Thursday, 10 January 2013


Yesterday, after responding to an American Geek, while sitting down, the heavenly Father gave me 'Kilowatt'. When I did a search on 'Kilowatt', Kern County, California came up. I then shared the message with some Americans by email. After that I took another look at 'Kilowatt', and there was a 'myspace' page with 'Kilowatt Murder Scene', has the name that a person had chosen for music. Their 'myspace' page states that they were living in Kiev at the time of its writing.

Further research then provides another 'myspace' page and this time time 'Caleb' now states that he is in Toronto. However, it is a few years since those pages have been updated or logged into; so the person that made those pages could be living anywhere. Caleb's pages are all about 'death, destruction and brutality'. You may remember that in 2009, we pre-warned the USA that they had been set-up for the fall. So are the pages by Caleb a set-up? Or do they speak to us of something much more 'sinister'?

Bearing in mind that yours truly was given the location of 'Connecticut' by the heavenly Father well in advance of the event.

In addition, when I gave the alert to the people, a poster responded with 'Children of Kern' and he laughed. I responded that this is no laughing matter, this is very serious indeed!

Especially has the evidence to do with Newtown, Connecticut shows us there has been some government involvement. It has been proven that one of the children that apparently died, was at the event when Obama went to Newtown. Has such that child must still be alive. It has been seen that tribute videos were put up prior to the event date; and people have been raising money who have nothing to do with any of the families involved.


In addition, the name 'Caleb' is a biblical name, and it is related to the story of Joshua. It is written that the story is to do with 'repentance' on Christian sites. However, the original meaning in Hebrew is teshuvah and it means to return to the sacred.

What else was found? There is also a Jamie Watts with a music label called 'Kilowatts', his wikipedia page says he is 32 years old and the American did tour Europe. It says that he was born in Philadelphia.  He is found on a credible music site, SoundCloud, and it is written that his father works in computers has an engineer and there is a mention of computer games.

Furthermore, Jamie Watts has another SoundCloud page, Amsterdam, Holland is written has his location. Watts songs include titles like 'Motherfucker' and 'End of History'.


Has we know the Prince of Peace Church of Philadelphia burnt to the ground when yours truly flew onto US soil at the end of April 2008. It was the heavenly Father's way of letting Americans know that his holy one had arrived. The other message that I received late last night was "Martha's Vineyard", again I sent out an email sharing the message at the time of receipt. I took a look at Martha's Vineyard, it reminded me of a name of a film. I found that it was another location in the USA, and it is known as the 'Elizabeth Islands'.

Now today, an American woman that lives in the UK, has uploaded a video about the 'GM Killer Genes' that are being released in Florida. The video maker also posted that bats are dying on mass, although she did not give a location. GM killer genes; also reminds me of Brad Pitt when he said that the guns were in the DNA of Americans. It was certainly my experience of some Americans, I still remember when they were shouting 'Nuke them all', they were talking about the Middle East.

Has we know the bible mentions those who have a fire that cannot be quenched with water. That was certainly the case when Americans were dancing in the last storm, and those that watched it, celebrated their 'reckless abandonment'. Instead of staying in the warm and safe, they were out there risking their lives for the excitement of 'dancing with danger.' That is what the USA has become, a 'dance with danger', and Bill Gates does like his vaccinations filled with 'vulcanic metal energy.'

There is a big difference between the abandonment of the poor and sick by man, and the abandonment of man's world by the holy ones who truly care for the people and the planet.

Somewhere along the line,  the once pioneering and innovative Spirit of many Americans has been changed. Whether it was through vaccinations, drugs, and other means is for you to decide. However, their response to tragedy is not what one would anticipate from people with common sense.

Although a lot of the world is lacking common sense, America is not alone in that respect. A decade ago we warned humanity that humanity will not survive without compassionate action. Compassionate action to save humanity from itself.

Who in their right mind and heart puts a website page up titled 'Kilowatt Murder Scene'?. Truly man's world is not the world of the twice born. Man's world that modifies insects and people. Man's world that modifies plants and all that is beautiful about creation. Man that inflicts its 'defunct' social, economic and educational systems; and ideology onto humanity and its children. The science of man that creates insects with killer genes, and encourages university students to support human cloning.

Remember these words:

Chapter VIII of the Laws of Manu states, ‘A Kingdom inhabited above all by Sudras, full of impious men and deprived of Twice-born inhabitants, will totally perish rapidly, attacked by hunger and disease.’ 

Pakistan has a plague upon its animals of biblical proportions. The Middle East is flooding and experiencing snow. All mentioned in the biblical prophecies of what would happen if they do not let my people go. The prophecies predicted after the fire in Israel, Judah would be flooded next. 

It truly is the time of the sober decade, it is recovery or extinction. 


Wednesday, 9 January 2013

HORSE IN THE SUN 9th January 2013

In the images of the sun at the end of the video you will see the shape of a horse and a woman, above and to the right of it. No coincidence then in recent weeks I have been sharing that in the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit, on February 4, Chinese Year of the Black Water Dragon' is replaced with the 'Year of the "Black Water Snake'. 2013, and the horse can tread on a snake! Has the book of Genesis predicted 'she shall crush the head of the serpent'. No surprise then that American patriots have posters with 'snakes' on them with the words 'Don't tread on me'. So not a good year for the patriots and the 'gun slingers' like Alex Jones. The archetype of the 'American bully' that invades other nations with their war machine without their consent!

