Friday, 9 September 2011

6th Extinction Event

I know that people do not like to hear this kind of news. However, not looking at it, will not make  reality go away. 

Prince Charles gave his first speech as President of the Worldwide Wildlife Fund (WWF) UK, and spoke about 'survival' being a priority now. He even referred to himself as 'an endangered species' and gave warnings about a 'sixth extinction event'. The Daily Telegraph also reports that he spoke of the speeding up of the 'rapacious' destruction of the natural resources of the planet. Basically, he told the people attending that if the world carries on 'business as usual' then the human race will face the consequences.

We have been telling this to the people for decades. However, maybe they will listen to Prince Charles. He knows in his heart that the royal family will not survive what's coming. The English have got rid of the monarchy and its heads of state before, and they can do it again if they choose too. I am no expert on British history. However, even the British Royal family will not escape what's coming if they do not implement the will of the LORD God.

The only time that the Son of God ever mentioned the words 'endangered species' was to do with the Christian fundamentalists in the USA. Although one could apply his words to all fundamentalists of all religions. They are certainly a dying breed, the darkness dies in the light of love.

However, in all seriousness, we are required to go inland, up high to the mountains in this timeline, and build those ecological and self-sustainable healing communities. Its time to build the holy city of enlightenment, new jerusalem will come to be.

More emails arrived today from the 'peace and harmony' politically correctly brigade. I can tell you this that the peace and harmony NGO crews; will get swept away, they refused to listen and do the will of the LORD God and the one that he sent to help them.

As the Son of God said in December 2008, 'The Time is Nigh'. 

Indeed, the meek shall inherit the earth, they are the ones that do the will of the LORD God, when asked to do so. He will always put them first and protect them above all else. Remember this; that the LORD God loves ZION more than Israel, and he always ensures there is a remnant to carry on his work.

Will you survive what's coming? Would you survive a seven year famine plague? Would you survive without water?

The LORD God did not send Messiah Joseph for the fun of it.

This is very serious, very serious indeed.

Interesting that it is the called the 'sixth' extinction event, six is to do with the academics,  their theories and 'business as usual' have led humanity into the never ending cycle of self-destruction.

Are you ready to break the cycles?

At the same time Turkey is taking on Israel instead of helping the Turkish people. Clinton was doing high fives with them a couple of months ago and Obama is still giving taxer payers money to the banks.
All the signs are that the Palestinians will get UN membership, from the UN member nations that have all been courted by the PLO and the Arabs in recent decades. As one poster pointed out it is a 'mockery of the UN, and its membership due to the UN membership only being open to peaceful nations.'

The PLO certainly do not qualify, not only because they implemented no peace with Israel, they could not even live in peace with the Christian Copts. Hence why, an area that was once 70% Christian Palestinian, as very few of them left to tell their side of the story.  
The PLO still have a constitution that gives Israel no right to exist. Members of the UN are contemptible to even consider such a request for UN membership, while the age-old PLO constitution is still in place, and violence continues on a daily basis.

I have looked at the dates for this event and it is not good at all. Rosh HaShannah this year is 28th-30th of September, they are the days of ‘Heartbreak, reaction, and ‘glaring truth’. The voting members representing the nations of the world; will certainly have blood on their hands if they allow the PLO to have UN membership.

Its a perfect example of how Islam is making a mockery of the people of the world, while the world refuses to look at it and stand up to it. 
However, who will survive the 6th extinction and can it be avoided? 
The righteous or the wicked? In this timeline you will truly see the difference between the two. The righteous are those that do the will of the LORD God to help the people to survive. They also care fully for this sacred planet and its children, biblically speaking the wicked were those that carried on 'business as usual'. Christ predicted that they will all get swept away and his prophecies have been spot on to date. 
There is no room or place on planet earth for people who do not care fully for the LORD's creation.

Simple as that.

It was on the 6th of April, 2009 that we emailed everyone 'Creation is calling you 100 months' and posted it everywhere. No coincidence that was also the sixth and 100 is to do with the spiritual law. [2]




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