Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cells, 19, CUT

I felt very sleepy so went to rest and during rest I was given this message 'Cells, 19, Cut'. 

Its to do with fiber optics, photonic crystal fibers are a key component for power scaling in fiber laser systems,  and the cut-off wavelength. [1]. Scrutiny of cut-cell detection. [2]

19 is the number of the sun and it is the 8th prime number, 19 is also the Hebrew gematria value for the word 'CUT'. 

19 is the English gematria value of Q.

Do you know that humanity is not yet ready to hear the truth.

The LORD said 'Kathleen'. 

Websites are being taken down, yesterday it was FFI and today, Hebrewbabynames.

There is also a song called Kathleen,

"All the other girls here are stars-you are the Northern Lights.

They try to shine in through your curtains-you're too close and too bright.

They try and they try but everything that they do.

Its the ghost of a pale imitation of you.

I'll be the one to drive you back home Kathleen'.

The North is the sacred direction of the healers.

The Daily Telegraph have also reported on the Northern Lights, 2nd September, 2011.

Did you know that, according to space agency Nasa, this winter should offer the best displays of the Northern Lights for 50 years?
A great many travellers put the chance to witness one of nature’s most awe-inspiring phenomena at the top of their wish-list and for those who have had this privilege, it’s easy to see why.
Early this year I watched a delicate plume of light on the horizon in North Norway grow ever brighter and larger and over the course of several hours, continually change shape, at one point stretching from horizon level right over my head in a magical celestial arc.
The Lights, or Aurora Borealis to give them their scientific name, are created by particles on the solar wind interacting with the Earth’s atmosphere; the magnetic North Pole amplifies the effect. Solar activity is cyclical and is expected to be especially strong this winter.


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