So what does the bible say about the horse? Has we know it appears in Rev 19, it is 'Faithful and True'. In Judaism it is the Acharit, the last. In Indian spirituality it is the Lord Kalki that comes to put an end to the Kali Yuga.

Chapter VIII of the Laws of Manu states, ‘A Kingdom inhabited above all by Sudras, full of impious men and deprived of Twice-born inhabitants, will totally perish rapidly, attacked by hunger and disease.’ 

The twice-born cannot live in man's world has it exists today, because it is alien to righteousness and enlightenment. The Christians and the spiritual did not honor the twice-born and has such humanity perishes. Each and every year, hunger and disease increases; due to the ways of man that has been inflicted upon the people. That is why humanity is in the phase of recovery or extinction! 

The 9th of January is the 'Day of Ambition'. So what is the ambition of the twice-born? To help humanity to eradicate hunger and disease. To do that; we have to build New Jerusalem for the twice born in harmonic concordance with the divine plan or perish for not doing so. Time is rapidly running out for humanity; has the planet warms up more and more, we get closer to the ice caps melting in 22. 


Tuesday, 8 January 2013


On the 17th of November, 2012 the LORD said 'It is a tragedy' and has we know there have been a lot since then. This event is also described has 'a tragedy' by RT today. It reminds us how how 'reckless' people are with their lives and what they do for 'excitement' and an 'adrenalin rush.'

'An extreme winter activity turned into tragedy, after a zorb with two tourists inside lost control and plunged into a creek in Dombay mountain area, in Russia's south. One of the two young men died, the other suffered a concussion.'

RT share a documentary about the 'Ice Queen', they call the adventure of 'Excitement and Danger'. There are 70 lakes underground. 100,000 tourists visit this cave every year. People even get married there.  

'Take a trip to the Urals and see the natural beauty of Kungur ice cave! It has captured the interest of many scientists internationally. And it's no wonder. This cave is considered one of the most beautiful ice caverns in the world. Anybody who comes here could find a new grotto or come across a unique crystal. Not to mention the singing stone... Find out what could happen if you knock on it.' 

The divers speak of the thrill of discovery. When the ice crystals get warm they become roses. How wonderful then that the holy mother has warmed up Russia and its heart. 


The 'Day of Impact', 8th of January, 2013. 

I was viewing a post on the fact that a tribute video had been uploaded on the Newtown shooting a month prior to it happening. Then an ad caught my eye due to this painting sitting on my table. It was an ad for the London Boat Show. Prior to that I felt the energy of the song Caribbean Blue by Enya. Also there is a large coronal hole on the sun at 1654, major flares are anticipated. Apparently it is two-thirds the size of the one that was seen just before the Asian Tsunami. That tsunami also followed after the Venus transit of the Sun in 2004.

Both numbers, 16 + 54  mean something important to me. You will remember that we shared the importance of the sixteen pointed sun star in a previous post on Kismet, and how it relates to Venus.

The London Boat Show is being held at London Excel between the 12th-20th of January, 2013. Has we know 20 is the number of judgement. The days are as follows:

12 Jan = Day of Adventure
13 Jan = Upward Mobility
14 Jan = Integration
15 Jan = Inevitability
16 Jan = Fulfilment
17 Jan = Clear Goal
18 Jan = Playfulness
19 Jan = Dreams
20 Jan = Impulse

The painting looks like a water tyre in 3D, and water spinning inside it. Has we know a lot of money will be at the boat show and some high level talking will be taking place amongst the rich and wealthy that can afford such luxuries. Has we know celebrities are already planning to leave France to live in Russia due to the introduction of the 75% tax rate on their earnings.

If you liked boats and were rich, wouldn't you rather live on a luxury floating palace away from the crowds? It is bound to be a good boat show with the rich and wealthy edging their bets. All looking for their very own ark; to save them from the floods when the ice caps go.

The security is high at London Excel. However, will security be high enough during the London Boat Show? Let's wait and see shall we. London Excel is close to Canary Wharf and money changers, it is also close to the Olympic stadium.

'The International J/70 Sportsboat Class is off to a flying start in the UK, Europe the USA and 15 countries around the world and the most recent boat has just been delivered to the UK.'  

16+54 = 70!

Has we know 70 divides by 10, and 10 relates to the spiritual law in the NT. The number seven is the ZAYIN and the Jewish sages refer to it has the 'Woman of Valor'. However, it is also the life number of the spiritual teacher. Hence why you find it in the teachings of the prophets. It is written that Jesus sent out 70 disciples two by two, and Moses selected 70 people for the sanhedrin to help him to help the people.

J/70 then gives the land of Joseph with the 70, they are sporty and they have class. Has we shared with you previously. New Jerusalem will require boats for rescue missions; to help the Islanders and those that can sail them.

20 January 2013, gives us the numerics of 20+1+20+13 = 54 again!

Love beyond measure everyone stay safe!



This is a planetary update for the 8th of January, 2013 and the 8th of Jan is the  'Day of Impact'. Prior to viewing this video, while I was bathing this morning, I asked the LORD about the situation with Obama, and he just gave me a vision of a white cloud after a large explosion like a nuclear bomb. In fact, it looked like the cloud in this video that is coming from the volcano. Has we know Obama is vulcanic and anything can happen when he explodes. 

