Thursday, 10 January 2013


Yesterday, after responding to an American Geek, while sitting down, the heavenly Father gave me 'Kilowatt'. When I did a search on 'Kilowatt', Kern County, California came up. I then shared the message with some Americans by email. After that I took another look at 'Kilowatt', and there was a 'myspace' page with 'Kilowatt Murder Scene', has the name that a person had chosen for music. Their 'myspace' page states that they were living in Kiev at the time of its writing.

Further research then provides another 'myspace' page and this time time 'Caleb' now states that he is in Toronto. However, it is a few years since those pages have been updated or logged into; so the person that made those pages could be living anywhere. Caleb's pages are all about 'death, destruction and brutality'. You may remember that in 2009, we pre-warned the USA that they had been set-up for the fall. So are the pages by Caleb a set-up? Or do they speak to us of something much more 'sinister'?

Bearing in mind that yours truly was given the location of 'Connecticut' by the heavenly Father well in advance of the event.

In addition, when I gave the alert to the people, a poster responded with 'Children of Kern' and he laughed. I responded that this is no laughing matter, this is very serious indeed!

Especially has the evidence to do with Newtown, Connecticut shows us there has been some government involvement. It has been proven that one of the children that apparently died, was at the event when Obama went to Newtown. Has such that child must still be alive. It has been seen that tribute videos were put up prior to the event date; and people have been raising money who have nothing to do with any of the families involved.


In addition, the name 'Caleb' is a biblical name, and it is related to the story of Joshua. It is written that the story is to do with 'repentance' on Christian sites. However, the original meaning in Hebrew is teshuvah and it means to return to the sacred.

What else was found? There is also a Jamie Watts with a music label called 'Kilowatts', his wikipedia page says he is 32 years old and the American did tour Europe. It says that he was born in Philadelphia.  He is found on a credible music site, SoundCloud, and it is written that his father works in computers has an engineer and there is a mention of computer games.

Furthermore, Jamie Watts has another SoundCloud page, Amsterdam, Holland is written has his location. Watts songs include titles like 'Motherfucker' and 'End of History'.


Has we know the Prince of Peace Church of Philadelphia burnt to the ground when yours truly flew onto US soil at the end of April 2008. It was the heavenly Father's way of letting Americans know that his holy one had arrived. The other message that I received late last night was "Martha's Vineyard", again I sent out an email sharing the message at the time of receipt. I took a look at Martha's Vineyard, it reminded me of a name of a film. I found that it was another location in the USA, and it is known as the 'Elizabeth Islands'.

Now today, an American woman that lives in the UK, has uploaded a video about the 'GM Killer Genes' that are being released in Florida. The video maker also posted that bats are dying on mass, although she did not give a location. GM killer genes; also reminds me of Brad Pitt when he said that the guns were in the DNA of Americans. It was certainly my experience of some Americans, I still remember when they were shouting 'Nuke them all', they were talking about the Middle East.

Has we know the bible mentions those who have a fire that cannot be quenched with water. That was certainly the case when Americans were dancing in the last storm, and those that watched it, celebrated their 'reckless abandonment'. Instead of staying in the warm and safe, they were out there risking their lives for the excitement of 'dancing with danger.' That is what the USA has become, a 'dance with danger', and Bill Gates does like his vaccinations filled with 'vulcanic metal energy.'

There is a big difference between the abandonment of the poor and sick by man, and the abandonment of man's world by the holy ones who truly care for the people and the planet.

Somewhere along the line,  the once pioneering and innovative Spirit of many Americans has been changed. Whether it was through vaccinations, drugs, and other means is for you to decide. However, their response to tragedy is not what one would anticipate from people with common sense.

Although a lot of the world is lacking common sense, America is not alone in that respect. A decade ago we warned humanity that humanity will not survive without compassionate action. Compassionate action to save humanity from itself.

Who in their right mind and heart puts a website page up titled 'Kilowatt Murder Scene'?. Truly man's world is not the world of the twice born. Man's world that modifies insects and people. Man's world that modifies plants and all that is beautiful about creation. Man that inflicts its 'defunct' social, economic and educational systems; and ideology onto humanity and its children. The science of man that creates insects with killer genes, and encourages university students to support human cloning.

Remember these words:

Chapter VIII of the Laws of Manu states, ‘A Kingdom inhabited above all by Sudras, full of impious men and deprived of Twice-born inhabitants, will totally perish rapidly, attacked by hunger and disease.’ 

Pakistan has a plague upon its animals of biblical proportions. The Middle East is flooding and experiencing snow. All mentioned in the biblical prophecies of what would happen if they do not let my people go. The prophecies predicted after the fire in Israel, Judah would be flooded next. 

It truly is the time of the sober decade, it is recovery or extinction. 



Eliakim said...

The BBC reports that one pupil was shot. Here is some info about the school.

Taft Union High School is located in Taft in Kern County, California, in the United States. Taft High was founded in 1912. Taft is a small city and the school also serves the surrounding rural area, with a total population of about 20,000.The school was featured in the movie "The Best of Times" with Robin Williams and Kurt Russell. Taft was also in the 1996 movie For My Daughter's Honor, with the name changed to Tate Union High School.

The LORD God was correct again!

Anonymous said...

In addition to the above, yesterday there was news about 22 people that have died in Chicago.

22 is a Master number of the divine feminine.

Chicago were warned many times, and they are also felt 'threatened' by the 'testimony of warning'. Some sincere people have said to me that the people that are standing against yours truly feel 'threatened'. That is certainly the case of those that have not healed themselves. Hence, why healing and self-development is extremely important in this timeline. Chicago truly did not understand the sheer importance of it and why it was being imparted.


Anonymous said...

Has Jesus said 'Show me the stone that the builders have rejected; it is that, the corner-stone'. GT66

No surprise then that also aligns with what Isaiah shared about yours truly.

In addition, someone has managed to log me out of this blog and our youtube channel. So at this point in time I cannot access them to blog or make new videos to upload. Clearly, they are still doing all that they can to silence the joyful harp. Isaiah 24.


Anonymous said...

The LORD God said 'They are crying, because they know what they have done'. Interesting that to post this I have to put in the number 12144 and the word Regal.
Has we know the number 12 relates to Rev 12, and the wondrous woman from heaven. 144 relates to the number of people that can hear the new song. 144,000 in total.


Anonymous said...

How can you be logged out of this blog and Youtube channel if you can still reply to your blog? Does not make sense.

The date of your article was some days ago - GM Killer Genes. People might think something happened to you.

Anonymous said...

I can reply to the blog, in the same way has you can. You don't have to be signed into google to post a comment on a blog.


Anonymous said...

Has we know CALEB Moore has died in a snowmobile accident in the USA.

People were warned not to risk their lives many times.


Anonymous said...

Dear Eliakim Joseph-Sophia, greetings from Australia. My name is Bishop Malcolm Broussard. I would like to contact you about a private matter, but I do not know how to contact you. I respect your privacy, If possible could you advise me what is the best way to contact you. Thank you. May Jesus Bless you and Our Lady love you tenderly.

Samuel Alder said...

are you still alive and well eliakim?

ELIAKIM Joseph Sophia said...

I've just seen your messages, yes, I'm still going. I have had some health issues to contend with but it has had a purpose for being. As I couldn't log into this blog. Afterwards we started a different blog in 2013. Just so that you know.

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