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On the 10th of November, 2010, we made a post about the 'Hyssop healers' and the blue flowers and the post mentions the new order. [1] It came forth again today, because I was taken to rest and I had a dream.

In the dream I was in a long room and my mother was in the bed at the side of me. I was in bed to keep warm. Then my mother told me that the family had come. We were both happy and excited to see them and the children. They were not alone, they had a Japanese woman with them and she looked like the nanny. I could see them through the window as they were approaching.

When they came in, I lifted up one of the children and put her on the bed with me. I was hugging her, kissing her and talking to her. Then I asked her mother when her birthday was, and after she replied, I said 'she is a Sag', she will be a traveller. Either early or late in life she will travel. She will be like her dad and love to travel.

Her dad then complained about the other little girl, and I told him that she will be fine, she is an Aquarian, she will be very responsible as she gets older, she will look after her younger sister. She will be good. She is still very young.

It was a strange dream because the star signs of the children mentioned in the dream, are different to the star signs of these two children.

Aquarius and Sagittarius both adaptable and flexible signs, both like change, both in tune with the environment. Aquarius water (my sun sign the water bearer) and Sagittarius fire (my ascendent sign the archer).


After the dream, I then saw bluebells and then a field that was a blanket of bluebells.

"The current scientific name (of the bluebell) is Hyacinthoides non-scripta (non-scripta, meaning unwritten, to distinguish it from the hyacinth of classical legend which grew from the dying prince Hyacinthus, and on which Apollo wrote "alas," to express his grief)."

Bluebells shoots appear in January and they open in April/May time. They are an indigenous plant of the British Isles, known throughout its known history. The wildlife trust in the UK report that the biggest threats to bluebells is the destruction of the woodlands in which they grow and gardeners who buy millions of bulbs, unsustainably taken from their natural habitats. [2]

Bluebells are a beautiful color lavender blue and are symbolic of humility and tranquility. I have been seeing it a lot on my right hand recently. I remember during a healing exchange in 2007, a man from the USA came and gave me a bunch of bluebells. At that time, I was told that it was a timing link and we certainly have a connection. 

This wild flower is part of the lily family and my mother's name was Lily. The child that I held in my arms is also named 'Lilia' and she was very big for her age. Absolutely beautiful child, just like her sister. 


The bluebell as been under investigation by scientists and they have found that the flower contains a potentially highly valuable agri-chemical known as DMDP "in bucket loads' said Dr Watson. The article relates their work to HIV and Cancer. 

The compound is toxic to worm-like soil nematodes and can be used to protect other plants from the common pest. Some of the chemicals found in bluebells are strikingly similar to substances only found in exotic tropical plants.

"With the bluebell, we found that animals won't eat it, even when nothing else is available. This is because it contains toxic chemicals, but in the right doses these might have very useful applications in agriculture and the pharmaceutical industry," said Dr Watson.

One of Britain's leading HIV and Aids experts, Professor Clive Loveday, said he was not at all surprised by the bluebell's hidden treasures. Professor Loveday, who heads a specialist retrovirology department at London's Royal Free Hospital, said: "Almost every drug that we investigated up to the 1960s was derived directly from plants.

"Just like humans, plants have an immune system and the chemicals they use to defend themselves have these medical applications."

Its no surprise that Bluebell have these properties, and that they grow in the woodlands where people used to live amongst them in ancient times. Bluebell also helps with grief, grief breaks down the immune system and bluebell is good for the immune system. 

HIV and Cancer 

I did once know a man who was HIV, there had been a murder in his life prior to him getting HIV, his mother had been murdered when he was quite young. It was many years ago now, he did follow advice perfectly, and I am very happy to say that he did get the all clear eventually. 

Anyone with HIV, should wear this color lavender blue and also take a bluebell flower essence. Lavender blue is also to do with karma of lifetimes in the countries where it resides, so it will work with those frequencies as well. For instance a person with HIV, could well have had a past life in the British Isles. In that life they may have not healed their 'grief'. In so doing, they would have brought the memory of grief back with them energetically. Bluebell is a very fragile plant, so it is for the sensitive, gentle and tender hearted, that find grief hard to reconcile and resolve. 

Lily also had 'gay' friends, and one of them was a Greek restaurant owner, he died of AIDS. The gay community often suffer due to the deeds of others, it is very important that they ensure that they keep their immune systems in tip top condition. 

In my own experience, I am fully aware that cancer can relate to a past life issue, that we bring back with us into this life time, if and when it as been unresolved in the past one. 

You can be sure of this that in the woodlands where there have been many battles and bloodshed in ancient times, you will find the bluebell. 

Bluebell will help people to break the never ending cycles, gently does it. Being part of the lily family, it is also closely connected to the holy mother, and this is where the work of the holy mother is now. Our main website is also lavender blue. 

After I posted the above, the LORD God said 'It is for tragedy and tragic circumstances'. 

The bluebell clearly works on multi-dimensional levels. 

Healing beyond measure 






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