The planetary update shares with you that most of the planet is getting warmer. These paintings also came to be today. I can see a banana in the yellow one; and our precious planet in the other. In the UK yellow is the color of the Lib Dems; and they also grow a lot of bananas in the Canaries. The yellow Canary is a sweet little bird. However, there is nothing sweet about Canary Wharf in the UK, where the money changers congregate. Banana also speaks to me of commodity traders, and those that gamble with food. It looks like the green lobby is outnumbered by the Liberal Democrats in the above painting. 
It is going to take a lot more than politicians and their civil servants to solve what ails humanity. 

So hows it going in Pakistan folks, with the biblical plague upon their livestock? The biblical plague came upon Pakistan at a time when there is another court case being brought by Muslims against a British school. The British can be mugs, they do like their tea.  However, Alex Jones is the archetype of the American bully, that polices the world without the consent of other nations; at the bidding of Saudi. 

Just see the composure of the professional Piers Morgan, the Englishman compared with the American, they are worlds apart. The Englishman is peacefully asking the questions, and Alex Jones is vulcanic, like a volcano that explodes.  Has the LORD God said 'Obama is fuel for the fire' and Alex Jones certainly has a fire that the bible tells you cannot be quenched. Is Alex a holy temple? No, Alex Jones is a machine gun that fires constantly every time he is triggered. 

Those that know, know what the vibration of his shooting does to the ears of children, and the rest of the planet. Alex Jones is a gun slinger, nothing more, nothing less. A cowboy without a horse. In the UK we call tradesmen 'cowboys', if they do not give fairness and justice, and do a good job for their customers. Alex Jones is more suited to a building site; than he is television. In my experience American construction workers trigger like Alex as well. 

Has I have said before the American nut is hard to crack! 

Big smiles!

In the planetary picture I see a Muslim has emerged in a burka wearing a gas mask, for surely there is war in Islamic lands. One could say that it is karmic due to Islam standing with Nazi Germany and the Vatican against the Jewish people in WW2. However, when will it end? For violence keeps the world in the never ending cycles and vexes the Spirit of God. Gandhi knew that an eye for an eye makes everyone blind so Pakistan came to be for the sake of peace. However, still India did not have peace with Islam after everything that it gave. Now the spiritual law is not in their favor. Hence, the biblical plague on their livestock, just like in the time of Moses when they would not let my people go. We did warn people in advance that the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit would have a sting in its tail, and that it would impact on those that live in Islamic lands. No surprise then that sexual disease is also rising there as well. It was bound to happen in this astrological transit, just like it is exploding in the USA. The USA and Saudi are bed partners, its amazing what people are willing to do to put oil in their ever thirsty tanks, tanks that march across the nations in the sight of God. When will they learn that the LORD God sees beyond appearances directly into their hearts. 



You may remember that the other day the LORD mentioned ROSA, well here she is, she has moved to Latin America.



Monday, 7 January 2013

Forest Niggun, Israel

For those that have never been to Israel. When I saw the flowers I felt a strong presence of Michael. His spirit is surely walking that land in the now, he loves it there.



While I was painting I was pondering on an Englishman, and the LORD God said 'KISMET'. The word means 'fate', 'destiny', a predetermined course of events. In Turkish it can also mean luck. Interesting that Wiki mention a Macedonian band called 'Kismet'. They were an Australian rock group in the years 1993-1999. Then yesterday an anonymous man on a forum said to me 'I failed you in Macedonia'. He explained that it was due to his lack of trust. He said that after I shared, 'love had followed me everywhere', like energy follows thought. My intention was full of the heart of pure love, has such, real love followed my pure intention.

This painting reminds me of the snail again, and it is a snail with flames coming out of it. Has we know they eat snails in France. There is a lot going on in this painting and has the heavenly Father said KISMET while I was painting it, I shall call it KISMET.

7th of January, 2013. 

It is written that the original Greek word for Macedonia means 'a tall one' or 'highlander' and my dad, the Son of Joseph was very tall. Many are now saying that the Jewish line comes down the line from the Father, not the Mother. However, no matter what, if there is Jewish blood running in your veins who can dispute it?

The Vergina Sun is a 16 ray star discovered in Vergina, Greece. It was discovered in 1977 in the tombs of the kings during excavations. Archaeologist Manolis Andronikos described the symbol has a 'star', a 'starburst' or a 'sunburst'. Another one was found with 12 rays and has we know the rays are mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls. The 12 rays were found on the tomb of Eurydice II of Macedon.

Both eight and sixteen pointed suns appeared on Macedonian coins. It is written that some nationalists associate the 16 pointed star/sun with 'Star of Bethlehem'. The 16 pointed star is also a double eight, so it could signify the morning and evening star together combined e.g. a century when venus transits the sun twice like it did this decade. In 2004 and again in 2012, eight years apart.

This plate is interesting. It is described has:

Plate depicting Cybele, a votive sacrifice and the sun God. Ai Khanoum, 2nd century BCE. Musée Guimet. Personal photograph 2006.
Contrary to what is written about this plate, I see no evidence of a sun god has written by the photographer. 

