time. Also people relate the word 'Jerusalem' to Israel, when in fact, in this context it relates to New Jerusalem that shall not be built in Israel. Prophet Isaiah did not refer to it as new jerusalem, he called it the city of enlightenment. He described the place where it shall be built, and he says it will be like a place of broad rivers and streams.

In Isaiah 33 he describes the mountain fortress that is a refuge, it mentions the timeline of when the chief officer takes their money. As we know Obama is the chief officer that has taken the money of the Americans. It also mentions the towers and when Obama honored the 9/11 site, he read out a psalm that speaks of the woman was promised to come. The heavenly Father said 'Prophet Isaiah knew'. Yes, heavenly Father, Prophet Isaiah knew, that the one from the tribe of Joseph that wore the coat of many colors, would come exactly as Moses requested of you.

For it is for the glory of God, for the glory of his Son, for Israel and the Jewish prophets. For those that remained faithful and knew that you would keep your word, and that your word is true.

Love beyond measure


Government of Men -v- Government of God

Following on from the last post about the judgement of Clinton, Cronkite and those that are planning to remove the sovereign rights of the nations. Know this, the LORD God sent me to defend the nations sovereignty. Not only the sovereignty of the nations, but also the right of every child to be a sovereign of their own being.

The NT is clear about the difference between the way of man and the way of the Spirit. Prophet Isaiah also warned the nations not to make all of the fields one. As we know, if all of the fields become one, you end up with one landowner that owns everything. That is against the law of our Creator. Also the fields are not made one due to the fact, every seventh year, one of the fields must rest and regenerate natural nutrients. Every individual field must be given rest.

America and its scientists polluted the lands and the people with GMO. It also polluted the lands with bloodshed. Both of which are banned by the LORD God. The people were told 'do not pollute the land with bloodshed where I dwell'. As such, if the people believe that the LORD God dwells with them, then they must not create bloodshed. That is the difference between governments that are run by the way of men -v- the government that is the way of the heavenly Spirit.

When it was spoken of the Prophet Daniel, it was said, 'At this, the administrators and the satraps tried to find grounds for charges against Daniel in his conduct of government affairs, but they were unable to do so. They could find no corruption in him, because he was trustworthy and neither corrupt or negligent.

As we know what has been going on in the current USA election is both 'corrupt' and 'negligent' and these people have the audacity to call themselves, religious and Christians. Michael who is mentioned in the book of Daniel, used to speak to me of the 'corruption' of what he called the statesiders. He had enough evidence against them to sink a battle ship, that included the police and the fire department.

That is why the police and those that applied to administer his estate, did not ensure that justice was brought in his name. Michael did not exist in any government records, and the police in the USA refused to investigate why this man did not legally exist. Michael and I have both suffered at the hands of Americans that are both 'corrupt', and 'negligent'. No way will the LORD God allow such people to continue to do what they do.

Neither side are innocent, not the Republicans or the Liberal Democrats. They are both as 'Corrupt' and 'Negligent'. In fact, all of their political leaders and judges should be put through the most vigorous vetting, from top to bottom, and from the bottom to the top. The same in Greece, and in every other nation. Only integrity will survive these last days of the end times; because the people are 'sick' of the injustice. Only true integrity is in harmonic concordance with the spiritual law.

The biblical prophecies are clear that the land of ESAU, USA,  has trouble ruling itself; due to the great divide created by the fact that Americans allowed the ways of the men of Babylon to rule them.

As such, the LORD God predicted that a new reality will come to be. That their nation will receive guidance from the LORD God himself, and the responsibility for imparting that guidance is laid upon the shoulders of ELIAKIM, who is also the governor in the prophecies. She holds the key of david and what she opens nobody can shut, and what she closes nobody can open. That is because the LORD God himself compels and instructs her to do what he decides must be done.

The biblical prophecies also predicted that when the new holy city is built upon the mountain that he has chosen. Then the spiritual law will go out from there, until that time comes daughter ZION, shall continue in the way that the LORD God ordains it to be. When I speak of the law, I do not speak of the laws of men, I speak of the spiritual laws of the Spirit. So if the nations wish to have their freedom, then they must be obedient and do the will of the LORD God. If they do not do so; then the prophecies predict that they will be destroyed and that can happen in many different ways.

