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If you like mysteries and treasure hunts this documentary is a good one. It was a great offering from a blessed one. 

In this legend it is predicted that seven would die before its secret would be revealed. Six have already in died in the treasure hunt. Seven is also a karmic number in the OT, and they found a stone with a prophecy about a plague. All the signs are that the Templars have been involved in this and its clues. 

There is a legend of dogs and a crow that look over the mystery. As we know the crow is to do with the prophet Elijah. The Raven fed the prophet. Hence, why ravens live at the Tower of London.

The documentary claims that the inscription found on the stone is written in ancient Coptic. (there are only 300 people in the world that can read Coptic.)

However, looking at the inscription it does not look like Coptic to me. It looks more like a code of symbols.

A university professor stated that the inscription states
 ‘40 feet below 2 million pounds are buried’.

The other part of the message was “The people shall not forget the Lord. To offset the hardships of winter and the onset of plague...the Arif he shall pray to the Lord. 

The documentary claims that an ARIF was the name for a Christian Coptic priest. However, Arif also spelt Aref is a common male name in Muslim countries in addition to INDIA. The meaning of the word in Abrabic is Wise. The term was used by Sufi authors to mean ‘a gnostic’, ‘mystic’, an Arif is a ‘knower’. 

Now this link relates it to a Mayan shepherd and the bleeding of honey, and it being the name of an ancient Egyptian flower. Remnants of coconut were also found, there were no coconuts for 1500 miles from OAK Island. 

The stone that they found is said to be the same as what is found in Egypt.

In the pit itself various other clues were found that include ‘oak’ that is used for beams and masts in shipbuilding. Its a fascinating documentary if you like these kinds of mysteries. Parchment was also found. Although they still haven’t got to the bottom of the mystery due to the influx of water.!

Further observations, that the documentary does not mention. 
OAK is to do with Abraham, the Father of many nations. From the oak comes the acorns of love that grow into strong trees of righteousness,  trees that bear more acorns. The Island itself is in the shape of an
ELEPHANT and in spiritual symbology the elephant is do with spiritual wisdom. As a flower essence, OAK is for those that work hard, it is also a national tree of England.

It as been pointed out that where the pit is, where the stone was found, there is the EYE of the elephant, if you look at the ariel view of the elephant shaped Island.

Who was put in the pit and as an association with a famine plague? Joseph. Joseph was put in the pit by his brothers before he became the governor to help the people avoid the seven year famine. Seven is also a karmic number. 

NOVIA SCOTIA means New Scotland and it as 360 Islands. 360 is to do with the Jewish calendar. 36 is also Tzadikim = Righteous souls.

360 is also the value of ‘
Shechem’ and it is there in Israel, Joseph’s tomb. 

In Novia Scotia there are various counties that give clues to the mystery left by the Templars regarding Messiah Joseph. The clues appear to be separated by ten feet at a time. Ten is to do with the new cycle of time and it is to do with the Sephirot. 

Explorers, one of them was called McGuiness, Guinness is a link to Ireland and the Irish elite. A daughter of the Guinness family married a Rothschild that subsequently died. This is not the first time that Guinness as come up this year.

40 FEET, 40 is to do with Moses and the Nostradamus prophecy about the one to come.

There is a link for the inscription and it does require contemplation. However, I do see the numerics of four in the inscription and this is the year of four. 

The documentary also mentions a
‘broken seal’ and a FOUR year old child that saw a British military man. In those days, England had broken away from Rome.

It mentions the V and V is for Victory. In the Hebrew pictographs it is also the VAV the tent peg. This could also indicate a sign of victory over Rome. However, the triangles that the documentary mentions could also apply to the fresco by Micheleangelo in the Vatican that exposes the one in the arch frame. In the JESSE arch frame, there she sits for all the world to see. Jesse means wealth and the bible stated that she would come from its stump.

In the clues to do with JOSEPH we have

Plague and Pit = Joseph
Money = wealth = JESSE 

V = Tent peg = ELIAKIM 
OAK = Righteousness 

They will be called oaks of righteousness, a planting of the LORD for the display of his splendor." Isaiah 61:3

Did the Templars bury something that they took from a Vatican ship, something that the Vatican had taken from Egypt (or Israel)? Hence, why they buried the oak from the ship that they had taken?

Its no coincidence that the first time that I was sent to Israel to call the holy gathering, I was sent to Alonei Abba woods where there are oak trees. I did not know that the woods were full of oak trees until a year later.

Love beyond measure


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