To the right you will see the 16 pointed star and the crescent moon and the 16 pointed star can be found in and on top of some Islamic venues. In addition, the Ishvara Temple in India has a floor plan of a 16 pointed star and has we know the Ishvara temple is older than the Islamic ones. They say that it was dedicated to Shiva. You will see in the plate that the carriage and the horses that look like lions are going towards a wall where a lady is with what looks like a jug of water or a cup like the Holy Grail. Has we know the jug/cup of water relates to the Age of Aquarius.  There is also what looks like a golden celestial lance pointing up to a woman in the heavens and her crown has 13 points to it. Behind the carriage is a footman providing the shade for what they say is Cybele. So there we have the carriage again like the Hermes Caleche post. Carriage = Chariot and that is also symbolic of the merkaba, the light body has found in Ezekiel. 

In addition to the celestial lance, you see the golden reins and the two of them together are creating the victory sign. Has such, if this plate is indeed depicting cybele, it indicates victory for the prophets in this timeline being described by the plate itself. No surprise then that the celestial lance was given to me while I was on Greek soil. The room was also full of large energetic hearts, it was truly awesome. 

The two lions can also be symbolic of Judah and the book of Genesis predicted that when shiloh come the scepter would leave Judah. Hence, the water carrier is raised up looking at events and those that stand before her in the timeline. However, the celestial lance is the key to this find; due to the importance of number 13 in this timeline. In addition, the woman from heaven is looking at those from Macedonia and that also indicates the timeline that was mentioned by Prophet Daniel.  When the Prince of Greece and yours truly fulfilled the biblical prophecy. Hence the inclusion of the Lions due to the Lions being associated with Prophet Daniel. You can be sure that the ancient Greeks of macedonia knew all about the prophets and the prophecies. In fact, there is a still a mass of classical Greek texts in the monastery in Egypt that have not been translated into English. The Greeks were very powerful in Egypt, and it was written that they were the very first bankers there. Hence, the streets paved with golden pebbles. The ancient Greeks also moved their maths library from Athens to Alexandria. So surely, they did not move it all without leaving any copies behind in Athens? Surely, they must have taken precaution with the ancient treasure of the nation? 

It looks like lions have their paws on the wall, and that indicates the honoring of the age of Aquarius, the divine feminine,  and its importance to Greece in this timeline. 

Has you can see the woman in the heavens has her back to the crescent moon and the 16 pointed star. Has such, the timeline indicates after the second transit of the sun. No coincidence then that in Rev 12, the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet as well. However, the Rev 12 timeline was completed in 2008. Rev 13 also mentions wisdom and so does Rev 17. Add the two numbers together and you get the number 30. My son Jordan will 30 years old this month. 

There is also an amazing pebble-mosiac paving in Pella, Greece. It looks like a giant chess board.

The Greeks have a similar word to the Jewish people. Instead of 'Sanhedrin', they have 'Synedrion'. The council was a small group formed among some of the most eminent Macedonians, chosen by the king to assist him with the government of the kingdom. It included 'bodyguards' who were nobles, chosen by the king himself, especially has close advisors. It is written that it was a prestigious honorary title. There were seven of them in the time of Alexander.

It included the kings's friends and companions and the most important generals of the army. They are members of the council by birth-right. Two main principles were 'equality of word' and 'freedom of speech'. There is a light shining brightly on my left eye has I was writing that, it was like an opticians light.



This painting came to be on the 'Day of Difference', 7th of January, 2013. It looks like the letter 'N'. The nearest to it in the Hebrew alphabet is the 'Aleph' and in the original pictographs it was the head of an Ox. In this painting it also looks like the wish bone from the chicken. 

Remember last year the LORD spoke of 'TANAKH'. Then we have 'Nevi'im' and it means prophets.
This painting reminds me of Greece due to its color, and Prophet Nehemiah. The Jewish community were purified with the canceling of debt and he assisted Ezra. No coincidence than that when I was in Greece, the LORD God said EZRA and it means 'God helps'.

Nehemiah is identified in one haggadah with Zerubbabel, indicating that he was born in Babylon. Indeed he was, he was born on the land of the USA and lives in Greece. He is a kindly and charitable man, and a healer of the 'inner child'. He is very spiritual. However, just like the ELIAKIM fresco in the Vatican shows you, he can be orthodox in his views. Especially to do with what one consumes. The fresco shows you that the children look up to him, the fresco does not do him justice, he is very tall, he has a large stature.

When I met with him he was addressed about judgement, and that which he was avoiding. He was given advice to go onto the boats and teach there. That he must go to the people; and not expect the people to come to him. His advice to me was that I was to have weekly reflexology treatments due to the injury in my foot.

WISHBONE ASH in Greece singing 'Warrior'.

The color of the painting signifies a powerful healing process is underway with the prophets in Greece. Greece and its islands shall be its natural crystal blue, sea that looks like glass. It has a beauty that is beyond measure; and I will always hold Greece and its people in my heart. Oh the gipsy in me would have loved to have moved to Greece has originally planned in my youth. To Island hop and just be free in semi-retirement. However, the plans of the LORD God for yours truly was different to her own.

Lyrics for 'Warrior' by Wishbone Ash

I'm leaving to search for something new,
Leaving everything I ever knew.
A hundred years in the sunshine
Hasn't taught me all there is to know.

In the valley, we will gather there,
Helpless in our surrender.
Tomorrow the plow becomes the sword -
Make us stronger in our danger.

Time will pass away,
Time will guard our secret.
I'll return again
To fight another day.

I'd have to be a warrior -
A slave I couldn't be -
A soldier and a conqueror,
Fighting to be free. 