Destruction comes due to the willfulness of men and the way of men; they know how to destroy themselves and each other. It can come from the people themselves that do not understand the spiritual law of the cosmos. It can come via natural and environmental disasters, it can come via plagues and diseases. The judgement upon humanity has come to raise humanity up out of its transgressions of the spiritual law. So that humanity can survive and prosper on this planet in freedom and spiritual independence. Without the imposition of unnecessary taxes, corruption and negligence. Only when the people truly come to understand the sheer immensity of what is happening; and that it is for the good of the people will they come to know the right way.

The people will only truly support the divine plan and honor it, and the will of the LORD God for them to live on this precious planet, when they truly understand the consequences of not doing so.

When the people understand that their own free will is destroying this planet, and the lives of their children, then many will return to the way of the Spirit and all that is holy and sacred. Of course, there are those that will go their own way and destruction will be the result. Only when the people have had enough of the destruction that is self-created, will they then understand that their way is not the right way. Their way is the way of man that creates wars; because they're supporting and propping up the status quo and its machine.

The blessed ones have worked hard to defend the Tree of Life and its existence. To defend the rainforests, the indigenous peoples and planetary eco-system. To defend the animals, rivers, oceans and skies. This time will be shortened for the sake of the spiritually elect. People have worked hard to defend the poor, the sick and the homeless and the tide is changing. Many have received no pay or wages for what they have done to help humanity, yet how does humanity respond to them? What does humanity give to help the selfless, truly compassionate and merciful?

You will notice that as regimes are falling, more oppressive regimes are taking their place. That is because the people are robbing elohim, not listening and doing the will of the LORD God. The prophecies warned you all what would happen, if the people did not put food into the house of the LORD God where he dwells. Only when you truly understand the impact of that, will you tell others what must be done to alleviate their pain and suffering, they must alleviate the pressure that is upon the one that he sent to help you. The greater the pressure on his Messenger of the Covenant, the greater the pressure the LORD God puts upon the people. Until the time comes when you truly do get the message that he is conveying to you.


Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Walter Cronkite and Clinton Judged

The LORD said 'Captain' then I went to make a post and this video had been posted.

This man, Walter Cronkite talks about nations giving up their sovereignty and a global federation government. Pat Robertson told him that they are not allowed to have a global government until the Messiah arrives, and anything that is constituted before then is the work of 'satan'. Walter Cronkie replied that he is happy to sit at the 'right hand of satan'. Can you believe what comes out of the mouths of some Americans?

He died in 2009. However, he can still be judged for what he has said and done.

In this video, Clinton calls him the Captain. His son goes by the name of Walter Chip Cronkite III, so keep an eye out for him. He is listed as an actor. 

Well, well, well Hillary Clinton, while your supporters are putting up threads stating that 'Israel is the land of satan'.

We have a few surprises for you. You have now been judged by the Queen of the South that has the divine authority to judge you. That's right the sign of Jonah arrived in Israel exactly as Jesus Christ predicted it would.

Israel has the perfect right to exist as a sovereign nation and so does every other nation.

So hands off Liberal Democrats. The people of the world have no interest in your plans for a global government. Its the end of the American empire, its clear why successive governments of America have been building the largest army around the world. Its been building up for an American run global government. The USA is Babylon, in Micah 4, Rev 13, Rev 17 and 18. The land that Jezebel came from and she is mentioned in Rev 2. Obama is the Leopard, that Prophet Daniel spoke about. We have had enough of Clinton and your party. I recommend that you read Proverbs 30, its all about the Obama family, 'the slave that became a king', 'the leech' and the two daughters,

There shall be no global government run by men, Prophet Isaiah warned you all not to make all the fields one.



Flight of Queen Bee

After I made the post about 'Flight 191 Jet Blue and the 'Mad Men, Finale', Mitt Mormon'. [1]

A Queen Bee arrived. She was around my legs and feet, she then went to the spiritual corner of the room where there is a bookshelf, and a lamp on the floor,  then she came back and went under the computer table. So I made a noise so that she would leave. Then opened the window to let her out. She was really beautiful and very large.

