Friday, 4 January 2013


While getting something to eat I was pondering on a dear friend who has not been very well. She lives a long way away from me so we haven't met up for many years. Yahweh said 'ASHER', and Asher was the 8th Son of Jacob, the name in Hebrew means, 'Fortunate, blessed, happy'. Jacob blessed each of his sons and his blessing for Asher was for the 'food of Asher shall be rich and he shall provide delicacies fit for a king'. Genesis 30:13, Genesis 49:20. If she was indeed the son of Jacob then it explains why there is a fire of Jacob in the centre of her mandala. its a beautiful mandala.


Hebrew baby names share with us that the Rabbis taught 'And let him dip his foot in oil' Deuteronomy 33:24; this refers to the territory of Asher which flowed with oil like a fountain. Menachot 85b.

This means that the lady has to have aromatherapy oils on her feet, and reflexology due to the pain that she is experiencing. It tells me that her body is not assimilating the messages that she is meant to receive. Geranium is an excellent aromatherapy oil for assimilation, and it is wonderful mixed with Lavender.

This lady and I have spent many life times together, one of those life times was in the Far East and we were teachers and sages together. There was three of us, and her name was Hanshan.


She is also a saint that has reincarnated, she was a Florentine Saint that had been a mystic from a child.
She was the third saint that had been revealed to me; and there has been a fourth since then. No surprise then that I was sent to Florence in 2003 for the harmonic concordance. 

God speed you blessed one and what it is that you have to assimilate so that you can heal. 


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