Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Erdogan Spoiled Child

The Jerusalem Post report that the Turkish PM looks to solidify status as leader of the Muslim world; and J'lem officials see muscle flexing in Med, aimed as much at Cyprus, as at Israel.

Erdogan arrived in Cairo on Monday.

In an interview with the Egyptian daily Al-Shorouk, Erdogan – on the first visit to Egypt by a Turkish prime minister in 15 years – again used the term “spoiled child” to describe Israel, a term he and other top Turkish officials have used repeatedly in recent weeks when talking of Israel.

“Israel has become a spoiled child... Not only does it practice state terrorism against the Palestinians, but it also started to act irresponsibly,” he was quoted as saying. “Israel does not want to admit its mistakes or that the world around it has changed.”

So what does this tell us about Erdogan and Islam? 


Indeed the world has changed, it is no longer prepared to put up with leaders like Erdogan or members of Islam acting like a spoilt child. It is no longer prepared to put up with irresponsible leaders who do not want to admit mistakes made. Every leader from every nation and culture is responsible for thoughts, words and deeds. 

This is also the timeline when you will be judged by your words. So Erdogan can you own it spoilt child? Can you heal it? Seek within. 

Do you know what the book of Revelation says about Turkey Erdogan? It tells you to repent and return to the sacred. So you can do the following: 

1. Give back the Greek children to Greece that the Muslims took from Greece. 

2. Give back the land that belongs to Syria, Greece, Cyprus and the Armenians. 

3. Surrender to the will of the LORD God and return to the sacred. 

4. Leave Gaza and Israel to God because he will have the last word. 

While you are at it, concentrate on solving the high child mortality and unemployment in Turkey. 

Leader of the Muslim world? There is no such thing as a Muslim world. 

That's a laugh isn't it, when there is such a high poverty rate in every Islamic country. 

This is your last warning Erdogan. 



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