Friday, 4 January 2013

Demetrius and the Gladiators

First there was Robe 1 and now Robe 2. Demetrius and the Gladiators. See if you can find your message within. Demetrius and the Gladiators and the next part of the journey with St Peter. 

This Christabel has just started watching it. It begins with them talking about how the followers of Jesus were not afraid to die because they had moved beyond attachment to the earthly realm and its reality.
One of the slaves says that they only kill what they fear, that is certainly the truth. Remember how the FBI knew that there was a plan to kill the OWS activists? 

The film then cuts to Peter holding the Robe talking to the Christians. You might like to watch it if your heart compels you so. Apostle Peter gives the robe to Demetrius the Greek and tells the Christians to take their problems to him. That demetrius shall be his eyes and ears to defend them like a watchtower for the flock of his followers.

'Only the gods are privileged to see each other'.

Did not Jesus say that 'Blessed are the pure of heart for they will see god'? Matthew 5:8

Do you understand now why it was possible for me to see him with my eyes wide open? To speak with him, to be held by him, to dance with him, to receive many visits from him. He comes to me has a dear friend, he is the brother that has loved me like no other brother. No brother could ever love me has he does with all of his heart and soul. It is he that gave me the name 'Lotus Feet' and called me Christabel, the anointed breath.

What of this word 'gods' in the Hebrew scriptures? In the psalms it is the word Elohim and those that have truly seen him and spoken with the Son of God are many on this planet at this time. The Elohim are here and it is divine intervention ordained by YAHWEH, for this is the year 2013 and 'YAHWEH HOLY MARRIAGE'. However, in a Mayan inscription it speaks of the 'Return of the Nine'.

The Elohim know that YAHWEH sent me to help them through this dramatic transition of humanity, from one age to the next. The end of pisces and the start of Aquarius the water bearer, the first day of the golden age truly did begin in November 2003. The harmonic concordance was truly an engagement with God, for he ordained for this reality to come to be.

Not only for his Son but for all humanity, he sent his Daughter. Daughter Zion, Eli Ziyyon. My whole life is recorded in the scriptures, from the smallest detail of the crimson bed covering that was made by this hand - to the most important aspects of the criteria. The name written on my birth certificate to prove who I am, and what is written in my flesh that cannot be denied by anyone.

So it is no surprise that the Prince of Greece came to me exactly has Prophet Daniel predicted that he would. The film tells you a story, and it has many layers and messages to it for those that can truly understand them. Apostle Peter also tells you that she will require much kindness now due to her experiences.

In 2006, I found myself in a lucid dream and I was dressed like Demetrius in the dream. Has I looked across the field in front, there were men fighting everywhere. The general called me to his side and asked me to stay with him. I was wearing a leather strap around my arm. I shared the dream with an Israeli friend at that time; and the article that I had written for the forthcoming eclipse. He shared with me how the leather that I was wearing on my arm in the dream, had importance to Israel. It was to do with the promise of the betrothal that orthodox Jewish people recite. It is to do with the will of God and the prophecy of Hosea about yours truly.

Also in that eclipse article I provided a commentary on Joel 2. 2006 now seems like a lifetime away, although I still keep the good memories in my heart. That was when the Spiritual journey that took me to the land of Israel became very serious indeed. The Rabbi's knew that when I came that I would be serious about everything. Aquarians can be very serious indeed, when it really matters a lot. When it is a life or death situation, it is certainly very serious.  That is why Israel became a priority in her life, it was the way it was meant to be, to help them in this timeline.

It began with a dream, and it ends with a film. It began when she met an Israeli healer and author and he was sent to her in 2003, to meet her in Florence. The spiritual celebrated the event all over the world, and there was great joy in their hearts, just like the joyful harp. It began when she was born on the planet, and the nation of Israel was reborn. It began when the Son of Joseph named his first born with a sacred name that is written in the Hebrew scriptures. A name that is written in every nation and land of the world.


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