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The Exalted One

The last post mentions the place that is 'wooded' and 'exalted' and I feel strongly it was on the borders of what is now known as Afganistan. An ancient lost city, that the Koran says had a 1,000 pillars and carvings in the rocks. Apart from Egypt, the only figures that I have seen of such magnitude that is carved in the rocks is in a place now known as 'Bamiyan'. Who destroyed this ancient Greco-Buddhist city?

Clearly the whole area of Afganistan was mainly Buddhist and it was on the main trading route that was destroyed. Does it remind you of now and how the corporations and their trading is being destroyed by the righteous? Those that build temples and mosques instead of feeding the poor? I tell you nobody will escape the flame of Joseph in this timeline.

The Museum tells you that a Chinese monk found this site and a mass of temples 1,400 years ago when he was traveling through.

So who was the exalted one in the spiritual philosophy of the cultures?

Buddha otherwise called - The Incomparable Physician.

Thus spake the Exalted One, Brethen, I am a Brahim given to begging. My hands are ever pure, I am wearing my last body. Incomparable physician and surgeon am I. Ye are mine oh true sons, brethen born of my mouth, born of the dharma, heirs of the dharma, not heirs of worldly things. -Iti-vuttaka, 100.

Here you have Buddha as a holy beggar, like I, when a spiritual person is truly in this state of existence, you know that it is their last lifetime because they have broken the wheel of karma. The fact that it states that Buddha was a surgeon indicates that he was involved in psychic surgery and a healer.

Is it not also similar to Christian texts? Was Christ not called a physician? Did he not also speak of the law that is the dharma? Did he not also speak of his followers being not heirs of worldly things? Did Christ visit this lost city before it was destroyed, how is that there the sayings of Buddha are exact parallels of what Christ said? Do you know? It is universal truth of the Creator.

"Brethren, ye have no mother and no father to take care of you. If ye will not take care of each other, who else. I ask, will do so? Brethren, he who would wait on me, let him wait on the sick.
"If we have a teacher, let his teacher take care of him so long as he is alive, and wait for his recovery. If he have a tutor or a lodger, a disciple or a fellow-lodger or a fellow-disciple, such should take care of him; if he do not so it shall be reckoned an offence."
Vinaya Mahavagga, viii, 26.
Does the bible not say the same when he speaks of not helping people when they are in prison, the poor and the sick? Did you know that there are a massive amount of Buddhist scrolls that have still not been translated into English?

"Enough Vakkali, enough!" exclaimed the Enlightened One. "What use is restlessness over your foul body and what querulousness over my foul carcass? Hear this—Whosoever sees the Dhamma sees the Buddha; whoever sees the Truth sees me. That is the great Healing-Mantra, the Word of Power that heals all ills." So saying the Enlightened One left Vakkali meditating.

That Buddhist saying also reminds me of the words of St Clement of Alexandria when he said 'Only the pure can see purity'. St Clement also explained why the one known as Jesus Christ to the Christians had to step down to help his brothers and sisters, so that he could raise them up. He had to go where they were at their state of existence, instead of expect them to come to where he was. He was showing them the way, in the same way that the Jewish prophets and Buddha was. 

We know from the Dead Sea Scrolls that there were many Sons of God, the ELOHIM, is it so hard for Christians to understand that Buddha was a Son of God. Hence, why he was called a Lord? Have you seen the Buddha as I have done? Have you seen the one known as Jesus Christ? If not, then why not? How is that some pagans have been blessed to see Jesus Christ on Reiki healing courses and others haven't? Ask yourselves am I worthy to view that which is pure? Am I am able to see purity? Is my heart in pure intention and do I truly live by the spiritual law that is also known as the dharma? 

Did I aspire to have such divine spiritual experiences? No. I simply did what I knew was right in my heart and the rewards were heaven sent. 

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after you integrate that and can see clearly, you see through the eyes of the LORD God and the truth that illuminates the world. The more that people purify themselves, the more that they become the light itself. The foot of Christ is same foot of the Lotus, and the Buddha and Krishna, It is the foot of the Lord that serves the LORD, the Creator. 

Christ and Buddha both taught detachment because it as always been known spiritually that attachment is the cause of a great deal of suffering. It also stops being moving beyond their current comprehensions and through the heavens. 

The Alpha and the Omega and everything in between, can be experienced if you come in pure intention of the heart. Ascension is possible when you live spiritually with good virtue that is powerful beyond measure. However, it is imperative that people integrate 'letting go' in the earliest stages of their spiritual development. In my experience that comes before moving from being to becoming; divine love in manifestation on the earth plane. After that there is still a long way to go to reach the Omega, and patience of a saint is imperative, before becoming masters of realities. 

People say to me there have been good Christians that are innocent and have died. Was it not the same for Buddhists? Is it not true that both Christians and Buddhists have been attached to their belief systems and spiritual philosophies? Did they stop the oppressors on this planet? No, did Islam stop theirs in the last 1,400 years? No, Muslims in Muslim countries are the most oppressed of all. Yet, they have the audacity to make charge against the Jews, Christians, Buddhists and Hindu's. 

Have any of the religions brought peace to this planet? No. Did you know that the word religion does not even exist in the Koran? Did you know the word religion does not exist in biblical Hebrew? 

Live the truth and spiritual law of the prophets and true mystics or die not knowing it. 

This is now the time of the Bluebell, to help humanity, to break the never ending cycles of tragedy and tragic circumstances co-created by the never ending wars between the nations and religions. So that all can live in freedom and be who they wish to be, free Spirits. The LORD God commands it, and gives everyone the right to exist in the spiritual realities in which they choose to live.

Honor each other, help each other every way that you can, and the LORD God will look kindly upon you all. Show the world who is truly righteous, merciful, compassionate and just by walking the talk.

You have come to be in this timeline for divine purpose, and the more that people heal themselves the more they find out what that divine purpose is.

Love beyond measure


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