Monday, 7 January 2013


This painting came to be on the 'Day of Difference', 7th of January, 2013. It looks like the letter 'N'. The nearest to it in the Hebrew alphabet is the 'Aleph' and in the original pictographs it was the head of an Ox. In this painting it also looks like the wish bone from the chicken. 

Remember last year the LORD spoke of 'TANAKH'. Then we have 'Nevi'im' and it means prophets.
This painting reminds me of Greece due to its color, and Prophet Nehemiah. The Jewish community were purified with the canceling of debt and he assisted Ezra. No coincidence than that when I was in Greece, the LORD God said EZRA and it means 'God helps'.

Nehemiah is identified in one haggadah with Zerubbabel, indicating that he was born in Babylon. Indeed he was, he was born on the land of the USA and lives in Greece. He is a kindly and charitable man, and a healer of the 'inner child'. He is very spiritual. However, just like the ELIAKIM fresco in the Vatican shows you, he can be orthodox in his views. Especially to do with what one consumes. The fresco shows you that the children look up to him, the fresco does not do him justice, he is very tall, he has a large stature.

When I met with him he was addressed about judgement, and that which he was avoiding. He was given advice to go onto the boats and teach there. That he must go to the people; and not expect the people to come to him. His advice to me was that I was to have weekly reflexology treatments due to the injury in my foot.

WISHBONE ASH in Greece singing 'Warrior'.

The color of the painting signifies a powerful healing process is underway with the prophets in Greece. Greece and its islands shall be its natural crystal blue, sea that looks like glass. It has a beauty that is beyond measure; and I will always hold Greece and its people in my heart. Oh the gipsy in me would have loved to have moved to Greece has originally planned in my youth. To Island hop and just be free in semi-retirement. However, the plans of the LORD God for yours truly was different to her own.

Lyrics for 'Warrior' by Wishbone Ash

I'm leaving to search for something new,
Leaving everything I ever knew.
A hundred years in the sunshine
Hasn't taught me all there is to know.

In the valley, we will gather there,
Helpless in our surrender.
Tomorrow the plow becomes the sword -
Make us stronger in our danger.

Time will pass away,
Time will guard our secret.
I'll return again
To fight another day.

I'd have to be a warrior -
A slave I couldn't be -
A soldier and a conqueror,
Fighting to be free. 

So I give this painting to him, may all of his dreams come true for his people in 2013. May the painting be a wish bone for him. May all of the debts of the Greek people be written off. Has Jesus said 'Father, forgive us our debts'.


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