The keynote of the Bee is fertility and the honey of life. In Hinduism, the Bee can relate to Vishnu, Krishna, or even Kama, god of love. In Egypt it relates to royalty, to the Celts, hidden wisdom. They are also to do with achieving the impossible. As we know the honeycomb is a hexagon, and a hexagon was found on Saturn. This is the Saturn in Libra transit. 

The bee is a reminder to extract the honey of life, and to make our lives fertile while the sun shines. The bee reminds us that no matter how great the dream there is promise of fulfillment if we pursue it. The elixir of life is as sweet as honey. [2]

From past experience the Son of God doesn't call it elixir, he calls it ambrosia. In the post about flight 191 I also mentioned wisdom and how Rev 17 states 'This calls for a mind of wisdom'. As we know Rev 17 is about the USA. 'Wisdom was also called' in Rev 13 to do the count on the 3rd beast that is Obama, and Mitt the Mormon is looking more like the 4th beast everyday. Especially after the viewing of the two recent flight incidents and the what has been uncovered to do with voting procedure up to this point. How the statesider's could do such a thing, it could only happen in America. The USA is clearly not a democracy; when people would purposefully work against Ron Paul like the Republican party have done.

The bee came in the front door, into where I was sitting, before leaving by the window. Windows are also to do with opportunities and the door is to do with selflessness. You may remember we also included a window shape on the blog the other day, to do with the Hebrew letter Chet.

I understand the message from the Queen Bee, the 'book, the lamp, computer' means to finish the book that I began in 2007. To give glory to the Christ teachings. The bee was hiding under the table, I have to share the wisdom that has been hidden from humanity. Some Christians write that the bee is symbolic of Christ but I have never associated the bee with him. In fact, I do not have a totem for him, because I have seen him and he can speak to me whenever he chooses to do so. In Christian symbology it can also indicate the Virgin, good order, purity, courage, prudence, eloquence, pious community who produce posterity. The bee never sleeps is symbolic of Christian vigilance and zeal. Flying in the air like an Angel in the Kingdom of Heaven.

St Ambrose taught that the bee is the emblem of the faithful, [3] now that would link in with the Harp of Faithfulness mentioned in Psalm 92. Also when Hosea told the people that the LORD our God would betroth his people to him in righteousness and faithfulness. Hosea 8 also predicted that the LORD himself would plant HER in Jezreel, he did that in May 2006.

A beehive also represents a community that helps the Queen. It was one of the symbols of Diana, and the name Diana means divine, heavenly. If I remember correctly, when Fergie got married she also had bees on her wedding dress, and named one of her daughters Beatrice. Fergie is also friendly with Simon Cowell and we mentioned him and his warning on the blog the other day.

Nostradamus also gave a prophecy about the penultimate name of the prophet would be divine.

In spiritual symbology, the bees were viewed as messengers of an important event. To the Essenes a 'King Bee' was a priestly official. To the Greeks it was the Great Mother also known as the Queen Bee.
In Hinduism, the bee on the Lotus is a symbol of Vishnu, According to Virgil the bee is 'the breath of life'. [4]

She really was lovely, fat, furry and yellow and black. Yellow is also to do with creativity and the golden color is to do with Christ consciousness. I once wore a yellow and black ball gown, when I was organizing charity events in the 90's. I could certainly do with some workers to give this room a paint, sunflower yellow would be lovely.

When I was a child a bee landed on my hand, I started to stroke it, and then I was stung. Big smiles!

Its ironic that a woman that did so much to fundraise for different charities during her life, is now in the position of having to ask people who read this blog for charity. 191 is also the gematria value of Charis. In Greek it means 'Graces'. Please donate if you can afford to do so, it will please the LORD. Unfortunately, unlike the bee, I cannot live on fresh air.


2. Animal Speaks, Ted Andrews
4. Traditional Symbols, J.C. Cooper

The Blessed Children of Uganda

On the 6th of November 2011 I received a lot of visions and messages. This was just the start of that post.


