Saturday, 5 January 2013


5th of January, 2013 
'Day of Recovery'


This painting feels like it has a Brazilian carnival energy with it. I can see the heart like wings that is helping the energy to fly. it has the feeling of speed and action. Like something is about to be launched.
What is happening with the weather and the climate; is having an impact on the hearts of the people in more ways than one. People know that the seasons have changed, they can see it, feel it, they know it in their hearts and souls. It does not matter what any scientists say to the people now. There are souls that have reincarnated on this planet that have been through climate change before. They know at a very deep level of being; that humanity have to change in harmonic concordance with nature and what the planet itself is telling them. Their hearts are compelled to make a move in the right direction.

They can feel the winds of change in their wings, in their hearts and souls.

No surprise then that Rio is in the news.

The winds of rescuing the Rich has well has 'wasting' billions of British tax payers money without the consent of voters is also starting to make people cringe when the poor at home are faced with austerity measures to the extent that families cannot afford to feed and clothe their children.

Clearly, if a nation has to enforce austerity upon its nation then it clearly shows that it has no money to give to other countries until it can get its own house in order. If the people of the UK were asked what projects and countries to support, would they agree with where money is currently sent? Absolutely, not. Consecutive governments have not got their priorities in the right order; and it is the same with the EU and the UN. There are very few successful business people in European politics, and in my view that is why many things are the way that they are. Politicians depend on civil servants, friends and other advisors found in the corporations.

A good business person would never make the same decisions that politicians make on a daily basis. Look at Obama for instance; he has never run a successful business in his life, yet he is president of the largest corporation in the Western world. Obama had never been a consultant to any multi-nationals and look where that is taking the USA.

RT are fully aware that it is recovery or extinction.


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