Friday, 4 January 2013


More biblical films are being brought forth. Films that are so old, it is written that it is hard to get a copy of them. I haven't watched any films for such a long time and now I am compelled to watch a spate of them. This film is called 'Peter and Paul'.

Part 1 of 2

Was the Apostle Peter white?

The Peter that appeared before me in my bedroom looked like he was African. He had a kindly face, short black curly hair, he had gentle smiling eyes and the light of love was in his eyes. He was very tall, and built like a gladiator. He was very strong, and he spoke softly. He said 'I am Peter, I have come to heal you'. Then he disappeared, I did not have the opportunity to question him, and I never saw him again. This is my testimony of divine experience with Peter from two decades ago.


Two people with the name of Peter came into my life around that time. Both were powerful healers; both held me in their arms and wiped the tears away. I feel sure that Apostle Peter worked with them in Spirit. His energy was like a man called Bill Lyons, he worked on the international circuit in the 20th century. He was a humble man, and I always remember him telling me 'Your light will never be blown out'.

Why then were all the films of the Apostles white men? Even the film Jesus Christ Superstar made an African into Judas. Why did Hollywood ignore the divine birth right of every child to become a healer? Why did they exclude my brothers and sisters? Maybe my Jewish brethren can give me a response to why Jewish film makers did what they did; when healing the world is so important to the Jewish people and its culture.


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