1966 Dancing On a Cold Wind

When I was coming out of sleep state at dawn, I saw Michael M Mauldin (South African who lived in the USA). He was happy and smiling at me, then I saw a gas mask from WW2, like a child would wear. Clearly, this was to do with a war.

After that I was given a vision of a Tibetan singing bowl, then it was filled with some of kind of white meal like porridge. Then I saw people in prisons getting ready to be released. There were a lot of people together. [1] When I was given that vision I was also given the year 1966. 1966 was also the year of the biggest gas leak disaster in Western Europe and it took place in France. As we know Scotland are also experiencing a major gas leak and TOTAL say it could take weeks to solve it. 

It has come to light today, that 1966 is also to do with the crisis in Uganda. The events of 1966 'unleashed a repressive regime which in turn spawned an army coup in 1971 led by Amin'. The killings and terror that were first perpetrated in Buganda in 1966 were extended to other parts of Uganda. Since then, more than 1 million Ugandans are estimated to have lost their lives because of politically inspired violence perpetuated by the state or those revolting against the state'. [2] As we know the Libyan leaders daughter also married Amin for a short while. She divorced him. 
Its important that you understand what actually took place in Uganda during its history, because the people there are 84% Christian and 12% Muslim. [3] Jihadwatch reports that more and more Ugandan Muslims who convert to Christianity are being attacked, imprisoned and starved. The Ugandan Muslims are aggressively pursuing those that leave the Islam. [5]

When I received the original visions in November, I was also told 'non-violence, sophisticated'. 
There is a story of a 'Zombie Virus' circulating in Uganda and 3,000 children have become zombies. Only Zombi scientists would co-create such a chemical weapon; to defeat the Christians in Uganda, and Islam has the motive to do so. [4] Chemical weapons are not only being used against Christians, Muslims also use them against their own Islamic children and people. Schools and school buildings also appear to be the target. 

There is another report that a Russian ship has delivered weapons to Syria's army, and it includes gas masks and chemical weapons. I cannot confirm whether that particular report is truth, because it has come from an Islamic website. As we know the Muslim brotherhood would like to take over Syria in the same way that they are taking over Egypt and Tunisa. [6] They have been planning it for a long time. 
Children in Afganistan have also been affected by chemical weapons. You can understand now why the LORD God said 'No school, schools out'. It is not because he does not wish for you to become educated, its because he knows that schools and children are being targeted. Just like the Rabbi, who was a teacher in France, and his children. May they rest in peace. The LORD God has been giving his warnings to help humanity but humanity is not listening. 

In the original vision and message post, I wrote how when I was in Florida in 2008, I woke up screaming, 'They're not listening, they're not listening'. [1] Many schools all over the USA have also experienced different vapors; that have impacted on the children like these children in Afganistan. 

Teshuvah everyone, teshuvah 


Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Time to Pray for Humanity

Yesterday, I opened an email and it was from some Christians in Nigeria that had tracked my ELIAKIM Joseph-Sophia email address down. They were asking for bibles, I have passed it onto others that may know someone that can help them. As I do not have the funds to pay for the 13 bibles that they have asked for.

As I was waking up this morning, coming back into full awakened consciousness,  I saw the energy of my own aura and it was golden. It was lovely to see, just like this picture.

However, there is great sadness in my heart due to the seriousness of actions taking place on this precious planet. Not only by governments, but by the people themselves. I am not the praying kind. However, I feel compelled to spend time praying away from the world for the world.

The Rabbi's knew that when I came I would be very serious, very serious indeed. It was not my nature to be so serious before I was summoned by the LORD God. In fact my nickname as a baby was smiler because I was always smiling. However, you know that grace is under tremendous pressure and tears fall as I write this. Just like when the Tibetan monk cried when he looked across the land towards Tibet because he knew in his heart what was happening to his people, and the land where he was born.

Many people are expressing what they feel especially those that have not returned to the sacred and all that is holy. Some hit out at me because their souls know, their souls are crying, their souls are begging for their return. Yet, so many are struggling due to what they have not healed within. Many are afraid of the judgement, without fully understanding that they have spent years judging and condemning themselves. They made their choices even pre-destination, although 85% of what happens is related to free will and as such, everyone does have the choice and right of return.