So I give this painting to him, may all of his dreams come true for his people in 2013. May the painting be a wish bone for him. May all of the debts of the Greek people be written off. Has Jesus said 'Father, forgive us our debts'.



Planetary news and 7th of January is the 'Day of Difference'. The video maker also mentions the magnetism.

Interesting that these Lotus Feet feel like hot coals at the moment. We did share that prophecy with you in the past on this blog. 'Legs like pillars of fire' are mentioned in Rev 10:1.

Lotus Feet 

Skin Disease of Messiah 

Will they understand what has to be done? 

How long will it take for it to sink in? 

When will they understand the difference?

His daughter has little strength now, and the LORD God holds her up.

He gives her the strength to carry on. 



Following on from the planetary news and what is going down in Pakistan let's see what else we have to share about Pakistan.

Yes you guessed it, MONSANTO is involved in the ecology and farming of Pakistan. The same American corporation that the LORD God said creates carnage wherever it goes. However, he was not only talking about Monsanto when he said that he was talking about all corporations. 

On the website for Monsanto in Pakistan it states that Monsanto came to Pakistan on 1st of October, 1998 when it acquired 'Cargill International Seed' operations. So folks that is how they buy their way in. They buy up companies in the nations that they wish to pollute with GM. 

On the 20th of April 2012, Saleem Shaikh wrote an article titled 'Monsanto to carry out new maize trials in Pakistan'. 

There are concerns that GM crop sites could contaminate smallholder farms nearby
[ISLAMABAD] The multinational agriculture firm Monsanto has been given government permission to conduct a third round of trials of its genetically modified (GM) maize in Pakistan.

Monsanto's 'VT Double Pro' corn is a pest-resistant GM maize variety that has been approved for cultivation in 20 countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa, a Monsanto official said.

Under Pakistani law, GM maize varieties must undergo small-scale regulatory trials before larger multi-location field trials can be approved. Monsanto Pakistan conducted two crop trials in December 2010 and February 2011 at its research farm near Lahore.

Permission for the next round of trials has now been granted by the National Biosafety Committee (NBC)*, despite continued controversy over the initial trials, which became mired in a spat between the 
scientists responsible for their oversight.

The rest of the article can be found on 

Pakistan kick out Monsanto.


Sunday, 6 January 2013

PLANETARY NEWS 6 January, 2013

The 6th of January is the 'Day of Substantiation'. 

There is a lot going on around the planet. Check out the news, methane gas in the USA and in Pakistan a disease that is ravaging livestock. 

So what else do we have on it?

A ProMED-mail post
ProMED-mail is a program of the
International Society for Infectious Diseases
Date: Thu 3 Jan 2013
Source: Pakistan Observer [summ., edited]
Much to the horror of the animal bearers, a large number of deaths have been reported within a week in Ghotki and Sukkur [Sindh province]. According to the villagers buffaloes and cows feel congested in breathing and die in a short time span. The sudden death of buffaloes, cows, and goats has forced the breeders to watch their means of livelihood die in front of their eyes. Moreover, some 1.5 million domestic animals are believed to be suffering from this unknown disease.
I [reporter Hashim Abro] appeal to the President of Pakistan to direct the concerned provincial departments to set up campus for the treatment of the domestic animals in the affected districts and also direct the veterinary doctors to make regular visits to the villages throughout the province so as save the domestic animals, which become a sole source of income and livelihood for poverty and sorrow-stricken villagers in the rural areas of Sindh province.
[Byline: Hashim Abro]

Does the bible speak about the death of the livestock? Yes, indeed it does. The bible predicted that the livestock would die in this timeline if people refused to do the will of God. Revelation chapter 15 also mentions the plagues. In the book of Exodus, the plague came upon livestock in Egypt, when they would not let my people go.

On the 27th of February, 2012 yours truly wrote about the mourning of the lamb. Has we know there are many rich people from Pakistan that live on the land of Joseph.

Amos 5 is about the remnant of Joseph that is in this land. It mentions the straw and imposition of taxes on the poor by the rich. It includes the oppression of the innocent, the wailing in the streets and cries of anguish in the the public squares. Surely, that took place in 2011 when England was burning down, and the LORD said 'I will pass through your midst'.


It includes the fact that the 'farmers will be summoned to weep and the mourners to wail.' When the farmers see their livestock dying in their hands, when their ewes are barren, and 20% of their investment is dead. Then they mourn what has been taken from them. 20 is also the number of judgement and this is a five year of physical manifestation. It is also the timeline of judgement and salvation explained in Isaiah 65.

Amos 5 also mentions 'The Day of the LORD', and how people would flee from a Lion, as we know a Lion is a large cat and in the biblical prophecies, Obama is the Leopard that speaks like a Lion. When they flee from the Lion, then they meet a bear. The prophecies also state that Obama has the feet of a bear, e.g. large feet. The bear is also symbolic of Russia and Russia is becoming more and more Islamic. The indigenous peoples of the ex-USSR are becoming very concerned indeed, as they watch the cultural genocide again.


Today, my son brought home some chicken livers, most people don't look at the packaging but I do. I do like to see the origin of the food. The box states that the produce came from a farm in Norfolk. However, the box has arabic writing on the side of the box with its approval sign. The fact is, that what my son bought home today has been prayed over by Muslim clerics to their god.

