Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Prince Charles King of Faiths?

Has I said before Christmas, it is recovery or extinction. This RT video informs you that the Church of England is en route to extinction exactly has predicted because the Church is empty for obvious reasons. The Church of England is simply not serving in a way that is appropriate for the 21st century, this century was born in HER wisdom, not the sermons of the Church of England.

Now it is revealed that by an Islamic convert, Kristiane Backer that the Prince of Wales plans to be a leader of Faiths if and when he becomes King. A few years ago Elizabeth said that she was going to retire in five years, that means now it is only a few years away. If Prince Charles becomes King and a leader of faiths, that means he would head up Islam has well has what is left of the Church of England.

That should be a very big wake up call for everyone that lives in the UK. Are the alarms bells going off yet?

The video also informs you that three quarters of the people that convert to Islam in the UK are British white women. In Islam that is called 'Social Jihad', the means justifies the end in Islam, and they are in for the long haul. Islam is like a creeping ivy plant, it covers the house until the point comes where there is no more light coming in. When there is no natural light coming into the house, then people can get S.A.D. just like the Islamic children that are getting rickets due to a lack of vitamin D from sunshine. Remember this that the wondrous woman from heaven has the moon under her feet; because the moon has no light of its own.

Could you imagine a country without a Church wedding, funeral or baptism? Could you imagine a British nation covered in mosques and the call to prayer replacing the Church bells? I must admit, I do not wish to live in a nation without Church bells ringing on a Sunday morning. 

Is that because my dad passed over to the sound of the Church bells ringing, while the sunshine streamed through the bedroom window has he laid in our arms? Or is it due to the sound of Church bells that still ring in your ears after your wedding day?

The Church bells are truly in my heart, maybe that is another reason why Jesus called me Christabel yesterday.

What did Yahweh say about the Churches? He asked for the empty ones to be given to artists (not sold to property developers) so that they may honor him with their creativity. The reality that he would like for the children is a creative one; because the children are born to be co-creators. 


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Anonymous said...

No idea why you make an issue about this. Charles is not anointed or is he the one to be the Spiritual Leader of people of all faiths. The Queen has been given this role for Anglicans. UK has so many lip service Christians. It is written in Scripture what is meant to happen. To the finest detail, what is meant to be is already written, with validation and nothing is hidden. The divine plan was already clearly set out and planned a few thousand years ago.