Then there are those like myself, that completely surrendered human will, after that came the ascension of the being. The soul was enabled to fly through the different heavens of different consciousness.

In Titus it speaks of the seriousness, encourage them to be self-controlled. Self-control is about self-mastery and being master of the self. In everything set them an example of doing good. However, as we know what one person considers as good is different to what another considers to be good. In the same way that truth evolves with the evolution of the soul, so does goodness. Only once people have truly returned do they know the difference between the ways of man -v- the way of the Spirit. Those that truly live the way of the Spirit do not oppose the holy ones.

Those that stood against the Son of God, did not understand him. It is a well-known fact, that people fear what they do not understand. The truth be known, the people like their status quo that is leading them to their own self-destruction. The irony is, that those that are most afraid of the Queen of the South and the judgement, are the ones that we came to help to become dauntless with merciful, compassionate and loving hearts of pure intention.

The people will come to you for understanding and when they do, in your sharing, show them your integrity, by living it wholeheartedly. Show them that you are serious with soundness of speech. Those that oppose you will be ashamed for what they have done, when all truth is disclosed to them. The truth will set them free from the struggle within themselves. When they can feel their own souls weeping, when they hear their souls crying out. When they can feel their own shame and feel ashamed at what humanity has done,  then they will know that they can truly feel their souls longing to be free from the captivity of human will.

There are records of every thought, word and deed in every lifetime of every person, until such time as they are healed. When I was shown these records, my own records, it manifested as an energetic filing system that spun in a circular motion. Until it stopped and one particular life was selected for me divinely. The selection was made in response to my request for the life that most required healing at that point in time. It happened to be the life of White Dove, a Native American woman, at that time she was my soul.

She died in the snow with her two children while her husband went hunting for food. As we know snow is also to do with Moses; and the one that has the skin disease like snow. Although I did not know about the connection with snow, and Moses at the time of the healing. I was also given a message about the rainbow at that time, and I did not know its relevance to Joseph, the covenant, and who I was destined to become. I was simply enjoying the spiritual journey home to the LORD our God and his kingdom.

May the world ponder upon their own records at this time, may they also be willing to bring forth what is required to be healed within them; due to the impact those records have unconsciously on their daily lives. It is the unhealed that live in human will, that are manifesting the self-destruction in thought, word and deed. The past created the present and the present is creating the future. So it is up to every single individual, to take responsibility for what is happening on this planet.

In my experience of healing past lives, when you incarnate, you do not bring all of the records with you for healing. You only bring those that were specifically chosen by you for this lifetime to heal for divine purpose. You carry those memories in your energy, just like water also holds memory.

'By day the LORD directs his lovingkindness, at night his song is with me. Psalm 42:8

In the time being, know that I love you all beyond measure.


Monday, 26 March 2012

Aberdeen-ELGIN Major Gas Leak

There is an announcement of a major gas leak at a Total production platform in the North Sea. There has been an emergency evacuation of 240 staff from the Elgin platform 2420km east of Aberdeen on Sunday. 

It just happens to happen, when there is another major scandal to do with Cameron on the front pages of the British press, the oil tanker drivers are planning to go on strike, and Scotland are planing a breakaway. The timing of this is so obvious, you know what I can smell a lot of gas from the politicians. 

240, 24 is to do with the spiritual elders in the book of Revelation. No coincidence then that there is a place in Scotland with the name of the platform. It was one of Scotland's first royal burghs, the burghal charter was given by David 1 in 1136. [1] There is also a city in the USA with the same name, northeast Illinois on the Fox River west-northwest of Chicago. As we know Chicago also has a stock exchange and my Son's uncle worked there before he was born over 30 years ago.  His name was also David. 

In October, 2011 we made a post that mentioned Scotland and the North Sea. Not the first I might add. Although I do feel that the post made on the 16th of October does relate to this event. Here are a few sections from the original post. [2]


When I woke up today the LORD said 'An TAY'.

'Ante' means 'Before' or 'Preceding'. There is also a term 'ex-ante' and it means 'Before the event'. It can also mean 'Prior to in time', and 'In front of in space'. In other words the LORD gives us information on events to help us.

