Thursday, 1 September 2011 Philadelphia Church

When the real ELIAKIM, the paraclete, Messiah Joseph flew into the USA as predicted by Prophet Micah the Prince of Peace Church burned to the ground. Exactly as Christ warned his followers that it would happen. He told them all that they would have to go through the flame. Well the biblical prophecies told the Church that the flame was JOSEPH.

The books were sealed until the end for divine purpose. Now The website for the Trumpet state that they were buddies with dear old Harold Camping and they have tried to republish his material. They mention the Supreme Court that denied their appeal. Clearly, they did not get the memo, nor do they understand the signs.

It was also featured in the Wall Street Journal who is keeping a very close eye on them in addition to the Laodicean church groups.

Trumpet. com mention the treasurer without even taking into account the Malachi prophecies regarding the son of righteousness who is ELIAKIM, the refiner, purifier. Refining and purifying is to do with spiritual alchemy that people in the Church have absolutely no comprehension of. I know this will come very hard to American Christians. However, the orthodox Church and its members are not the spiritually elect or the chosen. The orthodox Church of the USA, represents almost everything that the Son of God stood against.

Goodness gracious me, Harold Camping as died apparently and he left $200.000.000. The Worldwide Church of God as inherited this money from the Harold Camping estate.

This website also claims that a colleague of Gerald Flurry, a Mr Amos had written on his tombstone that he had the authority to put a person on the throne. Goodness gracious me, the book of Revelation is very clear only the Son of God would choose who had overcome, who had been victorious and who he would put upon his throne. Is Mr Amos on that throne as they claim? Certainly not.

I am calling you out Gerald Flurry, come see if you can stand before Messiah Joseph in integrity. By the way, ELIAKIM is female, exactly as the prophecies predicted. She was indeed, born in ZION and she holds the key of David. The Queen of the South is here with the authority. She is the governor.

Prophet Micah also told you that she was given her kingship after her return from Babylon (USA 2008).

Prophet Jeremiah also predicted that the LORD God would make a new thing on the earth and that a woman would encompass a man.



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