Tuesday, 20 September 2011


It was in December 2010 that the LORD spoke about ANKARA and visions to do with it. [1] Then the Jelly fish arrived in Scotland on the Jesse partial solar eclipse and we featured it in a post on the 1st of July, 2011.

Around that time Clinton was doing high fives in Turkey, within weeks the Turkish top military brass resigned. Clearly, their heart of conscience would not allow them to engage in Obama's war.

Then last week Turkey declared rules of engagement for entering the waters that Israel defends, that was basically declaring war with Israel. Now there is a bomb explosion in Ankara and most people feel it was the Kurds. There as been threats of civil disobedience from the Kurds since June and they told the Turkish government that they could bring it to its knees. There are between 17-18 million Kurds in Turkey, a large force to contend with. [3]

It looks like Turkey is one of the nations that will be split apart in more ways than one, as many decide to go their own way. The Kurds have their own language, and wish to pray in that language and not in Turkish.

The explosion happened on the 20th of September and 20 is the number of judgement. In the book of Revelation it also tells Turkey to repent and return to the sacred, and that is not about praying on your hands and knees. The LORD God asks the people to rise up to him with healing in their wings. To fly out of earthly realities that disempower their souls, men keep themselves in the captivity and control of the men that control religion because they have not been shown the way of righteousness.

The highway to holiness and the sacred LORD God. As I was writing this energetic blue lights appeared on my right hand. The color of bluebell, that tells me that Turkey is a bloodshed land and a lot of healing is required there. The teachings of the LORD God is that man must not pollute the land with bloodshed, thy shall not murder. The vision of the wild Turkey was also given in 2009.

Nostradamus made a prophecy about these lands. C5.70 and I am 57 this year.

Of the regions subject to the Balance,
They will trouble the mountains with great war,
Captives the entire sex enthralled and all Byzantium,
So that at dawn they will spread the news from land to land.

The origins of the word war was 'contention' and 'conflict', it does not necessarily mean full scale military war. Balance is to do with justice and the spiritual law, and humanity is currently in the Saturn in Libra transit. Balance is also to do with karma, harmony, the middle path and alignment. In my experience alignment of male and female energy, comes before people teach their souls to fly and ascend. 

Its also about balancing the books, everyone is accountable, everyone is responsible for what they have done. Make sure that your book of life is filled with the assets of good deeds, and not negative karma of being in the red like Obama. He as blood of children on his hands, only the sacred and divine have energetic divine lights appear before them. That's the difference between the Virgin and the Son of Lawlessness. 

After I finished writing this post there were lovely blue green lights, the color of the clear sea waving across my keyboard. The color of turquoise that is the color of the thymus chakra that was given in the crop circles this year, it is also a strong native indian color and it is symbolic of transformation and acceptance. 

Prophet Isaiah spoke a lot about the dawn and we will make a different post on that. 

The 20th of September is the 'Day of the Manager'. 

An explosion has hit the Turkish capital, Ankara, on Tuesday, according to Reuters. At least two have been killed and ten injured. The blast reportedly occurred on a minibus in the downtown Kizilay district. Several vehicles were damaged and glass in the windows of several nearby buildings shattered. Police and firefighters have cordoned off the site of the blast. Ambulances are rushing to the scene as well.


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