Now the farming industry are wondering why their lambs have got a biblical plague. Time the farmers read the story of Moses and what happened and the reasons why. As we know matters became very severe indeed, until the Pharaoh was forced to let my people go.


Amos 5 mentions how 'he rested his hand on the wall', Obama did that when he went to Israel. He rested his hand on the wall. I viewed a video the other day and Clinton claimed that her government was responsible for the fall of the Berlin wall. So it looks like she had her hands all over that wall as well.

The text of Amos 5 tells the people what they can do with their religious festivals, and assemblies and how they are a stench to the LORD.


The LORD is only allowing justice and righteousness to roll on like a river and 'a never failing stream.' As we know, the streams are holy to the LORD.


Amos five, continues to tell the people that they've lifted the shrine of their king, the pedestal of idols. The star of your god which you made yourselves. A calamity has certainly come upon the farmers due to what they have done.

In addition to the plague there is also droughts, and droughts are also to do with the LORD. Droughts come, when the people either refuse to do the will of the LORD, or choose to ignore it. It is written that there has not been a drought like this in the land of Joseph since 1972. No surprise, that was a time of unemployment rising and a conservative PM, Edward Heath. He came up with loads of plans and they were completely derailed. This is the time of the derailment again. Hence, why trains keep on being derailed. Did they get the message? Do they understand the signs?



More on the magnetism of the spiritual law and its 'fatal attraction' when people do not understand its relationship to physics. Has the LORD God said 'It is not a one way street'.

Has we know this is now the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit and we did warn you in advance that it would bring forth issues to do with sexual disease. No surprise then that RT have provided a report on the USA and how some of its baby boomers are dying of Hepatitis C.

The report states that the USA would like to check over a million people who could have Hepatitis C in the USA. RT refer to it has the 'silent killer' that 'stalks the free lovers'. After spending a long time listening to Americans talk about sexuality. I anticipate that it will be a lot more than a million that will be struck down with a sexual disease. It is a lot more than baby boomers; that have not honored their bodies has a sacred temple.

The report also explains to you how the blood that was given to people was not checked prior to transfusion. It was only after the HIV epidemic in the 90's that they started to check blood.

We also know from the work of Dr Paul Pearsall that when you transport organs or blood, you also inherit the memories that blood holds. Blood can be washed of its memories that have been inherited this way. However, you have to know how to do it, and no scientific research has been done on its success. Although there was a case of a miracle for a gay guy that I once knew. He was HIV and he received the all clear.

What else do we have for you this night?

The 6th of January is the 'Day of Substantiation'.

There is a lot going on around the planet.



This painting reminds me of a magnet and it looks like it has a fire within it. Magnetism, and has we  know the spiritual law operates like a magnet. Has I was compelled to explain to spiritual people in 2008, the law of attraction can be fatal, if and when people do not truly understand it and its physics.

The colors of it also remind me of the USA, and two opposing parties that are actually working has one entity, like a magnet for its people. The heavenly Father also said that 'Obama is fuel for the fire' and has we know we cannot put out fire with fire. It takes the water of shiloh to put out the fire that is created by man. The fountain of wisdom that was sent to help humanity in this timeline; can and does put out the fire that people hold within themselves. The bible speaks of a fire that cannot be quenched, and that is because people have to be willing to accept the pure spiritual water that is offered to them to drink in this timeline.

Has we know the planetary energies are now in 'Saturn in Scorpio' and I did make a video that shares with you about Obama and his Scorpions that have a sting in their tail.


I also had a dream today, and in the dream I was in some kind of charity shop and I purchased a bottle of 'HERMES' Caleche. The bottle was two thirds full, and it was clearly an unwanted present, that it why it was given away to raise funds for charity.

I spoke to my friend about its value and whether it was worth the price. We decided that it was due to the amount that was in the bottle.

Hermes Caleche is a French perfume, although I only ever bought Eau de Toilette when I could afford to do so when traveling in the duty free shop. It first came into my life when I was 16 years old, and my first steady boyfriend gave some to me. I used to wear it in the winter time because its fragrance gives you a feeling of warmth. Hermes describe it has a classic blend of floral and woody scents.

It is certainly a classic scent and has outlived many that have been and gone. The fragrance that you wear can also be like a magnet; if a man likes the smell of what you wear. If he loved you, he will always remember your smell. The memory of smell is not erased from your consciousness, and Spirit like to impart different fragrances to bring memory to the fore. Some Spirits also like to be remembered has a particular smell. I remember a man that lived in Sydney, his name was Sid and he like to be remembered by his love of fish and chips. Has such, after he passed over, I knew when he had arrived in my reality, due to the smell of the fish and chips. No surprise then that fish and chips, a national dish of the UK is also golden in color.

'Calèche: composed by Guy Robert in 1961, this very feminine combination of flower,wood and chypre, whose name evokes the House’s emblematic carriage team, shines through the beauty of its primary ingredients, from the gaiety of its citrus hints to the modernity of its aldehyde notes, from its floral heart embroidered with ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine, to its woody chypre afternote, emphasized by the nobility of iris.' 

No surprise then that Caleche has the fragrance from the Iris and Nostradamus predicted that the Iris would come, and that they could be seen everyday for forty years. 

The evi website claim that in French 'Caleche' means 'Stagecoach', or 'Stage' and has you can see it is golden in color. It was a light carriage pulled by a single horse. In addition, the word HERMES relates to a messenger of the gods. Hence, Hermes and the other perfume companies were bringing the messages about the power of fragrance to humanity. The power of flowers and their impact on you and your lives. 

