Thursday, 3 January 2013


Has we know most movements have been infiltrated and the farming community is no different. Mark Lynas is an infiltrator, otherwise known as a GMO plant.

Infiltrators stand out like a sore thumb, make sure you can recognize them. First they support a cause and then once they have made a name for themselves they become what is known has a turncoat. Just like the ‘Love Police’ turned against those that supported the truth about 9/11. Infiltrators are put in place to undermine that which stands against the plans of the government and the UN. You will also find that those that support the UN unconditionally, also stand against the 9/11 truth movement, and they are Obama supporters. 

Unconditional love does not mean that you allow governments around the world to poison you, otherwise there is nothing left but feeling bereft. Author, Mark Lynas is exposed in Farmers Weekly by journalist Jane King. 

Lynas claims that the 'GM debate is finished'. Is that true? The last I heard Kenya had banned anything and everything to do with GMO. 'Mr Lynas said he felt the world had moved on and many so-called environmental groups had backed themselves into a corner with their negative GM arguments.

"I think we need a major dose of international myth busting and international deregulation. People have got their sense of risk back to front," he said.

He was saddened by Greenpeace's actions in Australia last year in destroying a GM wheat crop and by the Irish Green Party's legal fight against blight resistant potato trials.

There was also criticism of the organic movement describing it as "rejectionist at heart" and he likened it to the Amish community in Pennsylvania, which avoids using modern technology.

Mr Lynas said use of modern technology did not equal more risk and that it was irrational to suggest that it was better for the environment not to use artificial chemicals. The author's work includes the books Six Degrees and The God Species: How the Planet Can Survive the Age of Humans.' 

So which corporation recruited and is funding Mark Lynas? Monsanto? In 2011, Mark claimed on his website 'I will never be an 'ambassador for the corporate biotech lobby'. However, he openly admitted that he was a paid advisor to the president of the Maldives. 

Isn't the Maldives Islamic? What's the difference between Islam and the corporations? Absolutely nothing, because the oil rich nations invest the money that they plundered from you, into the corporations. The richest Muslims are shareholders of the corporations; and Mark openly admits who he works for. So if Islam wished to poison their people with GMO what would they require? Would people like Mark Lynas convince them to accept GMO? That depends how much money is laid on the table to the farmers. People are easily bought; when and if integrity is not in place. Remember this, integrity is not for sale. 

Has we know the Maldives is not in a good space now that the hard-liners have taken over. See previous posts about that on this blog. 

No thanks Mark, you can keep your GMO plant, we have no requirement for it. Next you will be telling us that you have become a Muslim convert! Well, well, well, he also supports nuclear energy, that's very green of him. 


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