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This painting reminds me of a magnet and it looks like it has a fire within it. Magnetism, and has we  know the spiritual law operates like a magnet. Has I was compelled to explain to spiritual people in 2008, the law of attraction can be fatal, if and when people do not truly understand it and its physics.

The colors of it also remind me of the USA, and two opposing parties that are actually working has one entity, like a magnet for its people. The heavenly Father also said that 'Obama is fuel for the fire' and has we know we cannot put out fire with fire. It takes the water of shiloh to put out the fire that is created by man. The fountain of wisdom that was sent to help humanity in this timeline; can and does put out the fire that people hold within themselves. The bible speaks of a fire that cannot be quenched, and that is because people have to be willing to accept the pure spiritual water that is offered to them to drink in this timeline.

Has we know the planetary energies are now in 'Saturn in Scorpio' and I did make a video that shares with you about Obama and his Scorpions that have a sting in their tail.


I also had a dream today, and in the dream I was in some kind of charity shop and I purchased a bottle of 'HERMES' Caleche. The bottle was two thirds full, and it was clearly an unwanted present, that it why it was given away to raise funds for charity.

I spoke to my friend about its value and whether it was worth the price. We decided that it was due to the amount that was in the bottle.

Hermes Caleche is a French perfume, although I only ever bought Eau de Toilette when I could afford to do so when traveling in the duty free shop. It first came into my life when I was 16 years old, and my first steady boyfriend gave some to me. I used to wear it in the winter time because its fragrance gives you a feeling of warmth. Hermes describe it has a classic blend of floral and woody scents.

It is certainly a classic scent and has outlived many that have been and gone. The fragrance that you wear can also be like a magnet; if a man likes the smell of what you wear. If he loved you, he will always remember your smell. The memory of smell is not erased from your consciousness, and Spirit like to impart different fragrances to bring memory to the fore. Some Spirits also like to be remembered has a particular smell. I remember a man that lived in Sydney, his name was Sid and he like to be remembered by his love of fish and chips. Has such, after he passed over, I knew when he had arrived in my reality, due to the smell of the fish and chips. No surprise then that fish and chips, a national dish of the UK is also golden in color.

'Calèche: composed by Guy Robert in 1961, this very feminine combination of flower,wood and chypre, whose name evokes the House’s emblematic carriage team, shines through the beauty of its primary ingredients, from the gaiety of its citrus hints to the modernity of its aldehyde notes, from its floral heart embroidered with ylang-ylang, rose and jasmine, to its woody chypre afternote, emphasized by the nobility of iris.' 

No surprise then that Caleche has the fragrance from the Iris and Nostradamus predicted that the Iris would come, and that they could be seen everyday for forty years. 

The evi website claim that in French 'Caleche' means 'Stagecoach', or 'Stage' and has you can see it is golden in color. It was a light carriage pulled by a single horse. In addition, the word HERMES relates to a messenger of the gods. Hence, Hermes and the other perfume companies were bringing the messages about the power of fragrance to humanity. The power of flowers and their impact on you and your lives. 

It was also ordained that I would meet a carriage driver in this lifetime; and she liked the fragrances that I wore. One of my ancestors was killed by a carriage driver in London. After the Lady gave up all of her birth right to riches, she married the footman that she loved, then her husband died. 

Did her Scottish family give the order for his death? Did they hope that she would return to them with her children?  I can see all of the connections with the carriage driver especially past life and its 'fatal attraction'. I had no choice but to leave that reality behind, due to that which it had not healed within itself. How amazing then that when yours truly renounced fame and fortune in the presence of the carriage driver, she triggered all over the place. I can see now that she was triggered due to what she had done to one of my ancestors. 

She had taken the life of a soul, and her soul triggered due to her memory of it, a memory that had not been healed of being a murderer. Has such, her soul thought that I had come to take her life away from her has retribution for what she had done. 

Powerful then, that in hindsight, I had been sent to impart and teach her forgiveness, and to demonstrate divine love in manifestation on the earth plane to her. To assist her to heal, and to become what she was born to become, a healer of animals. 

It is written that one of the symbols of Hermes was the rooster and the rooster was also mentioned in the biblical prophecies. Andrew Breitbart was born in the Chinese Year of the Rooster. Hermes is described has having wings on his sandals and wings on his cap. It is written that the name came from HERMA, yet the scholars do not know where the word HER MA came from. 