It was also ordained that I would meet a carriage driver in this lifetime; and she liked the fragrances that I wore. One of my ancestors was killed by a carriage driver in London. After the Lady gave up all of her birth right to riches, she married the footman that she loved, then her husband died. 

Did her Scottish family give the order for his death? Did they hope that she would return to them with her children?  I can see all of the connections with the carriage driver especially past life and its 'fatal attraction'. I had no choice but to leave that reality behind, due to that which it had not healed within itself. How amazing then that when yours truly renounced fame and fortune in the presence of the carriage driver, she triggered all over the place. I can see now that she was triggered due to what she had done to one of my ancestors. 

She had taken the life of a soul, and her soul triggered due to her memory of it, a memory that had not been healed of being a murderer. Has such, her soul thought that I had come to take her life away from her has retribution for what she had done. 

Powerful then, that in hindsight, I had been sent to impart and teach her forgiveness, and to demonstrate divine love in manifestation on the earth plane to her. To assist her to heal, and to become what she was born to become, a healer of animals. 

It is written that one of the symbols of Hermes was the rooster and the rooster was also mentioned in the biblical prophecies. Andrew Breitbart was born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster. Hermes is described has having wings on his sandals and wings on his cap. It is written that the name came from HERMA, yet the scholars do not know where the word HER MA came from. 

Wiki share that the word Hermes could come from 'Hermaneus', and it means 'interpreter'. In Greek a lucky find is Hermaion, and in the dream I had a lucky find when I found the bottle of Caleche. 

There is an early statue of Hermes and he is carrying the lamb on his shoulders. Do you remember in the biblical prophecies it tells the men to put their daughters on their shoulders in this timeline? Just like my dad put me on his shoulders; when we were marching to ban the bomb. 

It is written that Hermes was sent has a divine messenger to teach humanity the value of justice, and to improve their inter-personal relationships. The divine messenger is also associated with boundaries and the importance of them. The carriage driver did not have boundaries in place, and that is why the animal healer tried to erode mine. 

You can tell a lot about a woman by what she wears, and the animal healer wore the boots of someone that she admired. Did that woman deserve her admiration? The American woman was an adulteress and died of cancer, so you decide. Would you wear her boots? 

Remember Monroe said that she only slept in No.5. A woman that truly appreciates beauty, appreciates more than appearances, she appreciates the beauty of a soul when the soul walks in beauty. 

Like the innocence of Monroe, she had a beauty that came from within her, it shone from her heart, the innocent love that she came to give. However, true and innocent love can attract the darkness just like Monroe did. Like moths that are attracted to the light, they also bring their own messages if and when you are open to receive. Apparently, Kennedy said that he would rather his children were red than dead, and has we know Monroe was murdered and so was he. So being red did not save him or others in his family. 

History shows us that the USA has never been a good country or nation to be in. It does make one wonder why so many British musicians went there. John Lennon being another one that was murdered in the USA, it seems to me that the USA has a curse upon it, due what its people did and still do to the innocent Indians. The heavenly Father also spoke about the carnage that is created by their corporations; and has we know Obama is the president of the American corporation. 

The blue moth was a beautiful messenger, it came to tell us that an adopted child would return home. 

So what is happening in France? The French government are imposing 75% tax on the earnings of the rich, many of the rich do not plan to pay it, so they are leaving. Some are moving to Russia. If all of the rich were charged the same in every country then there would be no where for the the celebrities to run. 

Is it fair that they are paid so much money for doing what they love? Or has humanity lost touch with that which is beauty? Is it fair and justice that the perfume companies charge so much for a fragrance that was developed in 1961? The high cost comes in the research and development phase, those costs can be recouped within a couple of years if the fragrance is a good one. 

Did you know that research companies work for the corporations that then dictate what will be the fashion up to 20 years in advance? Did you know that impacts on new fragrances and their names that are developed? So that new fragrances are aligned with the fashions of the day? To those that are dictated to by fashion, wake up! For has the LORD God said 'Your designer clothes will not save you'. 

I shall stay with my lucky find that I was given in my dream this wintertime. I never was a follower of fashion, I developed my own. In my own uniqueness, I found beauty, and I never really appreciated how beautiful it was until the last days of the end times. 

The fragrance of oils became a part of my life after I met Peter the aromatherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. The fragrance of flower essences became an important part of my life when I met two ladies that grew the flowers and made the essences by hand. Although I did know of them prior to that. A neighbor and a friends dad also used the essences. 

They still make the essences by hand today, one makes them for people and the other makes them for animals We were all together on the circuit, touring together, sharing our hearts. Humanity were given many messages about the flowers and their content to heal the people in different ways. 

In the dream I bought the present because it was worthy of the price from that which is charity. Israel was also given a plant of peace in May 2006, their charity was rewarded. They are worthy of the Lily of Peace that was given and blessed from my heart to them. 

No surprise then that my mother Lily also wore Caleche; and in 2005, she left a bottle for me when she passed over. There is just a little in the bottle left, enough for this winter. 


Saturday, 5 January 2013


These two paintings came to be prior to me reading about a man that died in a car crash in the USA in May, 2012. The first painting looks like a pumpkin, and the second one looks like an avocado, or crystal stone. In the pumpkin you will see a face, and a hand that is put upon it to stop it in its tracks.

