Sunday, 4 September 2011

Firing Paper Journalists

It was back in July that the LORD God mentioned 'Firing on all cylinders' and he as mentioned the 'paper' twice this year. Last week he also said that the publishers were on the run.

6 days ago, a journalist from the Jerusalem Post was fired due to his words that stated that he thought that the Palestinians have the right to use terrorism against Israel.

On the 29th of August, 2011, JP also ran a column by Isi Lieber titled "Justifying murder-an abomination".

No matter what the intent of Larry Defner the fact of matter is this: that some people will always take your words out of context. Some people that stand against Israel, its people and nation will do all that they can to destroy you.

So it is a matter of not adding further oil to the existing fire, and accepting that the waterfall from the LORD God is here to put the fire out. Israel is constantly fire fighting and do they require help even though they do not like to admit it.

As far as what Larry wrote, it does remind me of the words of God back in 2007, when he said 'Tell Israel the enemy is within'. Larry Derfner is an example of the kind of person that the LORD God was talking about.

Ultimately, violence disempowers the soul and vexes the Spirit of God. We cannot ever support or justify the violence from those that call themselves Palestinians, not now, not ever. Nor can we support violence from the USA, UK or France, Nato against Libya, Iraq or Afganistan. This is not a one way street. However, those that are attacked, do have the right to defend themselves from such attacks.

As the LORD God said 'NO MORE WAR IN MY NAME'. 

Now this as brought up a story that Libya offered Israel peace for a reduction of international pressure and they would release Schalit. Through mutual contacts in Austria, Deputy Minister Kara, a blessed Druze was able to contact Saif al-Islam who as close links to Hamas. Kara was ready and willing to go to Libya, just like when the Egyptian president simply got on a plane and flew to Israel for the sake of peace.

However, the story goes that Israel would not allow Kara to go, now the name Kara is very similar to Kira that the LORD God mentioned the other day.

Why would the Israeli authorities not allow this senior minister to follow his heart and do what was right? Can they stand before Messiah Joseph in all integrity? Is it because Kara is Druze and not a Jew?
Did you know that the LORD God sent Messiah Joseph to meet with the Druze as well as the Jews in Israel? Did you know that the LORD God as been calling the Arab Druze?

Come clean Israel, or do not come at all.

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