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Following on from the planetary news and what is going down in Pakistan let's see what else we have to share about Pakistan.

Yes you guessed it, MONSANTO is involved in the ecology and farming of Pakistan. The same American corporation that the LORD God said creates carnage wherever it goes. However, he was not only talking about Monsanto when he said that he was talking about all corporations. 

On the website for Monsanto in Pakistan it states that Monsanto came to Pakistan on 1st of October, 1998 when it acquired 'Cargill International Seed' operations. So folks that is how they buy their way in. They buy up companies in the nations that they wish to pollute with GM. 

On the 20th of April 2012, Saleem Shaikh wrote an article titled 'Monsanto to carry out new maize trials in Pakistan'. 

There are concerns that GM crop sites could contaminate smallholder farms nearby
[ISLAMABAD] The multinational agriculture firm Monsanto has been given government permission to conduct a third round of trials of its genetically modified (GM) maize in Pakistan.

Monsanto's 'VT Double Pro' corn is a pest-resistant GM maize variety that has been approved for cultivation in 20 countries including Argentina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Honduras, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Philippines and South Africa, a Monsanto official said.

Under Pakistani law, GM maize varieties must undergo small-scale regulatory trials before larger multi-location field trials can be approved. Monsanto Pakistan conducted two crop trials in December 2010 and February 2011 at its research farm near Lahore.

Permission for the next round of trials has now been granted by the National Biosafety Committee (NBC)*, despite continued controversy over the initial trials, which became mired in a spat between the 
scientists responsible for their oversight.

The rest of the article can be found on 

Pakistan kick out Monsanto.


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