Has we know the USA like their pumpkins to do with halloween. No surprise then that the pumpkin also appears in the Walt Disney film of Cinderella. Has we know the pumpkin turned into a golden coach so that Cinderella could go to the ball.

I can also see the sign of Jonah in the painting and a boat. Has we know there is a biblical prophecy about the sign of Jonah that arrived in Israel in this timeline.

The second painting has more light in it, and I can see a crescent moon and an eye. Its like this man was leading a double life, like a double agent. It is well known fact that he was anti-Israel, and no matter how much you explained truth to him he simply ignored it. He also claimed to be 'Faithful and True' that is mentioned in Rev 19 and he never would accept that he wasn't.

He liked a merry dance, and I did feel that he had a good heart. However, people can have a good heart and still support what they feel is right without it being so. For instance all of the people in the USA that support the gun owning movement, they view guns has a symbol of freedom. Where other people in the West view a gun has a weapon of violence. There are two opposing views on how to ensure peace becomes a reality for the world. Those with true common sense know that weapons of violence only bring more violence.

If I remember correctly, the man that died was not only anti-Israel, he was an Obama supporter has well. I have read all there is to read on the subject matter, I have also taken history, his and mine into account. I have come to a rational conclusion that the man was an infiltrator working for someone in the  US government. When our realities first met; he was doing a lot of listening and learning in the spiritual community and that was even prior to the Rev 12 timeline. He was also heavily involved in the conspiracy movement and it was there that he appeared to make the most friends.

It is no surprise that the man had the surname of 'Lawless', and lawlessness is mentioned in the bible to do with the timeline. It is no coincidence that he was watching the wondrous woman from heaven during the Rev 12 timeline, and again during the Micah 4 timeline when daughter Zion made her appearance on US boards, and on the land itself. In fact, you may remember that the Prince of Peace Church of Philadelphia burned to the ground when yours truly arrived on US soil.

He came across has a kindly man that adored his wife and children. However, what was he prepared to do for his government and military bosses? How far was he prepared to go for what he felt was right? In the beginning he just had an avatar name, some years later he added a number three times. Many have wondered what that number signifies. Well it is the life number of the spiritual teacher, it was also the life number of Jesus. However, in gematria the meaning of its letter is the 'woman of valor', although 'Lawless' was not willing to accept the Jewish sages view of their Hebrew letters or anything that was real about Israel, or anything good to do with the Jewish people.

He continually promoted that the IS in Isis was in the name of Israel, like other infiltrators and their followers do, and his mind and heart could not be changed when truth was shared with him. That then shows us that there was a particular motivation for doing what he was doing; and imparting truth was not one of them. Although many innocents did accept what he shared with them, like sheep to the slaughter.

The man died, like many others that perished when I was cut off from the internet. Prior to that, I had asked him many times to heal himself. Was Mr Lawless set up by the US government to be the 'Son of Lawlessness?', to take the attention of the people away from the real one that is mentioned in Rev 13?

Was the man set up just like we warned the Americans that they had been set up in 2009?

His signature included the following: 'Faithful and True', 'Ophiuchus....The Great Serpent Wrestler and Tamer'. Of course he was doing the opposite by standing against Israel at the same time as defending Islam that introduced the 'Isis Conspiracy', to begin with. 

Is it a coincidence that in recent days the place were he went has been hacked and everyone is having to change their passwords?

I truly hope that he rests in peace and makes his peace with Israel and its people.

Forgive them Father for they know not what they do.



Following on from the 'HEARTBEAT BRAZIL' post there have been some more paintings and a brilliant video from Amazon Watch about Brazil.


5th of January, 2013 
'Day of Recovery'

Please distribute this video far and wide.




5th of January, 2013 
'Day of Recovery'


This painting feels like it has a Brazilian carnival energy with it. I can see the heart like wings that is helping the energy to fly. it has the feeling of speed and action. Like something is about to be launched.
What is happening with the weather and the climate; is having an impact on the hearts of the people in more ways than one. People know that the seasons have changed, they can see it, feel it, they know it in their hearts and souls. It does not matter what any scientists say to the people now. There are souls that have reincarnated on this planet that have been through climate change before. They know at a very deep level of being; that humanity have to change in harmonic concordance with nature and what the planet itself is telling them. Their hearts are compelled to make a move in the right direction.

They can feel the winds of change in their wings, in their hearts and souls.

No surprise then that Rio is in the news.

The winds of rescuing the Rich has well has 'wasting' billions of British tax payers money without the consent of voters is also starting to make people cringe when the poor at home are faced with austerity measures to the extent that families cannot afford to feed and clothe their children.

Clearly, if a nation has to enforce austerity upon its nation then it clearly shows that it has no money to give to other countries until it can get its own house in order. If the people of the UK were asked what projects and countries to support, would they agree with where money is currently sent? Absolutely, not. Consecutive governments have not got their priorities in the right order; and it is the same with the EU and the UN. There are very few successful business people in European politics, and in my view that is why many things are the way that they are. Politicians depend on civil servants, friends and other advisors found in the corporations.

A good business person would never make the same decisions that politicians make on a daily basis. Look at Obama for instance; he has never run a successful business in his life, yet he is president of the largest corporation in the Western world. Obama had never been a consultant to any multi-nationals and look where that is taking the USA.

RT are fully aware that it is recovery or extinction.