Wiki share that the word Hermes could come from 'Hermaneus', and it means 'interpreter'. In Greek a lucky find is Hermaion, and in the dream I had a lucky find when I found the bottle of Caleche. 

There is an early statue of Hermes and he is carrying the lamb on his shoulders. Do you remember in the biblical prophecies it tells the men to put their daughters on their shoulders in this timeline? Just like my dad put me on his shoulders; when we were marching to ban the bomb. 

It is written that Hermes was sent has a divine messenger to teach humanity the value of justice, and to improve their inter-personal relationships. The divine messenger is also associated with boundaries and the importance of them. The carriage driver did not have boundaries in place, and that is why the animal healer tried to erode mine. 

You can tell a lot about a woman by what she wears, and the animal healer wore the boots of someone that she admired. Did that woman deserve her admiration? The American woman was an adulteress and died of cancer, so you decide. Would you wear her boots? 

Remember Monroe said that she only slept in No.5. A woman that truly appreciates beauty, appreciates more than appearances, she appreciates the beauty of a soul when the soul walks in beauty. 

Like the innocence of Monroe, she had a beauty that came from within her, it shone from her heart, the innocent love that she came to give. However, true and innocent love can attract the darkness just like Monroe did. Like moths that are attracted to the light, they also bring their own messages if and when you are open to receive. Apparently, Kennedy said that he would rather his children were red than dead, and has we know Monroe was murdered and so was he. So being red did not save him or others in his family. 

History shows us that the USA has never been a good country or nation to be in. It does make one wonder why so many British musicians went there. John Lennon being another one that was murdered in the USA, it seems to me that the USA has a curse upon it, due what its people did and still do to the innocent Indians. The heavenly Father also spoke about the carnage that is created by their corporations; and has we know Obama is the president of the American corporation. 

The blue moth was a beautiful messenger, it came to tell us that an adopted child would return home. 

So what is happening in France? The French government are imposing 75% tax on the earnings of the rich, many of the rich do not plan to pay it, so they are leaving. Some are moving to Russia. If all of the rich were charged the same in every country then there would be no where for the the celebrities to run. 

Is it fair that they are paid so much money for doing what they love? Or has humanity lost touch with that which is beauty? Is it fair and justice that the perfume companies charge so much for a fragrance that was developed in 1961? The high cost comes in the research and development phase, those costs can be recouped within a couple of years if the fragrance is a good one. 

Did you know that research companies work for the corporations that then dictate what will be the fashion up to 20 years in advance? Did you know that impacts on new fragrances and their names that are developed? So that new fragrances are aligned with the fashions of the day? To those that are dictated to by fashion, wake up! For has the LORD God said 'Your designer clothes will not save you'. 

I shall stay with my lucky find that I was given in my dream this wintertime. I never was a follower of fashion, I developed my own. In my own uniqueness, I found beauty, and I never really appreciated how beautiful it was until the last days of the end times. 

The fragrance of oils became a part of my life after I met Peter the aromatherapist and Reiki Master Teacher. The fragrance of flower essences became an important part of my life when I met two ladies that grew the flowers and made the essences by hand. Although I did know of them prior to that. A neighbor and a friends dad also used the essences. 

They still make the essences by hand today, one makes them for people and the other makes them for animals We were all together on the circuit, touring together, sharing our hearts. Humanity were given many messages about the flowers and their content to heal the people in different ways. 

In the dream I bought the present because it was worthy of the price from that which is charity. Israel was also given a plant of peace in May 2006, their charity was rewarded. They are worthy of the Lily of Peace that was given and blessed from my heart to them. 

No surprise then that my mother Lily also wore Caleche; and in 2005, she left a bottle for me when she passed over. There is just a little in the bottle left, enough for this winter. 


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From a previous post.


Le Sol caché eclipse par Mercure,
Ne sera mis que pour le ciel second:
De Vulcan Hermes sera faicte pasture,
Sol sera veu peur, rutiland & blond.

The Sun hidden eclipsed by Mercury
Will be placed only second in the sky:
Of Vulcan Hermes will be made into food,
The Sun will be seen pure, glowing red and golden.