Tuesday, 8 January 2013


This is a planetary update for the 8th of January, 2013 and the 8th of Jan is the  'Day of Impact'. Prior to viewing this video, while I was bathing this morning, I asked the LORD about the situation with Obama, and he just gave me a vision of a white cloud after a large explosion like a nuclear bomb. In fact, it looked like the cloud in this video that is coming from the volcano. Has we know Obama is vulcanic and anything can happen when he explodes. 

The planetary update shares with you that most of the planet is getting warmer. These paintings also came to be today. I can see a banana in the yellow one; and our precious planet in the other. In the UK yellow is the color of the Lib Dems; and they also grow a lot of bananas in the Canaries. The yellow Canary is a sweet little bird. However, there is nothing sweet about Canary Wharf in the UK, where the money changers congregate. Banana also speaks to me of commodity traders, and those that gamble with food. It looks like the green lobby is outnumbered by the Liberal Democrats in the above painting. 
It is going to take a lot more than politicians and their civil servants to solve what ails humanity. 

So hows it going in Pakistan folks, with the biblical plague upon their livestock? The biblical plague came upon Pakistan at a time when there is another court case being brought by Muslims against a British school. The British can be mugs, they do like their tea.  However, Alex Jones is the archetype of the American bully, that polices the world without the consent of other nations; at the bidding of Saudi. 

Just see the composure of the professional Piers Morgan, the Englishman compared with the American, they are worlds apart. The Englishman is peacefully asking the questions, and Alex Jones is vulcanic, like a volcano that explodes.  Has the LORD God said 'Obama is fuel for the fire' and Alex Jones certainly has a fire that the bible tells you cannot be quenched. Is Alex a holy temple? No, Alex Jones is a machine gun that fires constantly every time he is triggered. 

Those that know, know what the vibration of his shooting does to the ears of children, and the rest of the planet. Alex Jones is a gun slinger, nothing more, nothing less. A cowboy without a horse. In the UK we call tradesmen 'cowboys', if they do not give fairness and justice, and do a good job for their customers. Alex Jones is more suited to a building site; than he is television. In my experience American construction workers trigger like Alex as well. 

Has I have said before the American nut is hard to crack! 

Big smiles!

In the planetary picture I see a Muslim has emerged in a burka wearing a gas mask, for surely there is war in Islamic lands. One could say that it is karmic due to Islam standing with Nazi Germany and the Vatican against the Jewish people in WW2. However, when will it end? For violence keeps the world in the never ending cycles and vexes the Spirit of God. Gandhi knew that an eye for an eye makes everyone blind so Pakistan came to be for the sake of peace. However, still India did not have peace with Islam after everything that it gave. Now the spiritual law is not in their favor. Hence, the biblical plague on their livestock, just like in the time of Moses when they would not let my people go. We did warn people in advance that the 'Saturn in Scorpio' transit would have a sting in its tail, and that it would impact on those that live in Islamic lands. No surprise then that sexual disease is also rising there as well. It was bound to happen in this astrological transit, just like it is exploding in the USA. The USA and Saudi are bed partners, its amazing what people are willing to do to put oil in their ever thirsty tanks, tanks that march across the nations in the sight of God. When will they learn that the LORD God sees beyond appearances directly into their hearts. 



Anonymous said...

Why attack Alex ? I doubt you know him . Everyone knows how vile Piers is . It seems you have a very nasty view of Americans .Your loss.

Anonymous said...

Alex Jones speaks for himself and the truth movement are waking up to his reality.