It can also mean to raise the stakes, or increase the risk. In the Zechariah prophecy the man put a talent of lead over the mouth of the vessel. To stop it from speaking because he could see the risk that was involved in respect of his own belief systems. In which, he had invested his whole life to it. In addition, a huge amount of Americans had invested in the status quo.

The word TAY can also be found in Hebrew.

"Yet, we see within the pages of Torah through Gematria that Hashem offered reassurance twenty-two different times to the eight survivors. We observed this through the word Ha Tay Vaw, meaning "the ark" which in actuality represents 'YOUR SAFETY / YOUR SURVIVAL." Ha Tay Vaw occurs twenty-two times in twenty-one verses. There is only one additional reference to Ha Tay Vaw in the entire Bible. It is the reference to Moshe being placed in an ark to save his life. The Gematria of 22 expresses Hashem's feelings towards the residents within Ha Tay Vah.. the ark of security/ safety." [3]

There is also a River TAY in Scotland that leads to the North Sea and as we know BP have just won a 4 billion pound contract to drill in the North Sea for oil. Humanity should not be drilling at this time of tectonic plates shifting. 

I hope the people in Aberdeen are well prepared and have their gas masks just in case they are not able to contain this leak. In November 2011, I was given a vision of a gas mask, and that post also mentions a gas leak in France that took place in 1966. The refinery, Feyzin is also owned by Total now, although it wasn't at the time, and it was the largest disaster of its kind in Western Europe. In the different visions I was given there was also porridge, and Scotland is famous for its Scots porridge oats. 

On the 21st of February 2012, I received a vision of David Cameron getting on a Euro train and going to France. As we know, TOTAL is a French company. On the 29th of February, I could smell and taste sickness and if the gas gets to the people they will certainly feel that way. 

On the 21st of March, I received another vision of Cameron and he was not happy about what he was being told. In the explanation about the vision, I also included these words 'protect occupants from the elements'. 

Also today I received an PM asking me to be friends with a person that uses the avatar name handsomemoses. No coincidence then that Moses was mentioned in that original post. 

Forewarned is forearmed or to put it another way, better to be safe than sorry. 


LORD said 'Help My Son'.

The LORD said 'Help my Son, Teshuvah'.

You know that is a beautiful name for a child.


James Randi Judged

Time for the judgement upon James Randi due to the media giving the man airtime, and the fact that the man and his methods have been debunked and discredited. He gives no authority to scientists. He attacks cutting edge scientists that are doing their utmost to break the status quo. That includes people like Brian Josephson, Professor of Physics at Cambridge University. He calls cutting edge scientists that investigate the paranormal and quantum physics 'scoundrels'. When it has been proven that the only 'scoundrel' in this particular debate is James Randi himself.

He speaks of those that are 'fooled' and those that 'fool' themselves. Well Randi is a class act. As we know in the parable of the 'Wise Virgins =v= the Foolish Virgins' those with no oil in their lamps are the foolish ones. It is clear which category James Randi fits into, only a foolish person would stand against the cutting edge scientists that have oil in their lamp.

Even Susan Blackmore, a well known skeptic stated that a book that Randi wrote 'has too many errors to be recommended'. Skeptical investigations also quote Loyd Auerbach who speaks of James Randi in terms of a 'stunt', [1] and a stunt is to do with publicity. In the communications industry, it is known as a 'publicity stunt'. Publicity in this case for the atheists. Basically, James Randi saw a way that he could make money and satisfy the atheists at the same time. This then stops atheists carrying our their own investigations into truth of their own divine being, it also stops them from seeking within for the meaning of life.

Rupert Sheldrake, a respected scientist in his field of scientific research, found that James Randi is also 'dishonest'. Please see the link provided for the complete story of what happened. [2]

Now should such a man be given airtime? Certainly not. Only people that live in integrity should be given airtime like that which James Randi receives. Should James Randi be given funding? Certainly not. Men such as James Randi should not be encouraged. Why? They are what is known has 'shepherds of death', that lead the sheep to their own slaughter. In the biblical teachings people like James Randi are called 'dead in their graves.' Why? They are spiritually dead and that is why we tell people such as him, teshuvah. Teshuvah means to return to all that is sacred and holy. The bible also stated that the 'dead in Christ would rise first.' They certainly did, the spiritually elect can be found all over the world.

