Saturday, 5 January 2013


5th of January, 2013
'Day of Recovery'. 

I see Obama in that painting, check out what he is up to in Egypt. 


There is a gateway opening in Egypt today at 8.30am GMT. 
Eight being the number of spiritual transformation, and 30 is to do with the spiritual law in the NT.

UPDATE 09.13
Ok, here we go, Egyptian lawyers claim that the Muslim Brotherhood received $1.5 billion from the Obama administration. That is 10 billion in Egyptian pounds. An immediate investigation is being carried out. 'The lawyers, Mohamed Ali Abd al-Wahab and Yasser Mohamed Sayab, filed the complaint against the Muslim Brotherhood for the allegedly illegal money transaction, Egypt’s private daily Al-Masry Al-Youm reported on Jan. 3.The complaint noted that Mitt Romney, the Republican candidate for the recent U.S. presidential election, had said that $1.5 billion was given to support Egypt's Brotherhood by the Obama administration.In addition, the lawyers accused the Muslim Brotherhood of having armed mercenaries or a “third party,” who have instigated violence during and after the revolutionary uprising in the country.The armed mercenaries are trained in the desert, which lies between the city of Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh in Egypt, the lawyers alleged.' 


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