You have been judged James Randi by the Messenger of the Covenant. The Queen of the South that was predicted to come to pass judgement on this generation. You see James, the sign of Jonah really did arrive in Israel exactly as Jesus Christ predicted.

James, you have stood against the holy ones of the LORD God, as such you shall pay the price for what you have done. It is very heavy karma when a person stands against the holy ones of the LORD God and his Son. As the Son of God said 'what you give will come back to you 30, 60 or 100 times' because it is all part of the spiritual law of the cosmos. You shall reap what you have sown James Randi.

And it gets even better, I just took a look at the front page of skepticinvestigations website and the partner of James Randi has been involved in 'identity theft' [3] that is a serious federal offense. On the 14th of March, 2012, [4] the artist pleaded guilty to passport fraud.

Journalist Steve Volk wrote: "Randi himself clearly enjoys his own shapeshifting. On the Skeptic Zone podcast, he talks at length about the title of the forthcoming documentary about his life. It's called An Honest Liar, and the conceit is that, as a magician, Randi's job is to deceive and misdirect and create illusions." [3] 

In Judaism, Randi comes under the category of a 'Son of Darkness'.  Hence, why he is also called a 'shepherd of death'. Of course, the atheists love him, they like people like Randi that 'deceive', 'misdirect' and create 'illusions'. You see atheists doing it all the time in the social networks. Isn't Bill Ayers, a friend of Obama's also an atheist? Yes indeed. Bill Ayers also admits that he wrote the book for Obama. As we know Obama is also good at 'publicity stunts', like the one over Bin Laden. Those that know truth, know that Bin Laden was killed years ago. Yet, the Americans, take what the media feed them on face value, without doing a proper investigation for themselves. 



Sunday, 25 March 2012

Testimony for Maureen Flynn

Following the last post I was asked to be tested by James Randi and I informed the people that he has already been debunked. It has been proven that he is no different to Obama and how the last presidential election was carried out. 

What use does the LORD God have for Randi when the LORD God himself gives testimony for his holy one? The bible tells you that the uprising in Egypt {2011} was his testimony for Joseph. 

The LORD God gives testimony for his Royal Bride. As he has done again, and now it is for Simon Cowell and his celebrity friends to get the message. 

Here is an example of how Randi chooses to discredit a blessed one. 

I will give testimony for her and I was willing to go to court to stand up to the Christian fundamentalists for her that were trying to put a stop to the mind, body and soul healing exhibitions. 

Now in this demonstration you will see how an atheist is taken by surprise by what the medium conveys to her. 

I knew Maureen when I was very young. She was trained in the Christian Spiritualist Church. She dedicated her life to helping others and those that were drawn to the Christian Spiritualist Church. Many of those mediums that gave evidence of life after death, gave their time and lives to serve those that were seeking proof. That was their destiny, to provide proof of life after death. By providing evidence and connection with the loved ones that had passed over. 

From experience I know that sometimes names are given from descendent's and extended family members that children have not been told about, and it helps them and encourages them to investigate their heritage. 

Now Christian orthodox think that Spiritualists evoke dead Spirits and that is not the case. Those mediums never know who will turn up and sometimes it can be Jesus Christ himself. He has continually blessed the mediums and the spiritualist Church. 

I tested the woman known as Maureen Flynn and she did provide evidence of life after death. In a private sitting, she provided evidence of SOPHIA and things that were only between SOPHIA and I. Nobody else knew of them at the time. 

Much later in life, we came across each other again, when I was working in the Galilee of the Gentiles. She came to me for counsel. However, she also imparted at that time two countries with the letter A. She was absolutely spot on. In 1998, I was sent to Australia, in 2008, I was sent to America and that is featured in Micah 4. 

She is blessed by the Queen of the South and so are her children, and grandchildren that I also know. 

As far as James Randi is concerned, he has been debunked by scientists and 
Robert Sheldrake as proven that James Randi is 'dishonest'. 
Please see link for more information from those that have investigated Randi.  [1]